Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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You recently may have read my article about troche.  For you, I have since done more research and had to let you know more information about troche.  You don’t read or hear that much about troche, but it is quickly becoming more popular.  What are troches and and do they work best for you when using bio-identical hormones? Troche is a system of delivery into the body for women using  bio-identical hormones. It is like a lozenge and put under the tongue to be absorbed, taking 30 to 45 minutes for the process (also called subbuccal lozenges.) My first article was favorable about troche. ... (Read More ...)

Ellen was a menopause client we worked with. She wanted help from us because she was fat and gaining more weight every year. She had tried a variety of diets. Every time a new one came out, there was Ellen ready to sign up for whatever it was! Actually she didn’t care what it was, only that it was the newest and greatest weight loss plan yet. She had tried them all, but didn’t have much success. She didn’t know it, but her fat hormones were making her fat. Sometimes she would skip meals if she had something more important to do. She also watched the amount of calories she took... (Read More ...)

Estrogen is a natural hormone that is produced by the body.  Females begin producing what is called estrogen in the ovaries as their bodies mature from childhood to adulthood.  As the ovaries produce estrogen, a female begins her childbearing years.  She produces an egg each month and if not fertilized, the egg will be flushed from the body along with the lining of the uterus that the body prepared for nurturing a baby.  This is the menstrual cycle that occurs every 28 days (like clockwork for most women). Once the menstrual cycles begin, they continue uninterrupted,  except for pregnancies, ... (Read More ...)