Sunday, December 17, 2017
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You have been encouraged to eat more soy as you approach or enter menopause. You read and hear that everywhere, don’t you? Do you have allergies or other health-related problems that won’t go away or can’t be diagnosed? Allergies, weight gain, or tiredness even though you are getting enough good quality sleep? I used to think soy was a great idea too!  It has been touted for a long time as a “healthy food” to alleviate menopausal symptoms, mostly hot flashes. I am here to share Dianne’s experience with you, so you can be aware for you and your family. Dianne... (Read More ...)

Are You Having Night Sweats? How freakin’ frustrated do you feel when you wake up and realize you didn’t get but a couple of hours of good sleep, those few hours right before you had to wake up? Every single night you wake up with night sweats!  And they keep you awake.  You are wet, your bed is wet, and your partner is now awake, not to mention, highly irritated to be awake! What a waste of time and energy! What a struggle it is to find the right combination of night wear to accommodate the temperature in your house and/or the time of year.  It is either too warm or too hot.  You... (Read More ...)

What You Can Do For Hot Flashes Hot flashes (or hot flushes) are one of the most frequent symptoms of perimenopause (the time before menopause actually starts) and menopause. Hot flashes occur when the blood vessels near the skin’s surface dilate to cool. They can also come at night along with sweating, known as night sweats. More than half of women in the U.S. and Canada experience hot flashes during perimenopause but not all women going through menopause have hot flashes. Hot flashes last from 30 seconds to several minutes at a time. They usually subside between the first and second year... (Read More ...)