Thursday, February 22, 2018
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I chose to share this article with you because I enjoyed reading it.  Also it reminds me of an article I wrote in the past.  I think there has to be at least a part of it that all of us menopausal women can really relate to…if not the whole article. We approach menopause not really sure what it is all about.  What do YOU want it to be about? I agree with Penelope and have been trying to help women like you see that it is about YOU and this is YOUR time!   It is a choice!  You just have to have the right mindset, knowledge and support which is what we love to provide for you.  Can menopause... (Read More ...)

Prinicple 4 – One of the most important principles is SLEEP! Are you getting enough and is it “good quality” sleep? Growth Hormone is a major fat burning hormone and it is activated at night – not during the day. It is anti-aging hormone and it decreases with time (as we get older.) Being one of the most important to activate, if you are not sleeping, you are not generating sufficient amounts of GH! This is such a big problem for so many menopausal women! Your weight loss efforts will be a huge waste of time!   Principle 5 – Detox The liver is the major hub of most of... (Read More ...)

Have You Experienced Having Painful Sex? There can be a number of reasons when you are having painful sex.  The best thing you can do is try to find the cause.  You could just stop having sexual relations but that doesn’t solve the problem.  The pain can be that bad that you really feel like that is the answer at times. It may be that you need medical treatment or it may be that you are menopausal age.  Here is an informative article about the reasons women would have painful sex and what can be done about it.  Just don’t ignore the pain. Not long after going through menopause,... (Read More ...)

Are you being “bugged” by your partner to be intimate but you just don’t feel like it?   Is it because you discovered since entering menopause, sex has become too painful? Do you wish you felt like it, but it hurts too badly causing it to be a turn off?  Are you afraid to tell your husband/partner – fearing he won’t understand?  Which came first?   The pain and lack of lubrication or the lack of desire? From my experience, I think it all goes hand-in-hand.  If you find it painful to have intimacy because of having a challenge with vaginal dryness, then of course... (Read More ...)