Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The Use of Essential Oils There is nothing like the smell of a real pine or spruce Christmas tree. What do you do if you have an artificial tree? What is the best way to get the aroma of a real tree in your house? Of course there are tons of products with artificial spray made up of chemicals to smell like the real thing. What I prefer to use instead of the fake stuff is essential oils. There are several ways to burn them to get that nice aroma along with the benefits too. I have a little diffuser that I place a few drops on a piece of felt material, and that fits into the diffuser. It burns and... (Read More ...)

You May Want to Try Gingko and Ginseng As I was going through menopause (and even after going through menopause,) I noticed a difference in my memory. I had a problem remembering certain things at times, especially people’s names, even if I had just met that person. I started taking Ginkgo along with my regular supplements and I did see an improvement. I still take it today. Not being able to remember can be a scary thing that occurs around menopause. Try it and it may be what you are looking for, besides giving you peace of mind. Below is part of an article from Natural News about two natural... (Read More ...)