Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Did you know you have two sets of hormones, the fat making hormones and the fat burning hormones?  Have you tried all kinds of diets and even exercise and have not had any success? Yet, still gaining weight every year that you get older? Are you tired of having to buy new clothes just so you have something to wear that fits? Hopefully you read the last article, “Are Your Fat Hormones Making You Fat?”  If you did, then you learned there are certain things that trigger the fat making hormones to be activated and what those things are. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, go... (Read More ...)

How Do Foods That Advertise Low-Fat, Lite or Non-Fat Benefit You? Why should you avoid the food terms “lite” or “low-fat” in what you buy and eat?  Forty years ago, there was a campaign started to produce non-fat and low-fat versions of the traditional foods we eat.  And people think it means they can eat as much of this type of food as they desire to eat, after all, the fat has been reduced! Why should anyone gain weight if they eat this way?  I thought the same way years ago, until I did my own research. By Reducing The Amount Of Fat In A Product, How Does That Make... (Read More ...)