Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Relationship Problems? Can you remember when you were younger and had special feelings for someone of the opposite sex?   You didn’t really know that person but you had butterflies when they were near you.  You thought you knew all about this person.  You really thought it was your “dream” person. I can remember experiencing this when I was about sixteen years old.  I dreamed about all kinds of different situations being with this person.  It became a reality and there were  relationship problems, needless to say, it  did not last long.   This person was not what I... (Read More ...)

Are you having night sweats? Has this happened to you? Have you been awakened in the middle of the night because you were soaking wet? Your nightgown was drenched in sweat. You touched the bedsheets and they also were soaked! You were sweating while asleep but then you were cold! You know you will have to wake up your husband/partner to get out of bed, change into something that is dry and probably even change the sheets in the middle of the night!  You really dread waking him up – it usually ends up in an argument. You feel exhausted because this keeps happening no mater what you have tried.... (Read More ...)

If you liked reading the articles by Dr DePree about the health benefits of using a vibrator, and you don’t have a clue where to get one or what kind, Dr Ruth will tell you all about this one brand she recommends. You remember Dr Ruth don’t you? All baby boomers should know who she is! Dr Christiane Northrup recommends using one too. It really can enhance the relationship with your partner when you share your special time together. Go to The Eroscillator and read about it. Also make sure to contact The Medical Negligence Experts if you have had a bad experience with doctor’s... (Read More ...)

Funny thing about going through menopause: statistics show that women do so much better in their lives by staying connected to other people.  Whether it is with their partner/husband of years or friends and family, it doesn’t matter.  We all need to feel connected to other people. Even pets help us stay connected. If you are in menopause or have gone through, and are still in a relationship with a partner/husband after all these years, what is the best way for you to approach the rest of your life? The “experts” say that after some men retire, they tend to withdrawl, ... (Read More ...)