Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Menopause Tip:  Bedtime Ritual When you are approaching menopause or in menopause, your sleep patterns often become interrupted because of changes your body is experiencing.  Your hormones are fluctuating to compensate for the drop in estrogen and possible others hormones.  Do you have a bedtime ritual? What is called a “power down hour” will help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.  If you do some of these same chores each night, it will become your bedtime ritual.  That will tell your body that you are preparing to go to sleep soon. One hour before bedtime, prepare your... (Read More ...)

If perimenopause/menopause symptoms are knocking on your door, is getting good sleep one of your issues?   Not getting your proper number of hours of sleep required can cost you your health in the long run.  As important, if not more important, is the quality of that sleep. Have you noticed that good sleep is associated with so many areas of your life?  If you are not getting enough hours or the quality of sleep, your productivity suffers, your memory suffers, your relationships suffer, your safety is at risk, it even affects your sexual life, your health, your appearance, and the ability to... (Read More ...)

Are you having night sweats? Has this happened to you? Have you been awakened in the middle of the night because you were soaking wet? Your nightgown was drenched in sweat. You touched the bedsheets and they also were soaked! You were sweating while asleep but then you were cold! You know you will have to wake up your husband/partner to get out of bed, change into something that is dry and probably even change the sheets in the middle of the night!  You really dread waking him up – it usually ends up in an argument. You feel exhausted because this keeps happening no mater what you have tried.... (Read More ...)

Do you remember when you were young, how you could get by on little or no sleep for a period of time, and still seemed to function at an okay level, maybe even higher than just okay? But now that you are older, you realize how important your sleep is to you and how it feels when you aren’t getting enough sleep or quality sleep.  You will do almost anything just to know how to sleep better! When you’re aging, make sure to use a mattress that gives you a good night sleep. For example, Casper Mattress comprises four luxurious foam layers constructed in perfect symmetry that creates an... (Read More ...)

New studies by the British medical publication, BMJ Open, show that people taking sleeping aids – prescription medications for getting to sleep and staying asleep, are FAR more likely (up to four times more) to die from cancer and a premature death than those people who never take any sleeping medications! Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril and Sonata are the names of these prescription medications. There is a slice of the U.S. population, approximately 6 to 10% that relies on these dangerous medications to get any sleep at night.  It is a huge problem for people. By the way, if you need medication for... (Read More ...)

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up feeling well rested and pain-free? Sleeping in the right position has a lot to do with that. The advice from the Mayo Clinic is to use pillows or rolled up towels in crucial spots to keep the body aligned. If you sleep on your side, it is recommended to: Place a pillow between your knees and possibly a small towel rolled under your waist if it is more comfortable.  This will relieve pressure on lumbar joints and your spine will be more in alignment. If you sleep on your back, it is recommended to: Place a pillow under your knees (this feels so good) and a small... (Read More ...)

In this economy, stress is already at an all time high. People are just trying to deal with the usual daily ups and downs and now what?  People we know losing jobs, or not being able to find one, life savings disappearing, losing a home, etc. When you catch a cold, what is your body trying to tell you? A new study came out at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  They used 153 healthy volunteers. Their sleep patterns were studied for two weeks prior to being locked into a hotel room for five days.  Then they infected each one with a cold virus. What they found is that the people who... (Read More ...)