Monday, February 26, 2018
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What is stress? Stress is something that upsets the balance in your body. You probably live with more stress in your life than you even realize. You may even think it is normal to have as much stress on a daily basis as you do. What are signs of stress? There is good stress and bad stress.  Happy events can be stressful like falling in love and getting married. Stress can be helpful for you when there is an emergency and your life is in danger.  Your body goes into the stress mode and does what it can to keep you safe.  Your body was not designed to live under stressful conditions from day... (Read More ...)

Do you feel guilty because you feel like you don’t have the time or discipline to “get your body moving?” You have heard that exercise helps so many things!  But why bother if you can’t stay consistent?  Well, many experts believe even some exercise is better than none at all.   It doesn’t have to take an hour or 3 hours for you to get the benefits of exercise. Studies show less than half an hour, even 20 minutes can make all the difference. Here is what exercise can do for you: Increase oxygen to the cells Help to eliminate the lymphatic fluid (waste) in... (Read More ...)