Monday, February 26, 2018
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Menopause Tip: Stress Management One way to make a difference in your stress level is to spend time with your pet. It has been proven that you can: lower your blood pressure feel more connected (as opposed to isolated) reduce your stress in general Your pet is always there for you and loves you unconditionally.  Start giving back (love and attention) to your pet which  in turn will help better your health as well.  They are more than willing to help with your stress management!   Elsie   For more articles about stress and relieving stress, Click Here.    (Read More ...)

How do you bring prosperity into your life? It seems so many people are totally stressed out and stuck in survival mode these days. Do you feel stuck in your life?  Do you feel there are negative things happening in YOUR life and you have no control?  Is there a time from the past stuck in your mind you would like to go back to?  Do you have fears about what may happen in your future?  Do you feel like everything is caving in on you? Does it ever feel like other people you know have prosperity in their lives – but you will never have that?  You are not alone. Everyone seems to go through... (Read More ...)

What is stress? Stress is something that upsets the balance in your body. You probably live with more stress in your life than you even realize. You may even think it is normal to have as much stress on a daily basis as you do. What are signs of stress? There is good stress and bad stress.  Happy events can be stressful like falling in love and getting married. Stress can be helpful for you when there is an emergency and your life is in danger.  Your body goes into the stress mode and does what it can to keep you safe.  Your body was not designed to live under stressful conditions from day... (Read More ...)

Do you know what you can do to have more energy during menopause?  It is not a secret that you would love to have more energy to be able to accomplish everything you want to do.  I have created a list of which you can choose one, a few or all of the ideas below. 1-  Drink A Lot of water – Dehydration is a cause of fatigue because it slowly creeps up on you.  If you consistently drink less than 8 cups of water a day, you may be sluggish all the time.  Get a 32 oz (1 quart, 4 cups) water bottle.  Your goal is to polish off 2 of those a day.  Try it for a week and see if your general... (Read More ...)

Stress has a HUGE impact on your health, well-being, and on your ability to lose weight. You have  heard of the “Fight or Flight” response. But what exactly is the “Fight or Flight” response? Basically it means reacting to threats to your survival with a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system, priming you for fighting or fleeing. This discharge creates: Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Decreased blood sugar Constriction of the peripheral arteries Dilation of the deep arteries Increased respiration rate Decreased gastro-intestinal activity Increased... (Read More ...)

 Could Your Holiday be Less Stressful? We just got through one holiday and look out; here comes the next big stressor!  Some people actually dread the holidays because of all the added stress! How many people are you committed to buying gifts for?   Would your holiday be less stressful if one person did not do all of the work and everyone got together and came up with a solutions that would fit everyone’s holiday budget for time and money? If you are hosting a family or friend get together over the Christmas holidays, you have your work cut out for you.  You have the cleaning, shopping,... (Read More ...)

9 Reasons Why You Will Not Lose Weight Any of these 9 reasons could be why you have been struggling with weight issues. The fat burning hormones in the body have to be working with your body – not against it. 1- Skipping meals and letting yourself get hungry 2- Excess sugar mixed with excess protein 3- Overeating – especially refined grains and sugars 4- Consuming alcohol – alcohol triggers insulin, thus causing weight gain 5- Consuming caffeinated drinks such as coffee or sodas 6- Wrong exercise for you 7- Too much stress 8- Poor sleeping habits 9- Poor liver function  (Read More ...)

How Meditation Can Help You I know you have heard for many years how meditation can help everyone in so many ways. It seems like an easy thing to do until you try to sit quietly and just let your thoughts come in and go out. For some of us, it is not easy to quiet those thoughts. Fortunately, there is more than one way to meditate, so use whatever works for you. Read this article to see what anti-aging benefits you can achieve by doing meditation. (NaturalNews) According to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 90% of all adult illness is due to the degenerative processes of aging. Anti-aging... (Read More ...)

With all of the changes taking place in society today and having an affect on everything in our lives, we need to be aware of how much stress we have on a daily basis.  This is serious stuff. The level of stress we are having now seems higher than ever.  People don’t seem to understand the effect stress can have on the  body.  If not dealt with, it can eventually kill you.  How do you deal with stress?  And yes, it is okay to have a little but not for an indefinite period of time. One of my favorite things to do for stress is to sit quietly for a few minutes.  As you are sitting alone,... (Read More ...)

Tips For Coping With Headaches Have you ever suffered from a migraine?  I am so fortunate that I have not.  I have had a few headaches in my life, but very seldom. People usually describe a migraine headache as a throbbing, very intense headache.  Often there will be blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, nausea, vomiting, eye pain, and the intense head pain. Headaches usually are a result of the arteries of the brain and scull (the dura mater that covers the brain and the cranial nerves), which are infected, pulled, inflamed, stretched, compressed or irritated. Headache sufferers have benefited... (Read More ...)