Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Principle 6  is Understanding How Environmental Chemicals and Hormones Can Mimic Your Hormones. What are hormone disruptors? If after dieting, exercising and doing all the right things and you still don’t see any weight loss – you don’t have to look too far.  You are currently being exposed to plenty of synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. The meats, dairy, meat and dairy products are all coming from animals that have been given these synthetic hormones. Cattle, chickens, turkeys and now even fish – unless they are organic or wild caught – are all fed these hormones. They... (Read More ...)

What is a troche and how can it help you?   In case you are curious, it is pronounced (troh-key.) Being in perimenopause or menopause, you may be experiencing symptoms such as  not being able to sleep at night.  You wake up grouchy and have no energy because you are totally exhausted! You have night sweats and wake up drenched!   You have to get up and actually put another night gown on, change the sheets and try to go back to sleep!   But now you are wide awake! What about hot flashes?  You are with a group of workers from your job and all of a sudden, everyone is staring at you –... (Read More ...)

Here are a few questions from an interview with Dr Christiane Northrup and  Share Guide which is a Holistic Health Magazine and Resource Directory.This is taken  from her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – her information is always good, especially if you are new to this information. Share Guide: If you have a body you are worthy of being healthy, if you ask me. If you are going to be healthy, you should listen to your body’s signals and you should have some rest in your work week. All of my successful mentors take regular time off through the year to get away. Dr.... (Read More ...)

Before the 70’s, menopause was not really talked about.  In 1966, Robert Wilson’s book was published.  Here comes Premarin, the synthetic hormone.  It was touted as the only important hormone for a woman’s well being.  At this time in history, birth control was more talked about than menopause. Back in the 70’s is when studies started to link Premarin therapy (made from horse urine) to an increased incidence in uterine cancer. Studies were also being done on birth control pills which contained high doses of synthetic estrogen.  There was a connection found between using... (Read More ...)