Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Weight loss is a HUGE business!  How many “diets” have you seen come and go away over the years? Weight loss does not have to be a big mystery!  Susan, who is going through menopause, tried all the diets only to gain more weight each time.  She would lose quite a bit in the first month of her dieting, then it would come to a halt.  By the time she got frustrated with her “quick fix diet” and stopped, she had put on even more weight! Are you like Susan, always looking for the best weight loss plan for menopause women? Going through menopause, Susan’s hormones are... (Read More ...)

As a dieter trying to lose weight, do you eat or drink anything that contains aspartame? When my client Shalene told me she had been trying to lose weight, she also said she had struggled everyday with her sugar addiction.  She found it very difficult to get through the day without sugar. So as a dieter, she switched from sugar to aspartame.  As Shalene put it,  “After all, aspartame doesn’t have any calories and it has an okay taste.” Unfortunately, most people do what Shalene did.  They start using artificial sweeteners like aspartame, thinking they are doing something good... (Read More ...)

When you get dressed each morning, do you get frustrated with how you look and feel about the weight you have gained?  Does it take time to go through your closet to find something appropriate to wear that even fits?  How many years has it been since you felt good about wearing a bathing suit? It seems that weight gain is one of the signs of menopause.  You may have gained it around your midsection, causing your body shape to be a challenge! You have friends where you work who are slim and look so appealing to you with their Freshwater Pearl Necklace hanging around their necks.  Their clothes... (Read More ...)

Principle 6  is Understanding How Environmental Chemicals and Hormones Can Mimic Your Hormones. What are hormone disruptors? If after dieting, exercising and doing all the right things and you still don’t see any weight loss – you don’t have to look too far.  You are currently being exposed to plenty of synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. The meats, dairy, meat and dairy products are all coming from animals that have been given these synthetic hormones. Cattle, chickens, turkeys and now even fish – unless they are organic or wild caught – are all fed these hormones. They... (Read More ...)

Prinicple 4 – One of the most important principles is SLEEP! Are you getting enough and is it “good quality” sleep? Growth Hormone is a major fat burning hormone and it is activated at night – not during the day. It is anti-aging hormone and it decreases with time (as we get older.) Being one of the most important to activate, if you are not sleeping, you are not generating sufficient amounts of GH! This is such a big problem for so many menopausal women! Your weight loss efforts will be a huge waste of time!   Principle 5 – Detox The liver is the major hub of most of... (Read More ...)

If you were unable to attend our May 3 Menogasm Call – we wanted you to have this information. We discussed why you may be frustrated and upset regarding your weight loss efforts. There was so much useful information, we wanted to make sure you have it – Plus, there was SO MUCH information, we are going to Make several posts – just from this one call! This will be part 1 of 4 parts of just the highlights!   If you are exercising and dieting and still can’t seem to lose that stubborn weight – this call was FOR YOU! If you are confused and confounded about which... (Read More ...)

Dieting is big business! Over the air and through massive magazine ad campaigns, you hear and read promises of quick, safe, and guaranteed weight loss—-for a fee.  There is always information about the newest and best diet going!  Like a lot of things, it is good marketing because dieting doesn’t work. How many diets have you tried? Although most diet and fitness guides don’t keep accurate information of their results, informal surveys have revealed that very few dieters will have maintained their weight loss at the end of one year.   It may surprise you to learn the people who... (Read More ...)

Dr Mercola Has Been Teaching These Benefits of Coconut Oil For 15 Years Double-Blind Clinical Trial Puts Coconut- versus Soybean Oil to the Test  In the featured 12-week long study, researchers evaluated the effects of coconut oil and soybean oil on the biochemical profiles and waist circumference on 40 obese women, aged 20-40. Belly fat, known as visceral fat, is the type of fat linked to heart disease, diabetes and stroke, among many other chronic diseases. Divided into two groups of 20 participants each, the women received a daily supplement of 30ml (about two tablespoons) of either soybean... (Read More ...)

The Heart Attack Grill In Arizona We can, as a society, be astoundingly cruel to people who are obese. They might be creative, caring and hopeful people, but we don’t see that. Far too often, we see only their weight. What does it say about us that we act as though you can take the measure of a person by the size bathing suit they wear? Maybe this partially explains why obese people are flocking to a restaurant outside Phoenix, Arizona, whose name, and I am not making this up, is the Heart Attack Grill. The restaurant, which seats 100, is often packed. It offers what owner Jon Basso calls,... (Read More ...)

Have you been struggling with trying to lose weight?   Statistics show that by the year 2030, 90% of the people in the world will be overweight. My husband, Dr. Ray Goddard, who was a Chiropractor, practiced outside of Washington, DC for over 30 years has found some great information. As a matter of fact, he has gone back into practice in Littleton, Colorado to share his passion about weight loss and health. He, himself lost 70 pounds and kept it off which seems to be the hardest part. But also, I want to share this with you. Did you know that all of the following keeps you from losing weight? 1-... (Read More ...)