About us

Welcome to Menopause Coach

Menopause Coach is created to assist women with information, knowledge and around-the-clock support regarding their menopausal health. We are dedicated to preventing female illnesses, improving the understanding of health issues, and allowing them to feel young, active, and full of positive emotions again. Our specialists translate the latest scientific evidence into a guide that can inspire ladies to change their overall health condition. No judgment, no embarrassment, but a slow transition to ordinary life after facing negative outcomes of a climax. 

Why Us

 Menopause Coach is considered an advanced clinic providing full psychological support to women throughout their menopause. Our dedicated experts offer advice related to treatment options, in particular, bothering women hormone therapy. We hope to succeed in improving your well-being. For those who concern, our informational materials can serve a manual to a variety of symptoms ladies come across daily. Our mission to make them aware of all the possible care in terms of menopausal changes.

As of now, the Menopause Coach is focused on women’s education. We strive to advance female health regardless of their residency. All the options and recommendations are based solely on doctors’ practices. You won’t find useless routine care for menopausal symptoms, or non-working tips to relief them. After addressing problems to one of our specialists, we ensure only qualitative counseling is delivered. We are staffed by professionals who know inside out of these problems firsthand and practicing gynecologists and nurses who help women understand the direction in treating bothering problems of a climax. 

Our Benefits:

  • More than 40 years of experience in gynecology and obstetric aid;
  • Experienced and certified doctors;
  • Individual approach to support and solutions;
  • Complete privacy;
  • Efficient psychological counseling;
  • Control of treatment for those who undergo hormone therapy;
  • Flexible hours of working.

Learn methods of how to reduce or remove pain syndromes, get rid of sleep disturbance, hot and cold flashes, avoid gaining weight, and enhance your sexual life. The Coach can be your encyclopedia of forehanded or preventive care. We teach how to differentiate menopausal symptoms from other diseases. With us, any woman can learn tips to be attractive again. And, we share opinions on efficient and time-proven remedies, natural health supplements or herbs without being previously paid for them. Our recommendations are based on our experts’ experience, so we would like you to know that there are no biased opinions. 

A Coach is a true place where you can learn to be responsible. How many ladies do skip annual consultations with their gynecologists? The number may scare but it is for sure every third one. As a result, breast cancers, vascular diseases, osteoporosis, and wasted time that could be perfectly managed and some could save their lives. Note, women’s health is very coward, when you are in your 20’s’, you live to the fullest. When you are in your 40’s’, you stuck with the aggravated level of your health. We do not judge you, we strive to help you to transit to a mature life without experiencing annoying symptoms.

Thus, in both cases, if you haven’t reached your menopause yet, or have been already diagnosed with it, please feel free to consider us as your guide to the stages, symptoms, treatments, and support. We work daily and answer inquiries related to any matters you came across during perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. The same we encourage moms to share our information with their daughters, as far as, forehanded preventive care can protect them from illnesses, and such silent killers as stress or depression. 

Our Experts: 

Emma J. Johnson

Menopause Coach is a female compass directing any women to a comfortable and ailments-free life.