Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me

Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me

hormone replacement therapy

If you want to find a clinic or a doctor who can consult you and prescribe HRT, it will be better to use Google Maps and Yahoo searching engine to find hormone replacement therapy near me. Another option is to discuss this question with your GP and ask to share contacts of a professional who can find the best solution.

How to Find Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me?

Today there are many clinics, hospitals, and healthcare services that offer a long life of high quality that does not include diseases and health disorders. It is not easy to find trustable hormone replacement therapy near me. Experts insist on discussing the problem with a therapeutist because only he or she examines the whole state of the body and can support a patient’s decision or ban it pleading the contradicting health problem.

The first step of the medication is to find an endocrinologist hormone replacement therapy near me. Almost all HRT clinics must have an endocrinologist who knows how to identify what hormone a person needs to take to restore the proper functionality of the organism. The endocrine system includes several subsystems and only an expert can identify excess and deficiency of hormones.


It is important to verify the professionalism of the chosen expert. A doctor should provide documentary evidence concerning his or her education, rewards, achievements, and experience in HRT. Medical colleges archive information about their students in case one wants to confirm their identity. One more variant is to check the rating of the chosen clinic or doctor. One should look for FAQ websites to ask the question “what is the best endocrinologist hormone replacement therapy near me?” or “where to find HRT near me?” These websites are to be reliable and introduce an independent evaluation of real patients. 

HRT Near Me: What Is It for?

The National Health Service defines hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a course of medication which goal is to relieve the menopause symptoms. The question “where to find hormone replacement therapy near me” usually worries women whose age is above 45. Scientists call this period ‘a breakdown’ of a woman’s organism because at this age female ovaries stop producing 2 crucial hormones  – progesterone and estrogen. 

The HRT doctor near me says that when a human body lacks vitamins, minerals, or it has a hormonal imbalance, a person will notice the negative reaction of the organism. It becomes vulnerable to viruses, climate and weather changes, and experiences more side effects because of unhealthy dieting and lifestyle. During menopause, a woman starts feeling discomfort and can even refuse to have sexual intercourse with her partner.

Those, who lose uterus or ovaries in consequence of surgery, will undergo the symptoms of menopause just right after the procedure without HRT doctors near me. Some women associate this transition period only with the changes in their menstrual cycle. First, a woman has menstruation once in 2-3 months, and then it disappears. In fact, a menopausal transition is a more complicated thing.

Clinics that deal with HRT near me provide high-quality diagnostics to test the level of hormones in a female body. Doctors interpret the received analysis and prescribe pills, gels, and other methods to restore the level of the required treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors Near Me to Cope with Side Effects of Menopause

Clinical researches prove that women start experiencing negative consequences of menopause in a year after the last menstruation when the female body stops being reproductive. Her metabolism process slows down which changes fat cells. The result of such changes is a steady weight gain. A woman can suffer from the side effects from 7 to 14 years without female hormone replacement therapy near me

National Institute of Aging introduces 10 common adverse effects of the menopause transition that include:

  • hot flushes
  • abnormal sweating at night
  • sudden changes in mood
  • vaginal dryness
  • lack of sexual arousal
  • insomnia
  • annoyance
  • pain in the vagina during sexual relations
  • calcium deficiency
  • cardiovascular problems

Some of the above-mentioned adverse reactions are not dangerous and a person can solve the problem with local treatment. For example, vaginal dryness demands a lubricant to bring relief. A person can avoid osteoporosis and accidental fractures due to the compensation of the lost calcium with the demanded dose of calcium in the form of pills, tablets, and calcium supplements. The HRT doctor insists on consulting an expert who can prescribe the exact dose to prevent the disease and reduce the risk of overdose and underdose. 

HRT therapy Los Angeles asserts that estrogen deficiency narrows down blood vessels and provokes an imbalance of HDL and LDL cholesterol that accumulates on walls of arteries. Uncontrolled production of cholesterol and vasoconstriction creates favorable conditions for serious heart diseases and hypertension. When it reaches the brain, it can cause strokes. 

Hormone replacement therapy doctors near me declare that the human body stores lead in bones and lack of estrogen makes them fragile. In the case of fracture, bones release lead that poisons the organism. The poisoning results in hypertonia, atherosclerosis, and dementia. The poisoned blood can affect the kidney resulting in its dysfunction. 

Sexual hormones control the functionality of reproductive organs but their deficiency can affect a woman’s urethra and weaken its walls. Women face trouble with the ability to hold their urine. Endocrinologist hormone therapy replacement near me informs their patients about possible urinary incontinence as the result of estrogen insufficiency.

Female hormone replacement therapy usually becomes an effective solution to the problems a woman experiences during her menopause. Women must consult their general practitioner who will learn their medical history to see whether such treatment suits them or not. After that, they will need to do blood tests at a specialized laboratory to measure the level of reproductive hormones. Experts study them to administer treatment.

What Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy Austin Are There?

Specialists classify hormone replacement therapy Austin considering the plan of the treatment and ways of application. The therapy implicates the substitution of one of the deficient hormones (oestrogen or progestogen) or a balanced combination of both of them. Experts of the National Health Service recommend oestrogen medication only for women whose uterus was removed during surgery because this therapy increases the risk of acquiring womb cancer. Other patients usually are prescribed a combined therapy to minimize the negative consequences of HRT.

Ways of Application of Hormone Replacement Therapy Austin

Depending on the menopausal or postmenopausal problem a woman faces, a doctor selects the most suitable form of the required hormone.

  • skin patches

HRT doctors near me prescribe this form of hormones that suits those who have problems with digestion and gastrointestinal tract. A patient sticks a patch to her skin and changes it in a couple of days. Such therapy reduces the risk of getting serious side effects like the formation of clots in blood and digestion problems that are usually associated with tablets and pills.

  • pills

Hormone replacement therapy doctors near me often prescribe this form of medication. This form of hormone manufacturing is the most typical for pharmacies. One pill includes a daily dose of the required hormone or combination of hormones. Storage recommendations are not demanding that simplifies the treatment process for most women as they can take them everywhere without specific containers. The biggest disadvantage of hormonal pills is the list of possible side effects they can provoke like the formation of blood clots and, consequently, cardiovascular diseases, and gastroenteric problems.

  • implants

This hormone replacement therapy near me is not common because it demands surgery in the abdomen and intrauterine areas. The first one looks like a bead with the dose of oestrogen that a woman does not need to replace for several months. The second one resembles letter T and is made of plastic that contains a dose of progestogen. Doctors apply a local anesthetic to implant oestrogen under the tummy skin and progestogen inside the womb. The second type of implants serves as contraception and does not demand a replacement for 3-5 years. 

Such a way of application requires a skilled specialist in hormone replacement therapy Houston who can do it without side reactions. A professional will help to select the reputable brand of the implant to guarantee a 99% positive effect.

  • Gel

Gels for HRT therapy Los Angeles are effective and prevent the creation of blood clots. A woman rubs it (only estrogen) or them (both hormones for those who have womb) daily.

  • Local devices

Estrogen creams, rings, and pessaries are applied in the vagina to prevent dryness and hot flashes. The HRT endocrinologist near me insists on their safety because they do not require a parallel intake of progesterone and cause minimum side effects. Testosterone gels are effective only for the relief of the dry vagina effect.

A Treatment Plan for Hormone Replacement Therapy Florida

The period of female hormone replacement therapy near me depends on the symptoms one has and the time a woman experiences them.

  • Clinical HRT Therapy Los Angeles

This hormone replacement therapy near me suits women who still have menstruation and have to take 2 hormones. In the case of regular menstruation, a woman undergoes 1-month therapy and in case of irregular periods, women undergo 3-months therapy.

  • Continuous Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me

This therapy is for postmenopausal women whose periods stopped a year ago. Women take their medication every day without a break.

What Are the Risks of HRT Near Me?

An HRT endocrinologist near me warns about possible adverse effects of the therapy. It can cause:

  • digestive problems
  • vaginal bleeding
  • pain in breasts
  • sickness
  • headaches
  • menstruation-like pains

HRT doctors near me also warn about the higher risk of womb and breast cancer in patients who undergo HRT.

Who Suits Hormone Replacement Therapy Florida?

A person has to consult a specialist to make sure that her health state does not contradict the procedure. An HRT endocrinologist near me denies health care if a woman has a history of blood clots, breast cancer, hypertension, liver or kidney diseases, or if she is pregnant.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Houston can be replaced with alternative treatment for those who contradict treatment conditions.

Alternatives to Endocrinologist Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me

The alternative to hormone replacement therapy Houston is Tibolone but only for women without menstruation (no less than 1-year absence). 

A safer variant to hormone replacement therapy Florida is to change once lifestyle and take drugs. A woman should exercise regularly, eat healthy food, exclude or at least minimize the daily dose of caffeine, alcohol, and spices, and give up smoking. The HRT doctor near me also recommends selecting antidepressants to cope with night sweating and hot flushes but a woman must be ready to experience dizziness and sleepiness. The same effect can produce Clonidine but nobody should take these drugs without a prescription. 


👎 Can I get estrogen over the counter?

Estrogen creams that you can buy over the counter may not meet the exacting standards for prescription drugs. In fact, there is little regulation of any kind on these OTC products, which means that their efficacy and safety are not guaranteed!

➕➖ What are the pros and cons of hormone therapy?

HRT can be beneficial, according to the ACOG, by: relieving hot flashes, especially at night, helping with vaginal dryness, protecting against bone loss, reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Some small but increased risks include: breast cancer, gallbladder heart attack, stroke.

👩‍🦳 What are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy near me?

Some signs that a woman needs hormone replacement therapy:

  • trouble sleeping at night, dry skin
  • exhaustion, loss of energy and fatigue
  • decreased mental clarity and difficulty concentrating
  • menstrual cycles gradually end, vaginal dryness
  • inability to lose weight despite a healthy diet and lifestyle

💸 How much is hormone replacement therapy near me?

Hormone replacement therapy can cost from $30 per month and therapist visits can cost more from $100 each.

What is the safest hormone replacement therapy for me?

There is no definite answer to this question. You need to be sure to consult with your doctor and pass the necessary tests to determine the most optimal treatment for you.

🕝 How long does it take for hormone replacement to work?

It usually takes a few weeks before you will feel the initial benefits of HRT and up to three months to feel the full effects. It may also take your body time to get used to HRT.

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