Hormone Balance Pills: Benefits of Uses HRT Pills In 2020

Hormone Balance Pills: Benefits of Uses HRT Pills In 2020 | MenopauseCoach.com

During menopause, a woman’s body is rebuilt. The ovaries stop producing estrogens, and this affects not only the female reproductive system but also the entire body as a whole. Hormone balance pills make it easier to go through this stage, prolong youth, and get rid of unpleasant symptoms. But is this treatment absolutely safe? Before starting HRT pills therapy, it is imperative to consult a doctor, weigh the pros and cons, and make sure that there are no contraindications to hormonal balance pills your doctor will prescribe. 

How Hormone Replacement Therapy works. HRT Pills 

Menopause is a natural period in a woman’s life, which is associated with the depletion of the reserves of follicles in the ovaries. On average, menopause occurs at 50–55 years of age. In the ovaries, estrogen ceases to be produced, the sensitivity to follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) of the pituitary gland decreases. Because of this, menstruation stops, fertility fades. 

Estrogen receptors are found not only in the genitals, so the whole body suffers during the menopausal changes. The largest number of estrogen receptors are found in the following organs and systems: 

  • urogenital tract; 
  • heart and blood vessels; 
  • bones; 
  • central nervous system.

Estrogen deficiency leads to changes in all of these organs. The principle of action of HRT tablets (hormonal therapy) is to replace the lost hormonal function of the ovaries. Restoring the normal level of estrogen helps protect estrogen-dependent organs from pathological changes. 

Benefits Of Female HRT pellet

The main advantage of the use of HRT pellet therapy is the diminishing of the manifestations of the climacteric syndrome, i.e. vasomotor and psycho-emotional symptoms are reduced, the risk of osteoporosis and fractures is minimized, the likelihood of cardiovascular complications as myocardial infarction and stroke – decreases.

Relief of Early Symptoms Of Menopause 

During menopause, about 80% of women suffer from vasomotor and emotional-mental symptoms, and HRT pellet will save the situation. 

Vasomotor symptoms are:

  • flushes of warmth;
  • increased sweating;
  • migraines;
  • blood pressure instability. 

Emotional and mental symptoms: 

  • irritability;
  • impairment of memory and attention;
  • tearfulness;
  • depression;
  • anxiety. 

Early symptoms significantly reduce a woman’s quality of life. Hormone replacement therapy can reduce these symptoms within 2-3 months from the start of taking the HRT pills drugs. In most cases, they disappear completely, less often they only decrease. 

Prevention of Urogenital Diseases

A special place among the symptoms of menopause is occupied by urogenital diseases. Their development is also based on a decrease in the level of estrogen in the blood. The vagina, urethra, and bladder are highly sensitive to this sex hormone levels. 

Estrogen deficiency can provoke the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • dryness of the vaginal mucosa;
  • burning and itching in the vagina;
  • soreness during intercourse;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • prolapse of the vagina, uterus. 

Female hormone pills over the counter help prevent the development of urogenital diseases. Both local and systemic HRT pellet drugs can be used. However, with urogenital disorders, local preparations are more often indicated – vaginal suppositories, cream, ointment, etc. The use of HRT pills medications allows you to restore the normal structure of the mucous membrane of the vagina and bladder, and also prevents the development of infection and inflammation. 

Prevention of Osteoporosis 

Osteoporosis is another frequent companion of menopause. Bone loss increases with the woman’s age. Estrogen deficiency plays an important role in the destruction of bone tissue. HRT pills allow you to slow down bone resorption, which is, to reduce the rate of bone loss. Therapy including HRT pellets should be prescribed as early as possible since the lost bone tissue is no longer restored. The estrogen pills therapy can not only slow the development of osteoporosis but also reduce the frequency of fractures. The effect lasts as long as the woman is taking HRT tablets. 

Cardioprotective Effect 

The incidence of heart disease increases with age. The following cardiovascular problems are especially common in women during the climacteric: 

  • coronary heart disease; 
  • arterial hypertension; 
  • myocardial infarction; 
  • stroke. 

Estrogens have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. They restore the function of the vascular endothelium, lower blood pressure, and increase the contractile function of the heart. In addition, the protective effect of HRT pills is due to the effect of estrogens on cholesterol metabolism – with hormone balance pills, the risk of atherosclerosis is reduced.

Disadvantages Of Pro Hormone Pills Uses

Hormone pills to get pregnant are not completely safe. When used incorrectly, they can do more harm than good. Treatment with estrogen is associated with a high risk of developing breast and endometrial cancer and thrombotic complications.

The Risk Of Thrombosis and Thromboembolism 

Against the background of constant use of estrogen-containing drugs and hormonal balance pills, the risk of thrombosis and thromboembolism increases significantly. The fact is that estrogens promote hypercoagulation, that is, increased blood viscosity. In women with a history of cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, and thromboembolism, acute thrombophlebitis, the risk of complications is 3-4 times higher. Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a dangerous condition that should be feared when prescribing HRT pills. In pulmonary embolism, a thrombus enters the pulmonary arteries and leads to blockage. 

Breast Cancer 

The most common reason for not using HRT pellet treatment is the fear of developing breast cancer. And this fear really has a foundation. It has been found that the longer HRT pills treatment is used, the greater the risk of breast cancer. However, HRT is not the only risk factor. Overweight, alcohol, smoking, late menopause affect the development of cancer no less than HRT. Before prescribing hormone therapy, a woman must undergo an examination to exclude breast neoplasms (palpation, ultrasound, mammography). All women taking HRT pills are subject to regular screening.

Endometrial Hyperplasia 

Another malignant disease associated with the use of hormone balance pills is endometrial cancer. This is due to the fact that estrogens cause proliferative changes in the endometrium. Estrogen replacement monotherapy (without progesterone) increases the risk of developing hyperplastic processes and endometrial cancer by more than 5 times. Therefore, women with preserved uterus are shown therapy with combined drugs that contain estrogens and progestins. The risk of developing endometrial cancer with combination therapy also increases, but less significantly – by 0.8-1.2 times.

How to Make the Right Choice 

Starting HRT therapy or not is a more difficult decision for a woman. There is no single recommendation that would suit everyone without exception. The risks and benefits of such treatment must be weighed. 

The main indications for HRT include:

  • osteoporosis;
  • high risk of cardiovascular complications (myocardial infarction, stroke);
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • pronounced changes in the urogenital tract.

The presence of these diseases justifies the appointment of HRT pills. The use of hormones will reduce the manifestations of osteoporosis, urogenital diseases, and such treatment also has a cardioprotective effect. In these cases, HRT tablets will do more good than harm. 

However, HRT pills are not useful in all cases. There are certain contraindications to the use of estrogens: 

  • deep vein thrombosis; 
  • thromboembolism; 
  • liver disease; 
  • vaginal and uterine bleeding; 
  • malignant formations of the breast; 
  • malignant formations of the endometrium. 

Before prescribing HRT pills, it is imperative to undergo an examination. It includes the following diagnostic methods: 

Research methodExplanation
Gynecological history study and gynecological examinationThe gynecologist determines the signs of the climacteric syndrome (hot flashes, dryness, and itching in the vagina, urinary incontinence, etc.). Also, examination in mirrors, colposcopy, cytological examination, the examination of the mammary glands is carried out. A gynecological examination is aimed at identifying contraindications to HRT pills – tumor formations of the breast and uterus, uterine bleeding.
Examination of the somatic historyThe presence of somatic diseases in which the use of estrogens is contraindicated is revealed. For example, liver disease, thrombosis, and thrombophlebitis in health history, disorders of fat metabolism. If necessary, additional tests are prescribed: biochemical blood test, coagulogram.
Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organsFirst of all, attention is paid to the thickness of the endometrium. Mammography is performed to detect any growths in the breast.

Bottom Line

Despite the colossal progress in the treatment of the climacteric which has been achieved, the existing methods of dealing with the manifestations of menopausal syndrome are still not perfect. Although hormonal balance pills are the gold standard for treating the signs and symptoms of menopause, they have side effects and contraindications.

In no case, you should try to start taking HRT pills on your own, without consulting your doctor. For your safety and well-being, a postmenopausal woman ought to consult with the following specialists: endocrinologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, and therapist before starting on the HRT tablets. Thus, it will be possible to draw up a complete picture of a woman’s health status and make the right decision about hormonal pills.

Those women who are contraindicated for HRT can try alternative methods of treating the unpleasant manifestations of menopause. The National Health Service has an essential list of possible ways to replace the intake of hormonal pellets, including types, side effects, and supposed risks. This contains not only the beneficial medications but also definite pieces of advice for a lifestyle changing and/or its imperative correction.


💊 Are there hormone balance pills?

Studies on a group of women have shown that hormonal balance pills are really able to reduce symptoms with age-related changes in the hormonal balance of women and minimize the inconvenience when menopause occurs.

🤓 What hormone balance pills can help?

Manufacturers offer many different pills to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Consult with your gynecologist to determine which hormone balance pills are right for you.

🥦 How can I balance my hormones with supplements?

Feeling the symptoms of hormonal imbalance women think about taking hormonal balance pills. The first thing to do is to see a doctor and consult what pills or other actions can relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance before taking hormonal balance pills?

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance: weight gain, fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold or heat, constipation or more frequent bowel movements, dry skin, puffy face.

👩‍⚕️ How can I balance my hormones during my period?

A certain percentage of women take hormonal balance pills prescribed by their doctor. There are even women who use natural ways to balance your hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle: manage your stress, eat more fiber, eat brassica vegetables, reduce alcohol, eat vitamin B and magnesium-rich foods, eat more fat.

🧬 How can I check my hormone levels at home to start taking hormone balance pills?

When you order an FDA approved hormone test kit online from Health Testing Centers, you can test at home for hormone levels with an easy sample collection such as a saliva testing (saliva sample) or finger prick (blood sample). But hormonal balance pills are prescribed only by a doctor.

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