Body Guide: Does a Woman’s Body Shape Change After Menopause?

Body Guide: Does a Woman’s Body Shape Change After Menopause? |

Does a woman’s body shape change after menopause? It is a common question within apple-shaped women who are about to approach this natural stage in their life. As of now, it is possible to say — Yes, it does change, and there are many explanations for this effect of menopause, especially, if taking into consideration perimenopause weight gain. However, let’s also say that apple-shaped women should not radically worry about it. It is not an incurable disease and it is not the effect of our bodies that cannot be suppressed. Discover what scientists think about this statement — Does a woman’s body shape change after menopause. And, decide what you can do about your current weight.

What Happens During the Menopause with an Apple Shape Women Bodies?

Menopause and perimenopause are unpredictable, as you may experience a myriad of symptoms and signs, as well as experience zero changes with your health and body. Typically, it all depends on your genetic predisposition to perimenopause weight gain as well as your lifestyle. The worst enemy for bodies of apple-shaped women is smoking. Yes, they may follow a balanced diet and exercise, however, smoking will suppress their beneficial properties and they won’t escape a few kilos in their belly.

Other enemies of apple-shaped women in terms of gain weight belong to difficulty sleeping, insomnia, the actual hormonal fluctuations, their mental health balance. If you do not treat those conditions, perimenopause weight gain will only lead to heart diseases, obesity, and the second type of diabetes. 

Once, menopause is there, apple-shaped women start experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and many more which is followed by the persisting thoughts of — why does a woman’s body shape change after menopause.

The Health of Hormones in Apple Shaped Women

Apple Shape Women Bodies

Once, apple-shaped women are only into menopause and stuck in the perimenopause stage, they experience one major effect of this stage — their estrogen and progesterone fluctuate and drop. And, the role of controlling the menopause lays on Luteinising Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FHS). During the perimenopause stage, they are active and try to send signals to ovaries to keep on producing estrogen. However, they are still declining and in one particular moment won’t be active anymore. It will then result in aging processes, the strength of your bones, and of course, the fat production. 

Alongside the health of our hormones, there is one more reason for body changes in apple-shaped women. The role belongs to our muscles. Estrogen when it is basically dying off, affects the bone mass, muscle power, and then metabolism processes. The skeletal muscle and muscle tissues are actually in charge of our metabolic processes as they support our digestive system. As a result, the altered muscle nature does not allow apple-shaped women to burn fat and calories to the extreme. 

So, does a woman’s body shape change after menopause? — Yes, but to be more correct, it all starts changing during the perimenopause stage. 

What to Do with Weight Gain in Apple Shaped Women?

As was said above, apple-shaped women have options to affect their perimenopause weight gain, so no need to write it off as lost. Below, you may find sone of the most effective ways to prevent or affect perimenopause weight gain, however, it is highly recommended to address these ways with your doctor. They are not a good fit for every particular case, as your problem may result from ongoing illness as well.

Sleep all night but WELL!

What is the sense of following a diet and exercise if you do not even sleep? Difficulty sleeping is an enemy for our perimenopause weight gain. Menopause itself deteriorates if you have different sleep patterns such as you wake up early, and the next day you wake up very late. The system is not able to get used to such changes, and it affects the functioning of the whole body, in particular, metabolism which deprives you of losing weight. Furthermore, difficulty sleeping affects the production of melatonin that in balanced mode promotes fat-burning capability.

Help your liver and gut function

Perimenopause weight gain radically depends on the liver and gall-bladder. Fats are burned and broken down by bile, and bile for your information is found in the gall bladder. As for the liver, it requires vitamins to work, and then we receive energy. So, you should follow simple rules — eat properly, exercise, avoid alcohol, and toxins, and discuss with your doctor the meal plan that will contribute to liver and gut health, as well as to understanding and preventing perimenopause weight gain.

Manage your sugar level

Sugar is also a party responsible for your perimenopause weight gain. Does a woman’s body shape change after menopause because of sweets? — Yes, if she continues abusing them, obviously, right? However, body shape is not the only problem, as the consumption of sweet products and sugar to the extreme may lead to diabetes. So, you will already need another treatment protocol that focuses on diabetes treatment rather than any bodyweight changes.

All in all, there are many programs from therapists or gynecologists designated for perimenopause weight gain. You may refer to them. However, there are only some rules to follow including:

  • Do not go for starving;
  • Do not exclude the fats, and carbs, as they are necessary the same as proteins;
  • Spend more time on sports activities;
  • Do not take any weight loss medications;
  • Drink a lot of water and avoid soft drinks that negatively affect weight gain.

And, screen yourself for any other disorders or illnesses that may be responsible for your perimenopause weight gain.

Weight Gain During Menopause — The Verdict

Apple-shaped women are more into weight gain during menopause, but they can still manage these changes with the help of their doctors. It is necessary to undergo Hormone-Replacement Therapy, take health supplements, and control the sugar levels. If you think your body shape only starts changing, you have more time to prevent extreme weight gain and feel yourself confident.

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Body Guide: Does a Woman’s Body Shape Change After Menopause?
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Hi! This is an interesting article, I did not even imagine that smoking can lead to the fact that I gain a few extra pounds. I will try to adhere to your prompts so as not to gain even more excess weight. Thanks for sharing this!


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