Best Diet for Perimenopause Weight Loss in 2020

Best Diet for Perimenopause Weight Loss in 2020 |

Looking for the detox or the best diet for perimenopause? Normally, it is not about cutting sweats or carbs only. Doctors recommend a prolific approach that will involve the care for the overall organism and health. Here are some tips one should follow to reach the attractive figure or at least lose some kilos to fit in the dress.

Perimenopause Diet: How to Start?

First off, a woman should clearly understand whether she is in the perimenopause stage. For this purpose, she should be registered with a gynecologist who will monitor her health and report some changes in hormone levels. Perimenopause starts in 35-40 on average but some may be diagnosed even in their early 30’s. It happens for hereditary reasons such as predisposition. Otherwise, it was caused by surgical intervention. In both cases, the perimenopause diet can help if following it responsibly.

10 Tips on How to Follow Perimenopause Diet Lose Weight

Everything starts with a lifestyle. That’s why if a woman has daughters, it is highly recommended to speak with them about this health condition and explain why it is so important to not consume much alcohol or quit smoking. If one violates such simple rules, no perimenopause diet can even help, of course, if a woman does not live on water only. Secondly, success lays in the care of your mental health. She should understand that fast weight loss won’t bring benefit and will only worsen the current condition. She should believe that carbs and fats are also crucial to weight, and if cutting them down, she will experience problems with skin and irritability. Other tips are:


Eat more dairy products. As far as a woman during perimenopause and the following stages is at risk of having osteoporosis and numerous fractures, dairy can provide her with necessary minerals and vitamins. Cheese, yogurts contain calcium. And, there is no need to choose 0% fat only. You can consume even fatty products but moderate their intake.

Do not forget about grains. Fiber, vitamin b or riboflavin are necessary for female health, and perimenopause diet plan. Besides, one can minimize the risk of developing heart problems if consuming a sufficient amount of grains daily. Stick to healthy quinoa, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread. It is better to consume it in the morning, and you won’t have problems with stool.

Take omega-3. This acid benefits not only the perimenopause diet lose weight but the alleviation of hot flashes and night sweats. Commonly, one can find it in fish, chia seeds. But, to balance the correct and sufficient dosages, there are many health supplements that contain it for menopausal women. 

no sweets

Do not throw sweets. Diet for perimenopause should not be connected with stress thus if you are candy-lover, their complete reduction will be followed by immerse stress to your organism. Tend to eat one to two pieces only in the morning. And, try to reduce them with dark chocolate.


Drink water. To boost your metabolic processes, water with a slice of lemon can perform its function will. Drink at least 1-2 liters per day. If you cannot drink much, start gradually. Doctors forbid to go crazy over water if you have never drunk it before much, because it may cause damage to kidneys.

Eating more greens. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants, and vitamins. Berries are great for lowering blood pressure. Smoothies made of these green helpers serve detoxes made on your own without overpaying. However, remember that sweet fruits such as bananas and apples are for morning and afternoon. While the night hanger, you can reduce with pineapple and a small piece of avocado.

One of the possible options for perimenopausal women who seek a diet plan is HRT. But, it is prescribed by a doctor only. Hormone replacement therapy replaces the insufficient estrogen that previously was efficient for maintaining metabolism. But, it does not fit everyone. Note, there is one myth that HRT is responsible for weight gain. You will gain it only in case you overeat or again you have a predisposition from mother or grandmother who suffered from excessive weight.

Finally, what a perimenopause diet lose weight without exercises. Keep in mind, excessive exercises in the gym will harm your health. And, your menopause will come faster. Think of aerobics or swimming, they both help prevent osteoporosis, fractures but relax muscles and help weight loss. Moreover, simply walking in the park can be considered additional help for a diet. If you believe it is not yours, read about meditations and yoga, they work on your breathing and maintaining peace of mind. Some women report that such relaxing activities contribute then to a gradual transition to the sport.

The Best Diet for Perimenopause with Health Supplements

It is common in doctors to prescribe additional health supplements that help maintain healthy stool and provide a woman with a sufficient amount of vitamins during the diet. Some of them are:

  1. Raspberry Ketones. They can enhance the breakdown of fats and are sold as a popular weight loss supplement;
  2. Green tea. It can be sold as tea or tablets. The main function is to boost metabolism and help losing fat faster.
  3. Vitamin B and D. They both help metabolize fats and carbohydrates.
  4. Magnesium. Control blood glucose and reduce the desire to eat many sweets.

Note, even though some of them are vitamins and logically are helpful, perimenopause women may be contraindicated with them. Thus, before the purchase or intake, consult with your physicians to exclude the side effects or intolerance.

The Bottom Line

The best diet for perimenopause is the care of your health in advance. Quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, eat more dairy and vitamins, and drink loads of water to help your metabolic processes. If all the approaches are helpless, do not stick to radical diets, they will only harm your organism. Speak to a physician about alternative treatments such as hormone replacement therapy.


🥗 What to eat for perimenopause weight loss?

Dairy products, vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.

🥦 How to choose the best diet for perimenopause?

Speak to a with therapist and endocrinologist only.

🍎 Do I need to consult a nutritionist to choose a perimenopause nutrition plan?

Yes, he helps to find the best diet that will fit a female organism.

🥑 Is vegetarianism good for the perimenopause diet? 

It is good only if a physician approves it. However, there is some unconfirmed evidence that vegetarians struggle less from weight gain.

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Best Diet for Perimenopause Weight Loss in 2020
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