Menopause Skin Changes: Does Menopause Age Your Face?

Menopause Skin Changes: Does Menopause Age Your Face? |

As we grow up and mature, our body goes through various transformations. The female body undergoes more than the male because of the constant fluctuations of hormones. Finally, every woman reaches a stage, which is called menopause. It’s manifested by a sufficient decrease in estrogen (the most important female hormone). Accordingly, the female body goes through many unpleasant transformations that cause inconveniences and even pain. As estrogen plays a vital role in many body regulations, many women ask – Does menopause age your face?

It’s true that certain menopause skin changes take place. However, does menopause age your face? Can it make you look older because of some skin changes during menopause? Everything depends on your natural body qualities. For example, your skin may lose fat and its elasticity will drop. Your skin may be dry and its color will be changed. This leads to sagging. However, the change of color or partial loss of elasticity doesn’t necessarily mean that your face will get aged. It’s necessary to take into account various indicators and influencers.

Does Menopause Age Your Face: The Role of Estrogen

If you want to find the right answer to the question “Does menopause age your face?”, you should understand the role of the main female hormone. As women age, they steadily lose the amounts of estrogen and it leads to different transformations. It’s very important for our skin. For example, it affects the functioning of skin cells. Fibroblast is answerable for the production of collagen and elastin; keratinocyte protects our skin; melanocytes make it even and determine its color; sebaceous oils our skin.  Besides, estrogen regulates hair production. Accordingly, the lack of this vital hormone surely induces menopause skin changes.

Does Menopause Age Your Face: The Main Skin Changes

The next step to an understanding of the issue of “does menopause age your face” is to determine the main menopause and skin changes. Mind that estrogen is only partially related to skin changes after menopause. Make allowances for the following issues:

  • Sufficient loss of collagen;
  • Decrease in the glycosaminoglycans;
  • Poor dermal thickness;
  • Lowered skin elasticity;
  • The dryness of the skin;
  • Wrinkling;
  • Slower healing of the damaged cells;
  • Enhances traumatization;
  • Boost of hair growth in undesired areas;
  • Loss of scalp hair;
  • Weakened skin strength.

Undoubtedly, all these indicators negatively affect your facial skin. If they go too far, the answer to “does menopause age your face” will be 100% positive. Your face will be definitely older.

Does Menopause Age Your Face and How to Manage the Issue

Our skin should be treated carefully. Oftentimes, it receives different infections, gets damaged, has abnormal color changes, is prone to allergies, etc. At times, women lead to negative outcomes because of the food they eat or cosmetics they apply. Not all foods and beauty products are suitable for you, especially when you’re on the menopause stage or after it has ended. It’s important to take into account your natural predisposition to appoint efficient treatment.

Some measures are easy to follow and fulfill. You don’t even have to ask medical help. The others require the help of a professional. Consider the following curing and preventive methods:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT is well-known throughout the globe. It helps to restore the loss of estrogen levels and overcome many menopause symptoms. Thus, it can possibly improve the quality of your skin. Nonetheless, it’s never prescribed to treat only skin ailments because it may induce some other complications such as vaginal bleeding. Therefore, it’s not the main source to return your skin health.
  • Treatment with Phytoestrogens. These compounds are natural substitutes of HRT. They help to prevent the thinning of the skin. It’s better to apply them in natural forms. These are beans, soy, and lentil.
  • Moisturization. It’s always important to avoid the dryness of the facial skin, especially when women age. Be cautious when you apply different beauty products because some of them dehydrate your skin. Foam and gel cleansers should be forgotten for good. Prefer body lotions, natural cleansers, various moisture-holding agents (seaweed, algae extracts, etc.).
  • Collagen Support. If the structure of your skin is uneven and damaged, you surely lack collagen. Therefore, apply the products that will support your skin with this ingredient.
  • Apply Retinoids. There are special retinoids creams that contain vitamin A. They help to make your skin smoother and avoid wrinkles.

If you ask “does menopause age your face?” and it’s really so, consider the methods described above. They will surely help to keep aging at bay. Don’t forget to consult certified experts to avoid possibly wrong use of some of these methods.

Additional Smart Tips

There are a few more smart tips, which can help you to protect your skin. Most of them are easy to follow. These are:

  • Protect yourself from the sun. If your skin is openly exposed to the sunrays and winds, it’ll get damaged. Therefore, always apply some SPF to receive vitamin D and protect your skin simultaneously.
  • Don’t smoke. People who smoke age faster. Therefore, you should avoid smoking. Besides, you’ll avoid many other possible hazards.
  • Stay hydrated. Moisturizing products are alright, but you should also drink pure water to support the entire body and your skin. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
  • Minimize wrinkles. If you have wrinkles, safely minimize them because they may badly damage your skin when menopause comes. For example, you should moisturize your skin and stay hydrated.

Drawing Conclusions

Now you know for sure does menopause make you look older or not. Fortunately, many curing and preventive measures can postpone the aging of your skin. You only should identify what suits you best. Obligatorily consult a specialist in this field to apply the right treatment. Your skin is very delicate and sensitive. If you undertake self-treatment, you risk provoking very severe deviations. A certified specialist will help to successfully handle the issue of “does menopause age your face” and keep your aging at bay for a long time.

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Menopause Skin Changes: Does Menopause Age Your Face?
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Thank you for this article. I am now beginning to notice serious changes in my skin. It became drier and wrinkles appeared. I was immediately advised against wrinkle creams. Tell me, is there a chance that the creams will really help? Or is this false information? I would not want to waste time. After all, at this time I could already do something more beneficial to the skin.


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