How Can I lose My Menopause Belly – Guide 2020

How Can I lose My Menopause Belly – Guide 2020 |

How can I lose my menopause belly? — A very common question among women who gained weight with the onset of menopause or even perimenopause. You probably think of starving or doing exercises to the extreme. It is also a common approach to the problem but it does not protect your from other problems such as gastro diseases resulting from a lack of minerals, and vitamins. And, the excessive sports activities may only negatively affect the bone mass and result in joint pain or fractures. Is it all worth it to manage menopause belly only? Here, we share some tips on how to safely deal with your menopause belly. Read, practice but address all the ways with your health care provider to avoid any negative consequences.

Why Does Menopause Belly Occur?

Everything is related to menopausal fluctuation in hormones. During this stage, a woman experiences how the estrogen and progesterone drop and lead to symptoms and body changes such as weight gain or altered metabolism. 

Besides, once estrogen drops, the body fat starts being redistributed from the thigs, buttocks, and even hips to the actual abdomen. Previously the body fat was stored outside the abdomen in a fuel reservoir-like environment for breastfeeding and childbearing.

If a woman gains only little weight, it is pretty normal, however, when the gain is calculated in more than 2 pounds, the abdomen starts accommodating visceral fat which in excessive amounts is considered a toxic fat. 

The good thing about — How Can I Lose My Menopause Belly — is that there are many options available, and you do not need to spend ages when choosing the right approach.

As was said above, the first method is to consult a doctor or nutritionist who builds plans for menopause belly and menopause women health management in general.

Top 4 Ways to Lose Your Menopause Belly

In the dietician world, there are three pillars they comply with. First, a woman should pay attention to the meals she has including their quality and quantity, frequency. Secondly, a woman should spend enough time on sports activities. It is not necessary to exercise to the extreme, or better saying it is contraindicated due to big pressure on bones which in menopausal women may result in osteoporosis. Thirdly, it is all about thinking about the reward. You won’t lose your menopause belly if you do not have a goal or do not clearly see yourself without it in the future.

Alongside these three pillars, you may follow the next 4 ways that describe you in details on  — How can I lose my menopause belly:

Stomach Vacuum

It is definitely the best thing you can gift your menopause belly. It is highly effective, and the first results are visible within one week of hard training and practicing. Repeat the following — 

You stand upright by placing the hands on the hips. Then, exhale all the air out of the lungs, ensure you do not have the air anymore (at first, your head may start spinning, it means you are doing right, however, breathe in again to not lose the consciousness). When you understand that exhaling is progressing well without any spinning sensations, you should expand the chest, and bring the stomach in and then hold. The practitioners of the Stomach Vacuum recommend visualizing that you try to touch the navel to the backbone.

This exercise is good for daily use but it should be limited to the time-frame. Do it only for a few minutes, then you may practice it more for 10-15 minutes.

Practice Yoga 

The breathing techniques are present in yoga as well, however, they will take more time to get rid of menopause belly. You may learn asanas, and start your day with meditations. For the best results, practice it in the morning and before going to bed. Such frequency will positively affect your energy and difficulty sleeping that both, in turn, are in charge of metabolic processes. Your menopause belly will vanish in a few months.

Drink Water and Eat Healthily

How can I lose my menopause belly? — The majority of people will say you to follow a diet and drink water, and they are right. Please, do forget about soft drinks, as they contain huge amounts of sugar and additives that only contribute to the growth of your menopause belly. Drink only water, however, ensure you do not wash down the meal with it, as it will only expand the stomach and you will feel hungry again. As for foods, greens and fruits are obviously top-picks but you may also try to follow diets (upon receiving a doctor’s approval) with less content of fats and carbs. Note, they should be present at all times, as protein only won’t provide you with energy and anti-aging effects.

Try Health Supplements

To promote the healthily but fast loss of your belly, you may search for dietary health supplements. Of course, they won’t be considered as weight-loss pills but may help to nourish your body with nutritional elements that are lacking when you are into a specific diet. Tend to seek for vitamin supplements or phytoestrogen supplements that are aimed to help women with menopausal weight gain.

The Bottom Line

Everything is in your head, strange it may sound. Yes, the hormones are fluctuating and give you discomfort in the form of menopause belly but if you want to lose it just to feel pretty, it won’t work. You should understand that your health is bound to the body, and you should enrich it with vitamins, energy, proper sleep as well as a balanced meal plan. 

So, how can I lose my menopause belly? — Refer to the nutritionist who will build a plan on how to lose it, and ask a gym coach on how to avoid the sagged skin. Consult your doctor about hormone-replacement therapy that may help you replace the estrogen and progesterone in charge of weight gain, and start your treatment as soon as possible. A belly is managed faster if you only start noticing the body shape changes in the perimenopause stage.

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How Can I lose My Menopause Belly - Guide 2020
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