How Can I Stop Hair Loss During Menopause?

How Can I Stop Hair Loss During Menopause? |

Hair the same as menopause are two integral parts of every woman. If a hair is strong and beautiful, then this is a direct sign of excellent health. If it looks dull and damaged, it is a sign that something may be wrong inside of your body. One of the common reasons is the climax. It has a few stages, and all of them may have hair loss as a symptom. But, even in this case, there are many solutions and tips to slower this process and revitalize your beauty without spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetic products. If you noticed the first thinning, find out the hints explaining how can menopausal hair loss grow back?

Reasons and Causes of menopausal hair loss grow

Most women are very lucky. Compared to men, they have only thinning sings and no visible bald spots. The most effect happens on the front, sides, and of course the top of the head. Some women start to panic when they wash and comb it but even the healthiest ladies and the ones who did not still hit the climax, face the same. However, if your hair falls out in large clumps and a few times per day, it may be a true sign of alopecia or your menopause decided to show herself.

As per doctors, menopausal hair loss is caused by hormonal changes and imbalance. In particular, estrogen and progesterone the ones that are responsible for that. They both help your hair grow faster and stay solidly on the head. When, the first stage, perimenopause comes, the level of hormones drops, and as a result, there is thinning. Besides, they trigger increased production of androgens, that in turn, may shrink follicles and provoke the growth of undesired hair on the face. It is common when a lady has some on the chin.

As far as you do not have any chance to stop climax, you can somehow affect your lifestyle. Menopause is just one cause of hair loss but if it is combined with severe stress, depression, illness, you may go bald very fast. To avoid such negative consequences and to prevent excessive menopausal hair loss, undergo diagnostic blood tests including thyroid examination to find out the causes.

How to Stop Menopausal Hair Loss?

Forehanded care is the thing that will help you to save time and money. For some reason, most women neglect the fact that is better to prevent symptoms of menopause and hair loss than deal with them after.

So, for your convenience, here is a list of recommendations for you to follow regularly to prevent this sign.

  • Buy professional scrubs. Why professional against menopausal hair loss? Because they are of natural and herbal composition. If you know how to do them on your own, so look for raw materials and mix your unique formula. Keep in mind, scrubs help to stimulate the blood flow to the follicles, and within some time you notice new hair. But, do not scrub too much because you will receive an inverse effect;
  • Do not wash it too often. Once you do it every day, your hair can get used to such care. If the next day you decide to skip this ritual, wait for some greasiness. If possible, finish this procedure with vinegar rinsing. One spoon on one liter is more than enough. It will help to make it shining and fresh for long;
  • No hairdryer. Remember menopause and hair loss do not like it. First off, it may provoke hot flashes and dryness of hair. The same concerns hair straightener. However, in case you urgently need to use it, do not forget to spray hair heat protection;
  • Choose a comfortable comb for menopausal hair loss. And, do never comb your hair after washing. For the top results, you can buy a designated comb with a massage effect. It will help to stimulate the growth of new hair;
  • Take a look at your meals. More fruits and vitamins to prevent menopausal hair loss;
  • Healthy supplements. Vitamins E, A, H, zinc, calcium, and magnesium should be in the composition against menopausal hair loss. Their variety on the market will help you to purchase such products at bargain prices. Otherwise, you can try nicotinic acid sold in capsules. You have to apply it daily with massaging moves. The results will be visible after finishing the course of one month. But, the side effects may occur. If you feel itching on your head, stop application;
  • Masks. Mustard and egg masks are helpful for growing new hair at menopausal hair loss grow. But, do not play with them too often. And, do not keep them on your head for more than one hour because mustard will burn your skin;

If nothing helps, you have to visit a trichologist who knows how to deal with ladies who have menopause and hair loss.

Never Do It

Making mistakes is a common practice in desperate women who look for one single chance to protect themselves from being bald. In the pursuit of extreme hair care, they do actions that will never help them to revitalize their beauty. So, do never do the next:

  • Menopausal hair loss will not tolerate any products based on alkali, parabens, SLS. You will lose more hair;
  • Do not rinse with hot or extremely cold water. You can provoke hot flashes or chilling that will provoke supporting symptoms of climax;
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Your hair will become dry;
  • Do not dye your hair often, especially in bright colors. It spoils them once and forever.

These are the rules that will help you to moderate your hair problems, in particular, loss in large quantities. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can buy menopausal hair loss remedies such as Propecia, Rogaine, and many others. But, make sure to consult with your doctor first. Some medications have side effects that may deteriorate health conditions in women who reached the climax. Take care of hair even though you may think there is no turning back. The climax does not mean you won’t return your previous beauty of skin and hair.

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How Can I Stop Hair Loss During Menopause?
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beauty of our hair

Good tips! After all, no one wants to lose their hair during menopause, but we begin to think about it when we have lost a large pile of hair. In general, these are excellent tips for women of any age, we need to take care of our beauty so that our hair remains beautiful for a long time.


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