10 Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels After Menopause

10 Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels After Menopause | MenopauseCoach.com

No matter how easily one approaches menopause, there are some changes in the organism. In particular, they are connected with hormone level fluctuations. While progesterone and estrogen levels are drastically dropped, FHS and LH are greater than they have been before. But, the major influence is dictated by low estrogen symptoms. How does it happen and what they contribute to?

Symptoms of Low Estrogen in Women: What Is Going On?

Estrogen is a vital hormone that can be found in women and men. In women, it is responsible for maintaining the reproductive system and forming female features such as the development of breasts, enlargement of hips, and pubic hair. Ladies can monitor their impact when they have a menstrual cycle. Mainly, it is produced by ovaries. And, when the time comes to menopause, low estrogen symptoms start emerging and causing changes such as cessation of menstruation, ovulation. Accordingly, a woman can no longer bear a child. However, during the onset of menopause, estrogen still allows one to perform a reproductive function but only with the help of gynecologists who will appoint the correct treatment to prolong the first stage.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Estrogen?

Low Estrogen

First off, it is worth saying that low estrogen symptoms can be also a result of smoking, hereditary predisposition, and excessive exercising. So, whenever a woman wants to prevent the fast onset of menopause, she should avoid such activities, and inform a dedicated expert about signature genetic details. In such a case, he will be able to appoint hormone replacement therapy or recommend health supplements that will stabilize the levels as much as possible. Besides, such treatment can alleviate the symptoms of low estrogen, and let the woman live a comfortable life.

Decreased Libido

Some women report decreased sexual desire, some connect it to painful sex. Such events happen because of vaginal dryness. She lacks sufficient lubrication, and any sexual intercourse can be ongoing with pain and wounds. It is crucial to use medical lubrication instead of creams and gels from the mass market. This irresponsibility leads to deterioration of sexual life and may provoke additional allergies.

Irregular Menstruation

In the low estrogen symptoms list, there is a firm place for imbalanced menstruation cycle. As far as menopause already dictates its primary role, the end of reproduction, the onset of the perimenopause stage will be followed by gradual cessation of periods. Some women also report that one month they can have healthy periods, the next one nothing at all. Note, the menopause is diagnosed when a woman does not have menstruation for 12 months.


Anxiety is a dangerous symptom of menopause. It can lead to severe mental problems and requires prompt attention. At first, a woman feels she is worried for no reason, then she reports over anxiety toward events that seemed pretty normal before.

Mood Swings

Other symptoms of low estrogen are mood changes. One can be happy and sad in no time and again for no reason. Doctors prescribe health supplements or HRT that are efficient to stabilize the mental state. If letting this state go, nothing will change except for more severe manifestations. It is no surprise that mood swings spoil relationships or lead to divorce. To prevent such consequences, psychological therapy is more than encouraged.

Hot Flashes

This is the first sign that your menopause is here and ready to spoil your well-being. Hot flashes are irregular temperature balance. One faces sweating or cannot tolerate warm weather, everything brings discomfort. Besides, simply walking on the street or staying in transport may be intolerable. Thus, it is necessary to have a bottle of water with you at all times.

Night Sweats

If your hot flashes manifest themselves during the night, they are called night sweats. Normally, there are recommendations for setting up the right temperature and sleep in free clothes. But, menopausal women may find it a nonworking solution. Excessive sweating, and violated sleep at night are common low estrogen levels symptoms.

Sleeping Disorders

Menopausal women do not have enough sleep and both cannot wake up fast and fall asleep immediately. Such a problem leads to stress and sometimes depression. Besides, women report irritability caused by lack of sleep. It is recommended to air the room prior to sleeping, and exercise to feel a little bit exhausted to fall asleep with no trouble. 

Urinary Tract Infections

The lining of female urethra becomes thinner and thinner, and undesired bacteria feel easier to enter and cause infection. It is crucial to take care of the vaginal environment and use designated gels or soap for washing. If you have any and even the slightest problems with urination or you experience pain, it may be the first sign of infection.

Weight Gain

Unfortunately, among the most popular symptoms of low estrogen levels after menopause is fast weight gain. Women cannot drop it fast, and the previously efficient gym does not adjust the bodyweight to fit conditions. HRT can help to prevent it or at least substitute estrogen in medication to stabilize your weight loss

Breast Tenderness

Together with tenderness women are at higher risk of having breast cancer. Usually, when menopause is diagnosed, a gynecologist will check up the overall condition, and may prescribe medical examination to exclude its possibility. Besides, ladies may come across stretch marks on breasts, it is also pretty normal and occurs because of lack of collagen. HRT may solve this issue as well. 

The Bottom Line

Low estrogen symptoms in all women differ. Some do not have them at all, some suffer from them daily. To prevent the possibility of their negative influence, speak to a physician about hormone replacement therapy or supplement treatment. Otherwise, when you approach the postmenopause stage, you will no longer experience the joy of life. Note, the list can be prolonged. If you have any changes after you reached menopause or perimenopause, address them to a doctor. They may alert you about the presence of other illnesses.


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👌 How can I help yourself with low estrogen in menopause?

You should follow a healthy lifestyle and reduce smoking. The doctor, in turn, will prescribe you the treatment either with HRT or supplements.

👩‍🔬 What tests need to be done to define low estrogen?

It can be an estradiol test or simple blood test which will show the level and changes occurred lately.

👩‍⚕️ Do I need to visit a doctor for low estrogen treatment in menopause?

Yes, you need it if you do not want to worsen your health condition.

🙅 What happens when estrogen levels are low in menopause?

The number of symptoms appears such as decreased libido, weight gain, hot flashes. 

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