Menopause Hormone Levels: Guide 2020

Menopause Hormone Levels: Guide 2020 |

According to statistics, the average age of American menopausal women is 51. Meanwhile, in Europe, ladies may hit even later. But again, everything will solely depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Every woman is controlled by her hormones, estrogens, and progesterone. As long as she is young and can give birth to children, it indicates hormones are in a sufficient amount. But, once she reaches the stage when her ovaries stop producing eggs, hormones fluctuate and then decrease. Here comes the first measurement, a lady should observe and somehow affect menopause hormone levels.

How Does Menopause Affect Hormone Levels?

Menopause is not just about one moment when women do not have a period anymore. During this natural occurrence, there are three main stages. The first one is called perimenopause which lasts approximately 3-5 years. The symptoms of it, are irregular menstruation bleeding, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and psycho-emotional disorders such as irritability, aggression, and even panic. Here the hormone levels start fluctuating.

The second stage is called menopause. It means there are no more periods, and a lady cannot give birth to children. Also, this stage is diagnosed only with a doctor after she was 12 months straight without menstrual bleeding. Here the levels are decreased. And, the symptoms are the same, however, a woman can also experience memory problems, and decreased libido.

Finally, the last stage is the postmenopause. And, it lasts for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, all the stages are critical for ladies. Because hormone levels during menopause are not stable, and they do not provoke symptoms only but may affect the development of a disease. For instance, nodes and polyps can occur in the uterus, benign fibroids in malignancies, and also, hormone levels in menopause may bring some discomfort in your intimate zone, such as vaginism.

Sexual life becomes unpleasant due to vaginal dryness. And, finally, the pressure that may also fluctuate can easily trigger strokes and heart attacks because all that was previously controlled by estrogens. So, menopause hormone levels chart should be overviewed together with gynecologists and dedicated experts. They know how to prevent the occurrence of the below-mentioned side effects. And, any lady will live comfortably and healthily again.

How to Control Menopause Hormone Levels?

Menopause Hormone Level

In fact, there is no one magic pill that can control hormone levels in menopause. But, there is an efficient therapy that can eliminate most of these symptoms. Have you ever noticed that West women are more active at this age? They take hormone replacement therapy and live longer. The designated preparations contain estrogens and progesterone needed in our body in a small amount. So, hormone levels after menopause or during it will be stable, and women can feel comfortable.

Keep in mind, there is one myth around this therapy aimed to affect hormone levels in menopause, that a woman will get fat from these hormones. It is completely untrue. A woman is gaining weight only because of a lack of estrogens that once were normal. Without them, fat accumulates. 

Accordingly, hormone therapy will help you to avoid such things, and menopause and hormone levels care will keep you fit. Moreover, doctors are trained enough to determine the right strength and dosages of a hormonal treatment so that a woman does not even notice any ailments or negative consequences. If you have a chance to undergo it, use this option because as of now it is the most efficient solution invented by dedicated experts for moderating and controlling hormone levels in menopause.

Additional Tips on Menopause and Hormone Levels

If you belong to the category of women who like to prepare in advance, and take care of health to provide comfortable living even in the 60’s’ and 70’s’, you might find helpful the next tips on controlling the levels. Note, these are basic recommendations, a previous consultation with a doctor is a must. 

  • Take vitamins. Calcium and Vitamin D will save your bones from injuries. Whenever hormone levels during menopause start fluctuating, the overall health deteriorates, and there is a big risk of breaking a bone. So, vitamins and menopause supplements will give another support;
  • Medical examinations. Some women think that if there is no menstruation, so there is no point to go to the gynecologist. On the contrary, your visits should become regular. With age, ladies are more predisposed to diseases. So, for example, they can find out about the development of malignant tumors and save precious time on treatment. Note, hormone levels in menopause changes are normal but they may lead to negative consequences;
  • Exercise. No need to go crazy over the gym or CrossFit for weight loss. Aerobics and swimming can become your best friends whenever hormone levels after menopause provoke hot flashes or sleep disturbances. Once you spent an hour on swimming, there are fewer chances your body will not be able to fall asleep;
  • Spend time on your own. Sometimes, such prophylactics of menopause hormone levels change allows you to avoid conflicts. Especially, when you tend to be aggressive. Go to the forest or lay on the grass in the park, be on your own;
  • Beware of osteoporosis. This is a common disease during the climax. Ladies may lack calcium, and after that, this silent killer will lead to fatal consequences;
  • Eat dairy food. Such products whenever you experience menopause hormone levels getting worse help to enrich your body with necessary elements. As a result, there is less risk of dying from thromboembolic complications;

Finally, remember that the climax is also called the second youth of women, so any manifestations of menopause hormone levels in women can also bring positive changes. It does not obligatorily make you tired all the time, or irritable. Once your gynecologist is aware of all the symptoms, she directs the treatment, and you with the help of simple natural remedies can forget about being old or passive. Enjoy your life, forget about stress, and spend some qualitative time on communications and guilty pleasures that you have been postponing all the previous years.


📉 What hormone levels drop during menopause?

During menopause, reduced reproductive hormone level – Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH).

📌 Which do FSH levels indicate menopause?

FSH level In menopausal women:
Follicular: 3.9-8.8 IU/L
Midcycle: 4.5-22.5 IU/L
Luteal: 1.8-5.1 IU/L

📊 Can you have hormone imbalance after menopause?

Yes, the hormonal imbalance of menopause can be due to estrogen levels drop. This causes problems with sleep, hot flashes, and other symptoms of menopause. If symptoms of hormonal imbalance occur, consult a doctor.

📍 What is the normal range of estrogen levels?

For menopausal women, normal levels should be lower than 10 pg/mL.

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Menopause Hormone Levels: Guide 2020
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