In Detail About The Main Stages of Menopause

In Detail About The Main Stages of Menopause |

Are you 40-55 years old? Probably soon or you already face the symptoms of menopause. As far as this is a completely natural process in all women, the most important thing is to not be shy or upset. Of course, if speaking of its signs or effect, they are imbalanced mental conditions, in particular, stress and depression. Then, they are negative beauty consequences that involve thinning hair, dry skin. And, it means you cannot have babies anymore. Let’s learn what are the stages of menopause and how they show themselves.

Level 1: Early Stages of Menopause

It all starts with perimenopause that deals with small periods, delays or even their regular absence. This stage predetermines your ovaries to finish making sufficient estrogen and eggs. So, it is a kind of preparation. The climax may start in the early ’40s but there are also but very fewer events when a woman has it below 30. It is because some diseases or health conditions affect their early occurrence. The beginning menopause stages can be only diagnosed by the doctor. Because it is common practice when similar symptoms may be the results of completely other ailments. Make sure to visit your gynecologist a few times per year. 

Averagely, the first stages of menopause last 4 years until there are no more eggs in ovaries. According to other studies, some women may also have it only for a few months or even 10 years. When a doctor sees that you did not have your periods for exactly 12 months, you move to the second stage. 

Early stages of menopause should not provoke fear or disappointment in women. And, it is worth enjoying the benefits, for example, no more painful, uncomfortable menstruation every month. Beware, sometimes doctors say that all the symptoms are just indicators of how healthy your body is. So, if you only read this article for your information, and you are below 30, you still have some time to prepare your organism and health. If you do not smoke and do many exercises, consequences when reaching the early stage of symptoms such as hot flashes and skin dryness can be avoided or reduced. 

Another point is that you should be aware of other early stages of menopause. They are lower sex life, sometimes fatigue, vaginal dryness, mood swings. Besides, it is not a rare event when ladies start to have beer bellies. It happens for a fast gain of weight.

Level 2: Other Stages of Menopause

After the perimenopause, comes the climax, which is the second stage and it is a kind of meridian that divides women’s life into two parts. Accordingly, it is the shortest one because it lasts only for 12 months and the countdown starts from the last periods. The most visible change inside female bodies who reached this stage is a reduction of FSH. 

The same as the beginning menopause stages symptoms have the manifestation of hot flashes, dryness of skin, and mood changes, it is necessary to learn how to manage climax signs. So, when you reached it, try to not skip exercising, drink lots of water, learn Kegel exercises, and try to reduce smoking. Unfortunately, women’s nature and beauty after the ’50s are very picky and merciless. And, any such representatives who feel always 18 years old are at great risk of cancer. Thus, do not even think that the occurrence of menopause means the reduction of risk concerning the illnesses of the reproductive system.

Keep in mind, all 3 stages of menopause lead to one consequence, you are no longer can bear and give birth to kids. But, thanks to modern technologies, think of turning to other methods. It does not mean you should stop dreaming of having the baby. 

Level 3: Last Stages of Menopause

At last, a woman comes to the postmenopausal stage. Now, the reproductive system is fully blocked. It bears both positive and negative consequences. First off, you may again feel energetic. Secondly, you finally get used to the symptoms. On the other side, such menopause stages transition lead to the increased risk of having health problems such as heart diseases, changes in the bladder, and osteoporosis. Thus, consultations with dedicated experts may stabilize your condition and help to live to the fullest. 

Manage The Stages of Menopause Without Hormones

Depending on the menopause stages, doctors may prescribe hormone therapy. But it is not a panacea, and a few helpful tips may deprive you of taking such medications. Whenever you face any types of menopause, do the next:

  • Control cholesterol level, blood pressure;
  • Reduce consumption of caffeine;
  • It is very hard to quit smoking especially for heavy smokers, so try at least to reduce the number of cigarettes;
  • Use lubricants. They will help you to enjoy the pleasure instead of suffering because of vaginal dryness;
  • Most of the menopause types of symptoms can be reduced thanks to exercises and yoga;
  • Take vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D and B;
  • Normalize your regimen. 8 hours of sleep are minimum to wake up without being irritated;
  • Normalize your working environment. Try to avoid stressful situations, and if they are, think of distracting;
  • Sexual life should be with one partner;
  • Follow low-calories diets. Menopause can greatly affect your weight. And, losing it will take much time especially in the belly and leg zones;
  • Minimize drinking alcohol. However, red wine will not harm if you drink it smartly. 

Finally, remember that there is no complete treatment of any type of menopause. Women can only affect the symptoms and learn to live with this occurrence. Regular medical examinations will allow you to undergo only necessary procedures. So, forget about turning for advice online. 
Moreover, common stages and ages of menopause may catch you at any time for many reasons. So, if you raise girls in your family, emphasize the importance of consulting gynecologists to prevent gynecological diseases. And, explain how it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle because then they will have a minimum of symptoms that are inherent to different types of menopause and its stages.

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In Detail About The Main Stages of Menopause
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Early Stages of Menopause

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