5 Important Facts: What Happens During Menopause?

5 Important Facts: What Happens During Menopause? | MenopauseCoach.com

What happens during menopause? It is hard to explain everything a woman may undergo once she is diagnosed with this health condition. There are many common symptoms, changes, side effects, and manifestations, however, they differ in women. One woman may experience all of the symptoms, while her girlfriend who is also into menopause may have zero signs. Here, we have discovered the top 5 important facts of what happens during menopause you should be aware of. Once, you understand they are not present in your health but there are other signs, address them as well with your doctor.

What Happens During Menopause At the Beginning?

The first fact

Menopause typically occurs when a woman reaches her 40 or 50, it differs. Some women may hit this stage even early in 35 but it is connected to genetic predisposition or surgical intervention. Otherwise, the onset of menopause may be linked to excessive smoking. Yes, you could probably hear that smoking is very dangerous regarding the lungs’ health, throat among others but it may also provoke hot flashes, night sweats as well as weight gain when you are in menopause.

The second fact

Menopause occurs because your estrogen and progesterone levels are fluctuating and radically dropped which leads to the dying-off of ovaries functions. Accordingly, a woman can no longer become pregnant and have childbearing potential. Strange it may sound but the last chance to have kids is during the perimenopause stage. 

So, what happens during menopause at the beginning? – Your menstrual cycle is ceased, no chances for bearing children, the occurrence of hot flashes, mental changes, the weight gain among others.

What Happens During Menopause When a Women in the Middle Stage?

By the middle stage, we mean that a woman has been already diagnosed with menopause a time ago and expects the final stage – postmenopause. It does not differ much from the onset for the exception of individual changes in a woman. A woman may greatly struggle with the weight gain, menopause belly, irritability, low energy. These symptoms may be promptly affected by Hormone-Replacement Therapy, following a healthy lifestyle and moderate exercises.

What Happens During Menopause When a Women Is In the Last Stage?

The last stage is the postmenopause. It means that a women for one year did not have any menstrual bleeding. She continues to experience the symptoms for years and basically lives without any major changes except for the aging process. She may have grey hair, sagged skin, impaired concentration, thinking, motion skills among others.

The third fact

During postmenopause, women may be at great risk of cancer. It concerns breast cancer the most. Women tend to think that postmenopause means that there is no more need in attending the gynecologists or other dedicated experts if the health is pretty fine. No, you should continue undergoing screening to avoid illnesses. Cancer which is diagnosed in postmenopausal women and late is hard to affect. So, the early you turn to the doctor, the early you may start the treatment

Beauty Changes With Your Skin and Body

It is a painful topic for all the ladies, as they do not want to lose their beauty and be no longer attractive to their partners, for example. 

The fourth fact

Menopause is first to affect your skin condition, as the body stops producing enough collagen. Also, there is less fat under your skin, so the elasticity drops. It all results in skin dryness, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines. Especially, it concerns the neck area, cheeks, and belly which may be exposed to stretch marks.

The fifth fact

Your body is less shaped, you may notice how buttocks lose the form, and your knees have sagging skin. Then, your breasts are most likely to lose the fullness. In some cases, a woman may lose their shape to the extreme. Finally, your body loses bone mass. You start experiencing pain in your legs, arms as well as just in posture. Estrogen and progesterone which have been previously responsible for the prevention of osteoporosis are no longer produced in sufficient amounts, so you are most likely to get an injury.

Can You Do Something With Your Health to Prevent the Menopause Symptoms?

What happens during menopause – that stays during menopause and further on. Still, there is one but only. It does not mean you cannot relieve some changes and prevent the more serious impact of menopause. Here are some tips:

  • Speak to the doctor about undergoing Hormone-Replacement Therapy. It will allow you to replace some hormones and at least boost your mood, accelerate fat-burning processes as well as provide your skin with collagen.
  • Move. Do not follow a sedentary lifestyle, as your bone mass will lose its power and you will quickly develop osteoporosis. If qualified, you may take some supplements rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that will support your body in full.
  • Use creams. You may find many beauty products rich in collagen, or other agents designated for menopausal care. Try to apply them as much as possible, especially on the neck, arms. If you have varicosity, buy the creams for this medical condition. Many menopausal women may remain fit in their legs however it does not mean they won’t see the venous network.

Finally, do not forget about eating properly. Cut down the number of sweets that will only contribute to menopause belly, refill yourself with greens and fruits aimed to provide you with calcium and vitamins B, D, C, and drink a lot of water that will help to avoid dehydration and then headaches.

So, What Happens During Menopause – Can Be Changed?

Menopause is not something that can be changed but only affected by pharmacology and lifestyle. You may avoid symptoms by taking care of your health and quitting smoking but other changes such as menstrual cessation and childbearing potential are no longer treatable. Address all your bothering manifestations of menopause, symptoms with your doctor, and decide together on the best treatment protocol. What happens during menopause? – You continue living a full life and enjoying every moment.

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5 Important Facts: What Happens During Menopause?
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