Women’s Secrets: When Does Menopause Start?

Women’s Secrets: When Does Menopause Start? | MenopauseCoach.com

There is probably no or few women who do expect menopause. Even though it is a natural course of life and adulthood, for ladies it seems like a burden or the end of life. Such beliefs greatly deteriorate their wellbeing. The climax has never been an indicator that something is wrong in the body. It is a kind of signal that the female body follows the natural order of things. But, women are still concerned when does menopause start, and how to deal with it.

All the Stages of Climax: When Does Menopause Usually Start?

As a rule, ladies enter the climax gradually, in stages. In about 60-65% of women, the first signs and symptoms occur before 45 years. This stage is called perimenopause or menopausal transition. Accordingly, symptoms connected with this stage usually last for seven years. So, the average age to start menopause is 45. This period is associated with the beginning of irregular periods that finish with their full termination. So, the climax is 12 months after the last menstruation. 

Then, comes postmenopause. It follows the climax but should occur before the age of 56-69 years. Symptoms inherent to this period are caused by the natural fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. But, all the manifestations of the average age to start menopause will greatly vary in different women. Some may have minor complaints, some suffer from hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, mood changes. 

Menopause Start: First Signs

This natural process is all about ovaries to be depleted and eggs to fail to mature. And, as a result, a woman can no longer conceive, bear, and give birth to a baby. When does the climacteric period start? The answer is when you start experiencing the first symptoms. After your periods are over, there follow a number of consequences that both may positively affect your wellbeing and negatively deteriorate your beauty and health. The most common symptoms of climax are:

  • Irregular periods. Today, most of the women have an irregular cycle that’s why it is necessary to wait for 12 months to declare a climax;
  • Sweats. Especially, during the night;
  • Hot flashes. According to the statistics, more than 50% of women struggle from them. They are caused by a lack of estrogen in the body, so the thermoregulation changes. Most discomfort they bring when your hair and clothes become wet;
  • Decreased libido. In this case, it does not matter what age does he climacteric period start because this symptom is among the first ones that reach women. Because of the cessation of hormone production, her sexual drive eliminates or decreases. However, there are cases when women experience increased libido but such events are very rare; 
  • Vaginal dryness. Also, this dryness causes itching and even infections;
  • Sleep problems or insomnia. Since progesterone level decreases, insomnia occurs. You cannot both fall asleep and wake up in the morning. Frequent wake-ups during the night, and headaches or drowsiness caused by improper sleep;
  • Psychoemotional problems. Here comes the same story as with libido, it does not matter when can the climacteric period as far as this state may appear at any stage. A woman sees the world in the grey colors, she becomes irritable, vulnerable. She always copes with anxiety and fears of getting older. Sometimes, she can experience panic attacks or suffer from depression;
  • Osteoporosis. Once bone density is decreased, bones become brittle. As a result, women have osteoporosis. As a regular recommendation, doctors advise consuming more calcium and vitamin D;
  • Forgetfulness. She can forget basic things such as mobile numbers, names. Such events greatly disappoint and irritate women. So, it is a must to rest and exercise to maintain a sound body and mind. In case, you experience extreme confusion, you must immediately consult a doctor as far as it is not a typical symptom of climax;
  • Beauty changes. What age does menopause start to affect female appearance? Starting from the 40 years. Skin becomes dry and thin because collagen is reduced. The wrinkles are more visible, and the cellulite becomes more aggressive. Hair may turn grey, it falls and cuts. And, nails become brittle. 

Note, all the symptoms vary in women. If you took care in advance of your health and organism, the chance of facing such negative consequences will be minimized.

How Early Can Menopause Start?

If you concern about average start to start menopause, again as per doctors this range may differ. However, the earliest signs may appear in women who are 30 years old. If their ovaries do not produce eggs anymore, they should seek emergency help if they have the intention to give birth. Sometimes, the ovaries may start working again. This happens with the implementation of modern technologies in our medicine. 

The same as with other stages, the symptoms are hot flashes, weight gain, sleep disorders.

When Can Menopause Start? Hints for Taking Care of Your Body

Reduce the consumption of salt, foods high in fat, and red meat. Take vitamins, if needed undergo hormonal therapy. Due to the deficiency of female sex hormones, there is a risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, angina, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia. Your gynecologist will take care of you if you managed to register for consultations on time. Note, if you ask yourself what age does the climacteric period? it is a wrong question. You must ask yourself what symptoms and causes to be aware of. So, when speaking of body care, you will know what areas or parts of your organism require the most attention. For instance, if your mom or grandmother have had excessive weight, make sure your metabolism always under control. 

Go to the gym or exercise outside to fight stress, depression, and to maintain your body fit and weight loss. Always remember, menopause is not a disease and it cannot be treated. But only your responsible attitude may predict at what age does menopause start, how to moderate its symptoms, and how to live to the fullest.

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Women's Secrets: When Does Menopause Start?
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