How to Get Rid of Brain Fog of Menopause?

How to Get Rid of Brain Fog of Menopause? |

The onset of menopause differs in women, the same as the emergence and manifestation of symptoms. Cognitive disorders are becoming more notable in ladies who reach 40’s’ and 50’s’, and who have been officially diagnosed with a climax. And, one of the problems one can come across is menopause brain fog. Ladies seek any help to affect this condition such as therapies and remedies. But, is there any confirmation of the connection of this cognitive state and climax? And, is there any helpful menopause brain fog treatment?

Does Menopause Cause Brain Fog?

Genetically, women who reach a climax experience a wide range of ailments, such as night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, and decreased libido. And, it seems quite normal because they are all of the temporary characters. However, some claim that if a woman becomes forgetful or faces menopause brain fog feeling there is no way back, this state will only aggravate. That’s not true. Over the last decades, many studies were conducted to analyze cognitive dysfunction, and they all range in evidence.

As per studies, it is fully confirmed that around 60% of ladies in their climax have memory issues. The most distinctive manifestation occurs in the perimenopause stage when periods are about to recede. Experts claim that menopause brain fog is caused by hot flashes, sleep disorders, and the problems of the vascular system. So, the successful and safe directions and tactics in treatment will depend on affecting the initial causes or irritants.

Some researches also notice that the menopause and brain fog symptoms are strongly marked in ladies who are about to hit perimenopause. They slowly find it hard to focus on attention, communicating, and remembering basic things. 

What about postmenopause brain fog? There are very fewer reports regarding the connection of postmenopause and this cognitive problem because the older lady becomes, the more symptoms manifest themselves due to the age. So, it is quite hard to detect the real cause. But, the unfocused mind will definitely leave the imprint in the next few years because it will be still accompanied by various symptoms.

Finally, who is guilty of causing cognitive dysfunction? Doctors believe that hormones are parties at fault. Estrogen, progesterone, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), and of course luteinizing can affect this cognitive state in women. During the climax, and all its stages, the level of hormones is always fluctuating, so a body cannot manage to adjust to such imbalances. As a result, a woman experiences hot flashes, the next day excessive sweating, and finally unfocused mind problems. 

How to Treat Menopause Brain Fog?

First off, menopause brain fog treatment can be actually postponed in case there are slight memory problems such as you forget where is your mobile phone, or when was the last time you visited a shop. However, doctors insist on consultations in the events, when cognitive problems only deteriorate and you daily forget basic things that make brain fog and menopause intolerable. 

The basic treatment will start with a medical examination that will allow a specialist to exclude the probability of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The latter problem is serious and requires prompt attention. If they are out of the question, there is no need to worry. 

Usually, the basic menopause brain fog treatment consists of hormonal therapy. A woman should take low doses of estrogen or compounded formula of progesterone and estrogen. This solution will not only affect your mind positively but other symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and somehow decreased libido.

Some ladies are scared of taking hormone therapy because of the risks of putting weight or skin problems. Doctors control such manifestations of climax cognitive dysfunction treatment. So, it is quite safe. However, if you undergo low-term therapy, there is a big risk of development of breast cancer, thyroid problems, and so on. Again, if a woman is under the strict supervision of dedicated experts, there are no issues and no aggravation of mental problems that are sometimes inherent to a climax. 

As usual, unfocused mind like any other signs can be perfectly moderated and prevented. But, how?

Brain Fog During Menopause: Prevention

In fact, there is no 100% guarantee that you can prevent this dysfunction but your lifestyle may affect your overall well-being that will exclude other signs and ailments. Check the next tips:

  • Menopause brain fog natural remedies. There is no magic pill but some natural supplements boost your memory, and you rarely experience cognitive problems. Look for such ingredients in the composition as fish oils, resveratrol, sage, turmeric, Ginkgo Biloba;
  • Balanced Diet. Menopause and brain fog both do not like food rich in fats and cholesterol. Try to eat more veggies, fish, beans, and nuts;
  • Sleep well. Yes, cognitive dysfunction radically affects the quality of sleep, but a woman should do her best to sleep at least 8 hours to feel fresh, active, and restarted, strange it may sound;
  • Exercise. This is a true helper for mental problems. Cardiovascular exercises daily for at least 30 minutes can keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life;
  • Mind Exercises. Of course, there is no need to overthink and read the whole day. But, ladies should spend more time on puzzles, crosswords, and communication with friends or relatives. This menopause brain fog cure can deprive you of facing embarrassment when you forget something, and it won’t feel anymore like the end of the world.

If such preventive measures still lead you to experience worse sings of cognitive problems, it is a must to consult a doctor and undergo an examination on other health issues. Bring your medical history, and ask your mother, or grandmother whether they experienced the same during their climax. Help for menopause brain fog can be found only with forehanded care to your lifestyle, and care to health. Visit gynecologists a few times per year, and be responsible to cut down bad habits that provoke other negative symptoms, and dedicate your spare time to your inner and external beauty.

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How to Get Rid of Brain Fog of Menopause?
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I've never had any memory problems before. In my youth and adulthood, I didn't experience any difficulties. And I thought it would go on "forever." But now, when I more and more often experience brain fog, I am very worried about my state of health and my memory. My work is connected with constant mental load and I understand that if my condition deteriorates, then I will not be able to work at my current job. Thanks for the encouraging predictions.


Emma J. Johnson

Menopause consultant and sex therapist, media personality, author, woman health expert.

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