How to Boost Sex Drive During Menopause?

How to Boost Sex Drive During Menopause? |

Whenever you hit the climax, some changes are inevitable. They concern the effect on beauty, mental state, and health condition. However, one consequence may frustrate not only women but their sexual partners, it is decreased menopause sex drive. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that can fix your desire compared to men who have many ED remedies. But, you may somehow affect this condition and boost menopause sex drive. Let’s speak of the helpful tips that can revitalize your sexual life.

Menopause and Sex Drive

Every woman has her symptoms and consequences when she reaches the climax. For instance, some may face increased libido, some may struggle with its complete absence. As a result, the relationship worsens, and there may be new conflicts. The first symptoms of loss of libido appear with the onset of perimenopause, its level decreases, and ladies can also feel apathetic, and irritable. It is natural, so, no need to write it off as lost. Such events occur because a body drops the level of estrogen and testosterone, which, in turn, leads to vaginal dryness. 

Note, your estrogen level is the one responsible for directing blood supply into the vagina and a reason for the loss of libido. So, when it stops functioning and being produced in a sufficient amount, it all affects vaginal lubrication and thinning of the vagina walls. The latter can lead to vaginal atrophy. As a result, the problem may lay in discomfort that deprives you of qualitative intercourse.

Another possible variant of low sex drive after menopause is the occurrence of hot flashes and sweats. Any time they are supported by the overall tiredness in your body, So, it is not a rare event when you just do not feel to do anything.

Once you start noticing that you do not feel any desire, a series of procedures are defined by the gynecologists. At this stage, it is important to exclude or affect other consequences that can be provoked, such as depression, stress, and continuous sleepiness. Women’s interest in sex after menopause can also depend on the weight gain that simply makes them feel shy to get naked. In this case, your doctor may send you for consultations with an endocrinologist to check your thyroid that takes part in boosting your metabolism, and psychologist that will remove your mental blocks and provoke menopause sexual activity.

How to Increase Sex Drive During Menopause?

If relying on online guides and tips, the most common approaches are to use lubricants. They are helpful but your medical examination with a doctor should exclude any inflammatory processes in your vaginal tissues, otherwise, gels will only deteriorate your condition. The gynecologist will then determine the direction of the treatment. For example, it can be a prescription of OTC remedies or therapies.

Both menopause and libido loss are successfully affected by hormonal therapy. It works by taking estrogen pills that replace the hormones which no longer can perform their function. It is a solution for vaginal dryness and atrophy. But, it may lead to some more side effects such as heart attacks or even breast cancer. Nevertheless, the whole treatment of menopause loss of libido is ongoing under the supervision of dedicated experts, so they precisely monitor any fluctuations in your body. 

Otherwise, doctors may prescribe testosterone therapy that showed the progress in increasing high libido during menopause. If you have only vaginal dryness without any supporting symptoms, some designated creams or vaginal rings may provide you with enough lubrication. 

As for lubricants such as Astroglide, they may help you only in case your libido is affected and you have no sexual desire because of intolerable pain during intercourse. But, be careful some of them, especially the ones you buy on your own risk without asking doctor’s advice may provoke allergy or itching.

Tips for Boosting Menopause Sex Drive

Not the last role plays your mental and psycho-emotional state. You could undergo some severe stress, depression or work-related problems that block any desire to have some intimacy with your partner. The only treatment that can yield the fruits is spending time on the fresh air and on your own. You should distract from routine tasks, and try to not respond to irritants.

Sport Activity

Release your endorphins that will enhance your mood and moreover build your muscles after gaining some weight. One rule for those who hit the climax or are in the perimenopause stage, do not over-exercise. It can provoke bleeding, dizziness, and joint pain. Start with 30 minutes of light exercises. Otherwise, choose swimming, yoga, and combine it all with meditation;

Speak to your partner

You can slightly boost your desire if your partner completely supports you, and knows how to not harm you during the intercourse. Buy lubricants, think of interesting foreplay’s, decorate your room. You both should be in the atmosphere of complete trust and intimacy;

Kegel exercises

Not only the gym can build your muscles. Sex drive during menopause may be influenced because your vaginal walls are not strong, so both of you do not feel much pleasure. These practices are so easy, that only 10 minutes daily can in a month make you feel young inside there;

Do shopping

Try to buy some lingerie that you could never afford because you thought it is too much for you. Find out role-plays and chose special costumes to seduce your partner. Your previous sexual habits should recede into the background. It may help not only to enhance the passage through abnormal sex drive and menopause but to reveal your hidden desires that have been previously tabooed. 

Follow a healthy lifestyle and you will don’t have sexual problems. This recommendation seems a burden but your smoking may greatly affect your libido. It is not about quitting it but reducing the number of cigarettes at least. Then, try to eat more fruits, vegetables, meats if you are not vegetarian. And, make sure your meal regimen is adjusted to the consumption of both carbohydrates and protein. Drink a lot of water. Menopause and sex drive are two things that with age will cause some discomfort but with a forehanded treatment, women can forget about hot flashes, mood swings, irritability.

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How to Boost Sex Drive During Menopause?
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