All Need You Know About Sex After Menopause

Everything You Need to Know About Sex After Menopause

All women experience menopause differently, and based on that they may or may not deal with changes in their sexual life. Due to the low amount of estrogen during menopause, most women may experience a decreased libido or sex drive. Small estrogen levels can also result in a decreased blood flow to the vagina which can make sex less enjoyable and painful for some. 

However, not women report adverse changes in sexual function following menopause. For instance, some women may find that sex is more pleasant without fear of an unwanted pregnancy or the possible stress of having young children.

Possible Postmenopausal Sexual Problems

A lot of women have to deal with vulvovaginal atrophy after menopause. This is a disorder that makes vaginal tissues become dry, thin, and less elastic.

When you experience vaginal dryness, sexual activities involving vaginal penetration can be painful. It may also cause scratching, bleeding, and increase the risk of infection.

Women frequently experience lower libido due to fear of pain around menopause sex. As a result, many women avoid sex completely during this transitional period, even though, sex is known to be a great mood booster.

But do women enjoy sex after menopause? To get the right answer to this question, we first need to understand how sex drive works.

Menopause And Sexual Desire

Menopause affects sex drive of every woman differently. Some enjoy it, because of the current hormone balance and because they don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant. However, the majority of women are afraid of sex after menopause. It’s not really surprising, considering that the low amount of estrogen can lead to painful sex after menopause. You don’t only feel yourself uncomfortable, but your partner does too, because he feels like he’s hurting you whenever you two have sex. In addition, it can affect the erection of the partner.

The good thing is that you can boost your libido and get rid of most menopausal symptoms with the right treatment. Remember that menopause is nothing more than a phase of life. Everything is perfectly fine with your body and there is no reason to worry. All you have to do is accept it and move on. 

Sex After Menopause Tips

  • Talk to your partner. This is one the very first things you need to do. He needs to understand how you feel about your condition.
  • Try something new. You could play some sexy role-playing game, read an erotic fantasy book, or do anything that will turn you on.
  • Increase foreplay. This could be sensual massage or oral sex. As a result, you will not feel yourself more comfortable, but will also get along better with your partner.
  • Distract from everything. Simply relax and stop stressing out. You can do so by playing games, watching films, listening to music, going out, etc.
  • Be positive about it. Quit worrying about menopause and focus on how it can teach you and your partner new ways to enjoy and help each other.

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