All Need You Know About Sex After Menopause

All Need You Know About Sex After Menopause |

Once you reach menopause, many problems may occur. However, it is a common belief that this health condition predetermines the whole deterioration of well-being. With advanced technologies and forehanded care, a woman can avoid negative symptoms, and live her life to the fullest. The same concerns sex after menopause. Does it still bring much pleasure after you are in your 40’s’ and 50’s’?

How Does Menopause Affect One Sexual Life?

Whenever a climax hits you, the irreversible changes start in the body. In particular, it concerns the hormone fluctuations. The loss of functionality of estrogen and testosterone drastically influences sex during menopause. First off, ladies find it difficult to enjoy foreplays. There is less sensitivity to touches and decreased sexual libido in general. Such manifestations are very dangerous because she can lose the whole interest in sex, so it will lead to the deterioration of a relationship with a spouse.

Besides, sex after menopause can be affected due to the drop in blood supply to organs, and of course, vagina. This sign leads to a complete or partial vaginal dryness. As a result, a woman does not feel comfortable and may acquire painful sensations because of wounds. So, lubrication is a must but doesn’t use any mass-market oils or creams they can provoke allergy. With professional care, menopause sex will be at least pleasant without distracting factors. 

Other issues that can impact painful sex after menopause are:

  • Sleep disturbances. If you do not receive sufficient sleep, you cannot fully concentrate on sexual activity. Thus, no comfort, pleasure or satisfaction;
  • Stress. The same as sleeping disorders, your stress can destroy your libido;
  • Medications. Note, some drugs and health supplements can have a side effect of decreased sex drive. But, beware, they cannot directly provoke painful sex during menopause.
  • Other illnesses. Sometimes, a bad health condition in terms of sex can be connected with the presence of other illnesses, especially cancers. Regular checkups can protect you from experiencing serious issues.

Women should remember that any negative manifestations are alerts for them to visit a gynecologist or undergo medical examinations. 

Everything You Need to Know About Sex After Menopause

All women experience menopause differently and based on that they may or may not deal with changes in their sexual life. Due to the low amount of estrogen during menopause, most women may experience a decreased libido or sex drive. Small estrogen levels can also result in a decreased blood flow to the vagina which can make sex less enjoyable and painful for some. 

However, not women report adverse changes in sexual function following menopause. For instance, some women may find that sex is more pleasant without fear of an unwanted pregnancy or the possible stress of having young children.

Possible Postmenopausal Sexual Problems

A lot of women have to deal with vulvovaginal atrophy after menopause. This is a disorder that makes vaginal tissues become dry, thin, and less elastic.

When you experience vaginal dryness, sexual activities involving vaginal penetration can be painful. It may also cause scratching, bleeding, and increase the risk of infection.

Women frequently experience lower libido due to fear of pain around menopause sex. As a result, many women avoid sex completely during this transitional period, even though, sex is known to be a great mood booster.

But do women enjoy sex after menopause? To get the right answer to this question, we first need to understand how sex drive works.

Menopause And Sexual Desire

Menopause affects the sex drive of every woman differently. Some enjoy it, because of the current hormone balance and because they don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant. However, the majority of women are afraid of sex after menopause. It’s not really surprising, considering that the low amount of estrogen can lead to painful sex. You don’t only feel uncomfortable, but your partner does too because he feels like he’s hurting you whenever you two have sex. In addition, it can affect the erection of the partner.

The good thing is that you can boost your libido and get rid of most menopausal symptoms with the right treatment. Remember that menopause is nothing more than a phase of life. Everything is perfectly fine with your body and there is no reason to worry. All you have to do is accept it and move on. 

Do Women Enjoy Sex After Menopause?

The first and main mistake a woman does when dealing with menopause and painful sex is to adjust to not getting pleasure, and leave it like this. One thinks if menopause comes, it is done and decreased libido will be present forever. Today, many doctors’ approaches can treat this condition or at least affect dryness. Besides, you can follow the next sex after menopause tips:

  • Lubricants. Do never use oil or petroleum-based lubricants such as Vaseline because their bodies are sticky, and may leave stains on your clothes or bed sheets. It is better to go for water-based oils. Otherwise, coconut/olive oils can be a perfect alternative to provide you with enough comfort.
  • Sex drive. Do not start sexual activity only because it is a marital duty or whatsoever. You should feel to do it, and a mutual understanding between you and your partner will provide satisfaction.
  • Intimate atmosphere. Sometimes a routine in sex life is caused because of boring foreplays. Change the atmosphere, buy new lingerie, do everything to see yourself in another light, seductive one. 
  • Visit psychologist. Another problem is your mental blocks. A consultation with a specialist can reveal your secrets and fears and help to destroy anything influencing your sexual life.
  • Avoid stress. Of course, it may sound very easy but work, argues in families, and factors beyond your control can impact your sex. If you can quit the boring jobs, then try to spend time on your own. It should at least change your inner world.

Finally, menopause and sex are both cases that should never bring pain to your life. As of now, the online market distributes many health supplements for women that can balance the level of hormones. Then, they are aimed to reduce the impact of decreased libido, eliminate hot flashes, sleep disorders, night sweats, cold chills. However, it is very crucial to consult a doctor to avoid experiencing side effects.

Besides, another cause is men’s inability to provide a woman with sufficient satisfaction. For such purposes, communication is a must to discuss the issues. Otherwise, you both can turn to the help of sexual remedies. Viagra, Levitra, and other remedies are easy-accessible for people even without any prescription.

So, all it all, do not write it off as lost, sex after menopause is most commonly connected with hormone levels. If needed, undergo hormone therapy, take medications prescribed by a gynecologist, follow a healthy lifestyle and quit bad habits. If your pain only raises and is supported with additional symptoms such as temperature or excessive sweats, your body alerts you about other ongoing illnesses. Take care of your women’s health, and you can prevent many problems. 

5 Proven Tips for Enjoy Your Sex Life

  1. Talk to your partner. This is one of the very first things you need to do. He needs to understand how you feel about your condition.
  2. Try something new. You could play some sexy role-playing game, read an erotic fantasy book, or do anything that will turn you on.
  3. Increase foreplay. This could be a sensual massage or oral sex. As a result, you will not feel more comfortable, but will also get along better with your partner.
  4. Distract from everything. Simply relax and stop stressing out. You can do so by playing games, watching films, listening to music, going out, etc.
  5. Be positive about it. Quit worrying about menopause and focus on how it can teach you and your partner new ways to enjoy and help each other.


Does sexual desire disappear during menopause?

With age, in women, estrogen levels decrease more than testosterone levels. Namely, testosterone is responsible for sexual activity. And it does not disappear anywhere and does not fall during menopause. So, the desire does not disappear.

Is it worth using contraceptives during menopause?

If menstruation still comes, albeit irregularly, it is better to protect yourself, since there are risks of an unwanted pregnancy. The most suitable method of contraception should be used, taking into account all the health characteristics of a particular woman.

Does sex during menopause improve a woman’s health?

Menopause is not a hindrance to having sex. Doctors agreed: the best remedy for menopause is regular sex life. Sex has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, as well as on the psychological state of a woman. Even if there are unpleasant symptoms during menopause, you still should not give up sexual life, it will negatively affect libido.

Does the ability to experience an orgasm disappear after menopause?

Since in women with the onset of menopause, the level of androgens decreases, this affects the amount of lubricant. Therefore, stimulation takes more time than at a young age. But, the ability to orgasm with age does not decrease. Even at 85, a woman can experience an orgasm.

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All Need You Know About Sex After Menopause
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I had concerns about having sex after 50. But as it turned out, everything is not so bad. The main thing is not to hush up the problems that appear. Talk openly with your sex partner and always consult a specialist on time.


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