How to Deal with Memory Impairment with Menopause?

How to Deal with Memory Impairment with Menopause? |

Menopause and memory loss are two common manifestations of women nature after 45-50 years. And, most important they are both a normal occurrence. If you are just in your perimenopause stage, there should be many concerns when you forget somethings. And, no need to panic, this sign bears only a temporary effect. Let’s find out does menopause cause memory loss? And, speaking of the possible ways to affect or prevent this condition.

Can Menopause Cause Memory Loss?

Once a woman advances in years, it is natural that her ovaries stop performing to the fullest like before. Over time, their functionality will be exhausted, and she will no longer have a chance to bear a kid. At the same time, the female body responds to such events by minimizing the production of estrogen. In fact, it is no more a necessary hormone as far as its primary function is created for reproduction. Note, such processes do not take place immediately. For instance, during the perimenopause estrogen may increase and decrease from time to time. And, starting from this stage, a woman experiences the first symptoms, like menopause memory loss.

Frankly speaking, it is very hard to claim all the time that memory loss and menopause are connected. Because it is hard to rely only on women’s perceptions of such a symptom. Besides, a climax comes usually after 45, so it is pretty normal that memory impairment can be mistaken with an age manifestation. 

However, some studies on menopause and memory loss prove such facts that during perimenopause women cannot learn much because of memory impairment but its ability returns after menopause.

Menopause and Memory Loss Symptoms

If a woman has been officially diagnosed with menopause, she might experience a wide range of symptoms. However, the signs when she is only supposed to have a memory loss before reaching the climax can be an indicator of other problems and diseases. Note, a consultation with a doctor is a must at all times. As for the memory problem symptoms, they are: 

  • Misplacement of things that a woman regularly knows where to place at;
  • Asking the same questions;
  • Taking longer to perform usual tasks;
  • Forgetting of the common words, phrases, names;
  • Getting lost in familiar areas.

Besides, menopause and memory loss symptoms may involve a mix of the words, overthinking to remember a thing. Keep in mind, such manifestations are temporary.

Menopause and Memory Loss: What Can You Do?

The first possible solution ladies seek to have at hand is menopause memory loss supplement. Check for Omega 3 fatty acid, Huperzine A, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Vitamin E. These ingredients are the ones responsible for returning the power of your mind and revitalizing menopause memory loss. However, it is forbidden to prescribe the medications without consulting a doctor. Usually, women read online the names of drugs and buy them. As a result, there may be some contraindications written on the instructions, and she just has an allergy to other ingredients in the composition. Only a doctor can approve medications. 

Finally, you can always choose herbal treatment, in particular, Chinese teas over supplements.

Regarding other solutions to affect or prevent memory impairment, let’s outline the next tips:

  • Sleep well. Some experts say that 8 hours of sleeping is healthy. However, women are different, so look for your golden mean but make sure you sleep more than 6 hours;
  • Reduce caffeine both in coffee, tea, and energetic drinks. Menopause and memory loss are both affected, especially if a caffeine dosage exceeds the recommended one, up to 400 mg per day is a limit;
  • Go for yoga or meditation. It will restart your mind, and eliminate the stress that may somehow influence the memory problems;
  • Quit or minimize alcohol, smoking. Regarding the two first bad habits, they can be both minimized first. For example, one glass of red wine is more than enough per day. And, cigarettes are better to cut down twice. Note, if you quit them, it will be not be considered an efficient menopause and memory loss cure but a way to boost health level, and reduce the impact of other symptoms of climax such as hot flashes and sleep problems;
  • Eat right. No diets that eliminate the consumption of fruits and vegetables. If possible, eat everyday nuts that are believed to boost the memory. Limit only the foods rich in saturated fats and trans fats;
  • Exercise. Memory loss during menopause will be accompanied by excess weight if you lay all day and do nothing. Go for aerobics;
  • Exercise your brain. Yes, the active work of your brain will stimulate memory, and you will be restarted. For instance, memory loss after menopause can be treated with crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, word games, quizzes, and so on;
  • Spend time on your own. Yes, communication may seem a real solution to improving your memory. However, you should not forget about qualitative time with yourself only. Walking and swimming will be the best friends for you to think about your life or goals. After that, when you clearly understand that there is a problem that should be addressed to a specialist, you are fresh to fight this problem.

At last but not least, if possible ask a doctor to undergo medical examinations typical for memory problems or exact impairment, or advanced diagnostics in order to exclude the possibility of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Note, the last two problems will be more serious than any of your climax manifestations.

Now, is memory loss a symptom of menopause? After crowning the clinical picture of memory loss, recommendations, and tips, it is possible to say that it is a slightly confirmed symptom of menopause. Nevertheless, it is very common in women but bears a temporary character. So, whenever you have time to consult a doctor, address him all the concerns about your menopause memory loss, and he will be able to choose the right direction in the treatment for you to live with a climax decently.

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How to Deal with Memory Impairment with Menopause?
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