10 Tips to Combat Fatigue at Menopause

10 Tips to Combat Fatigue at Menopause | MenopauseCoach.com

Many doctors, in particular, gynecologists truly believe that a woman’s age is determined by the ovaries and their functionality. When she can give birth to children, she is young. However, many modern ladies find it offensive and claim that is no more their primary function. For them, the climax is nothing but a cascade of pathological changes in bodies that help them to reach another stage in their life. At the same time, these changes may greatly affect the wellbeing and worsen the health. One of the symptoms is menopause fatigue. Are there any chances to fight it?

Menopause Causes and Symptoms

Nature predetermines the number of eggs in the female body. So, one day they may run out as anything in this life. Each month one of the eggs leaves the body, and the childbearing function comes to its extinction. Usually, it happens between the ages of 45-55 years. Approximately 1% of women can no longer conceive and give birth to a baby before 40, which is caused by early menopause. It happens for many reasons such as hereditary matters, surgical operations that affected the reproductive system, thyroid illness, and intake of particular medications. However, it is not a surprise why young ladies already cope with such early menopause. They smoke a lot, sleepless, face stress, and even undergo intentional starvation. And, one of the dangerous symptoms is also fatigue in menopause. 

Other signs that should alert a lady to consult a gynecologist are hot flashes, thinning hair, decreased libido, bleeding. The last case requires prompt attention because it can be an indicator of much worse health condition and even cancer.

Does Menopause Cause Fatigue?

During the climax, many women can experience various stressful situations that in turn lead to depression and fatigue attacks. Most commonly, women feel tired and weak for no reason, and such conditions may provoke irritation or complete apathy. For instance, you can wake up after sleeping for 10 hours, and feel to do nothing. This all happens because of the change in hormone level. Estrogen and progesterone are reduced, so there are no more strong hormones to regulate cellular energy in the body, and here comes fatigue and menopause. Unfortunately, it can be also dangerous, because whenever you are outside, you lack some concentration. So, driving is better to leave for later, especially at night. 

Other signs are memory lapses. Menopause fatigue causes forgetfulness and sometimes it looks very ridiculous. Because you forget the things you used to know inside out about. And, of course, the final and the most frustrating symptom is a lack of zest for life. Here come the problems at work, at studying, at communicating with others. Nevertheless, do not think to write it off as lost, menopause and fatigue are possible to moderate and affect. 

How Long Does Menopause Fatigue Last?

There is no exact answer, because any woman is individual, and her menopause occurrence may vary. Somehow, some may have short intervals of fatigue that last irregularly for 30 minutes or one hour. Some wake up with it and should cope with its symptoms and consequences for a month. Doctors may prescribe individual menopause fatigue treatment including hormone therapy and intake of particular medications. But, you can also affect this condition by following basic rituals that will minimize or eliminate the symptoms.

Tips to Follow in Menopause and Fatigue

Together with such efficient menopause fatigue remedies and supplements as Armodafinil, Flaxseeds, and Wild Yam, follow the next tips:

  1. Forget about over-exercising. Choose swimming, riding a bicycle, or fast walking. All the activities should be mild otherwise, you will be too much exhausted. Take a dog and stroll daily for 30 minutes. It will refresh you, prepare for a night sleep, and give some energy for your work;
  2. Cut down the consumption of caffeine. Coffee and energy drinks do not only revitalize you but negatively affect the heart rate and may cause fatigue and heart problems. However, if you need to drink it for work, or other purposes, never go over one can;
  3. Take a nap. One of the efficient ways to combat crashing menopause fatigue is to take a nap during the day but only for 30 minutes;
  4. Meditation. If you do not want to sleep, meditation can replace a nap perfectly. Learn Asian practices, and find peace by being on your own. Keep in mind, be very careful with aromatized candles because some may cause headache;
  5. Drink herbal teas. Chamomile and jasmine will be the ideal helpers to relax and distract from your menopause fatigue;
  6. Do not listen to music. The only acceptable option is the classic one but it should not be rapid. This method varies in women but if you get used to listening to it very loudly, your fatigue can lead to dizziness;
  7. Reduce smoking. Of course, it is very hard to quit this habit once and forever, so at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Your head and health will be very grateful;
  8. Distract. Try to talk about something engaging with your beloved ones. Some women claim it helps to distract from the fatigue and it disappears faster. Or, why do not you watch your favorite movie?
  9. Follow the weather. Avoid places with excessive heat. Fatigue menopause hates such an environment, and you can be completely out of any task for the day. You will only want to sleep the whole week long. Also, if you use public transport, and suddenly start to lack the air, always leave it, you may lose consciousness;
  10. Do yoga. For fatigue and menopause, its exercises may bring more energy to your life, and you will keep your mind and body fit.

At last, remember a previous consultation with your doctor, or gynecologist is a must. Some women like to read comments online and follow non-professional advice. The scariest thing is to rely on someone’s recommendation about drugs. Do not risk your health. Some supplements may be prohibited for your intake or intolerable by your organism. If you are scared of passing hormonal therapy, ask about alternative options or holistic treatments. Menopause and fatigue are not enemies if you know inside out about their combatting and moderating.

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10 Tips to Combat Fatigue at Menopause
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by Karen on MenopauseCoach.com
Get rid of fatigue

Good afternoon! Good advice, I tried to reduce the amount of coffee and also tried meditation, which clearly helped me to get rid of fatigue. I used to lead an active lifestyle, so I will try to follow your advice and forget about over-exercising. Thanks!


Emma J. Johnson

Menopause consultant and sex therapist, media personality, author, woman health expert.

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