Sex After 50: 3 Secrets to Enjoy

Sex After 50: 3 Secrets to Enjoy |

Very often, menopause is perceived not only as of the end of the reproductive function of the body but also as the ending intimate life as such. Needless to say, such associations do not have any reasonable justification, moreover, sex life after 50 is very important and significant. Another question is that, sometimes, this period brings with it a series of trials that can negatively affect this personal sphere of life. In order to feel the pleasure of sex after 50, you should know only three secrets. So, what women in menopause should pay attention to, they will find out a little later but to begin with, you need to figure out why sex after 50 loses its former pleasure and “fervor”.

Physiological Causes of Problems In Sex After 50

The onset of the climacteric is associated with large-scale changes in the female body. Its manifestations do not bypass also the innermost side of the life of a woman. Very often, a female suddenly begins to notice that her sex drive after 50 noticeably decreased, and the sex itself rarely ends with an orgasm. 

As a rule, there are several physiological causes of malfunctions in sex after 50 for females:

  • Hormonal adjustment. Estrogens are responsible for many processes in the body, and especially for stimulation of reproductive activity. They increase sexual desire, as a kind of internal stimulant for reproduction, because the birth of children is the natural biological meaning of intimate life. With a decrease in the level of these hormones often decreases also libido, a woman simply does not want to have sex.
  • Deterioration of physical fitness and lack of energy. Unfortunately, the lack of female hormones does not affect only in the intimate sphere, but also on the activities of other organs and systems. In particular, muscle tone, condition of joints, the work of the heart, and blood vessels. Menopause sometimes proceeds very aggressively, bringing physical ailments, and themselves thoughts of sex after age 50 become unpleasant;
  • Pain and discomfort. Often sexual intercourse brings real physical suffering. The fact is that lowering the level of estrogen causes atrophic changes in the mucous membranes, in addition, the secretory function of the genital organs significantly reduced. Hence the feeling of dryness, burning, and, as a result, pain during intercourse. It is not surprising that climacteric orgasm becomes a rare occurrence, and the intimacy itself turns into a painful necessity, which naturally affects its quality.

Psychological Causes of Issues In Sex After 50

Women’s sex drive after 50 also suffers from psychological reasons:

  • A decrease in hormonal function provokes a more intense manifestation of age-related changes in appearance. Losing a sense of her attractiveness, a woman loses her self-confidence, begins to be ashamed of her body, and avoid a partner. As a result, women’s sex after 50 loses its brightness and piquancy.
  • Very often, the depth of sensation during menopause sex worsens due to the negative impact that climacteric syndrome has on the activity of the nervous system. The neurosis-like states that the climax is famous for do not allow you to relax and enjoy, and in severe cases, any interest in intimacy is completely lost due to menopausal depression.

3 Secrets To Enjoy Sex After 50 Again

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the problems that a woman in menopause encounters while having sex after 50, it became clear to you why getting past pleasure has become increasingly difficult. But, do not despair, so that intimate life “played with its former colors,” you only need to listen to three simple tips. So, in order for sex after 50 to be as violent and unrestrained again as before, you need to pay attention to:

  • Preparations with phytoestrogens;
  • Lubricants;
  • Kegel exercises.

Medications With Phytoestrogens

People have long known that Mother Nature is the best doctor and in her bins, you can find everything you need. This also applies to women in menopause. Indeed, not all females can resort to HRT, as it is known, it has a rather large list of contraindications and side effects. And natural phytoestrogens, which are extracted from beneficial herbs, on the contrary, have extremely rare side effects. These compounds do not replace hormones but they help the female body to establish its own production. If you wish, you can find many such drugs, but why expose your body to undue danger? It is better to take drugs that are approved by the FDA and have proven themselves, such are DrFormulas Menopause Supplements and MenoEase360. They will help cope with the physiological and psychological problems in sex after 50 described above and regain the joy of sex.


Lubes can give your sex after 50, which is called a “second wind”. As already has been mentioned above, due to physiological changes through which the female body passes in the climacteric, during sexual contact, the female secretes much less lubrication. This significantly reduces the quality of sex after 50 years of age. The woman feels pain, burning, and wants to end these “tortures” as soon as possible. To have the best sex after 50, it’s enough to help the female body a little and apply a little lubrication. A great many types of lubes are presented in the modern pharmaceutical market, you just have to make a choice and go!

Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises

Another possible method of influencing the improvement of the quality of sex after 50 years is specific intimate gymnastics (Kegel exercises). Its action is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, the result of which, in particular, is an increase in the frequency and brightness of the orgasm. These exercises are not difficult to do, the only thing required for an excellent result is their systematic implementation.

The atmosphere accompanying intimacy is also important. The absence of rush, creation of an appropriate environment using romantic paraphernalia, preliminary caresses – all this will help to tune in the right way, to escape from the vain worries of everyday life and completely dissolve into each other. 

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Sex After 50: 3 Secrets to Enjoy
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by Evelyn White on

Sex after 50 exists and is not even much worse than before. I am telling you as a woman who is over 50 years old. The main thing is a good relationship with your partner.

by Emma on

It is great that these questions have begun to be raised. In fact, sex is very important and some just need to be told how to return them to their former passion. But for some, sex after menopause, on the contrary, becomes even greater joy.


Emma J. Johnson

Menopause consultant and sex therapist, media personality, author, woman health expert.

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