Menopause Treatment


Menopause Treatment

Menopause is a period that is characterized by a violation of reproductive function due to hormonal changes in the body. The beginning of the menopause occurs at the age of 45 years. Three to five of the menstrual function finally ends. The condition is accompanied by an extensive complex of symptoms. Severe disorders occur in 50% of patients, moderate-intensity – in 35%, and mild manifestations – in 15%. The first and most important step in treatment for menopause – a consultation with a doctor, who will analyze your situation and help with the decision.

Menopause Treatment: All You Need to Know

Many believe that there is no need for the treatment of menopause because it is a normal physiological process, not a pathology. But menopause is a heavy “step” in the life of every woman, affecting absolutely all areas of a woman’s life. Lack of sex hormones affects health, psycho-emotional state, appearance and self-confidence, sexual life, relationships with loved ones and even work. Therefore, any woman in this period requires help from both medical professionals and reliable support, and support from relatives.

The Best Treatment for Menopause

Modern medicine believes that, despite the physiology, menopause medication should be for every woman. And the best treatment for menopause is hormone replacement therapy. Factors that affect the effectiveness and safety of hormonal drugs for the treatment of menopause:

  • the timeliness of the appointment and withdrawal of hormones;
  • usually use small doses of hormones;
  • properly selected drugs and their doses, under the control of laboratory studies;
  • the use of drugs containing natural sex hormones identical to those produced by the ovaries, and not their analogs, only similar in their chemical structure;
  • adequate assessment of indications and contraindications;
  • regular medication.

Natural Treatment for Menopause

Experts’ opinions on the appropriateness of hormone therapy today differ. Besides, many women refuse to take hormone-containing drugs because they are afraid of their side effects, don’t have the financial ability to constantly buy them or for other reasons. In such cases, you can use the herbal treatment for menopause, which consists in the use of phytohormones, homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, etc.

Menopause treatment natural is very popular. The basis of the effect of homeopathic remedies is the activation of natural mechanisms of the body. Patients are prescribed small doses of substances that in large doses can lead to negative consequences.


What is menopause?

Menopause is a physiological period of a woman’s life when, against the background of General age-related changes, the gradual extinction of reproductive function begins until its complete cessation.

Do I need to see a doctor for treatment?

Yes, menopause is not just a condition, but a whole chain of changes that can affect and completely change the usual life. Therefore, it is very important to visit a doctor in time and get extended advice and menopause night sweats treatment.

How to ease the course of menopausal syndrome?

Treatment of climacteric syndrome includes hormone replacement therapy (prescribed only by a doctor) and the appointment of alternative means. The latter involves the use of phytoestrogens, sedatives, antidepressants, antioxidants.

Is it possible to completely get rid of symptoms with therapy?

With hormone therapy, you can relieve symptoms. If you stop taking the drugs, the symptoms are likely to return.


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