Menopause Treatment

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is a period that is characterized by a violation of reproductive function due to hormonal changes in the body. The beginning of the menopause occurs at the age of 45 years. Three to five of the menstrual function finally ends. The condition is accompanied by an extensive complex of symptoms. Severe disorders occur in 50% of patients, moderate-intensity – in 35%, and mild manifestations – in 15%. The first and most important step in treatment for menopause – a consultation with a doctor, who will analyze your situation and help with the decision.

Menopause Treatment: All You Need to Know

Very often, some categories of women have severe menopause manifestations. They are the result of a complete neglection of well-being. For instance, ladies think of education, then career, then bear children, take care of the family but there is no time at all to think about their female health. As a rule, such ladies have painful menstruation or related disorders. No need to postpone checkups for later, today, one can access a wide range of solutions that will bring a desire to live to the fullest back.

Many believe that there is no need for the treatment of menopause because it is a normal physiological process, not a pathology. But menopause is a heavy “step” in the life of every woman, affecting absolutely all areas of a woman’s life. Lack of sex hormones affects health, psycho-emotional state, appearance and self-confidence, sexual life, relationships with loved ones and even work. Therefore, any woman in this period requires help from both medical professionals and reliable support, and support from relatives.

The Best Treatment for Menopause

Modern medicine believes that, despite the physiology, menopause medication should be for every woman. And the best treatment for menopause is hormone replacement therapy. Factors that affect the effectiveness and safety of hormonal drugs for the treatment of menopause:

  • the timeliness of the appointment and withdrawal of hormones;
  • usually use small doses of hormones;
  • properly selected drugs and their doses, under the control of laboratory studies;
  • the use of drugs containing natural sex hormones identical to those produced by the ovaries, and not their analogs, only similar in their chemical structure;
  • adequate assessment of indications and contraindications;
  • regular medication.


Note, there is no need to be afraid of hormones and therapy itself. The latest innovations in the therapy involve only low dosage drugs and, as a rule, they rarely give complications if being strictly supervised by dedicated experts. Thus, a woman should remember that relying on someone’s feedback about one or another hormone remedy is forbidden. Ladies tend to discuss such problems with their friends, as a result, they may buy a recommended drug. In reality, it won’t bring any benefits but only complications. Never prescribe on your own hormone replacement therapy. There are some indications and contraindications for the use, and you cannot soberly evaluate whether it fits your health condition. Moreover, bear in mind that some drugs are prescribed for perimenopause, others for menopause only. 

Thus, treatment for menopause symptoms without previous consultation with a gynecologist may end up very tragic. Better take a look at the natural approach to affecting side effects.

Natural Treatment for Menopause

As far as, experts’ opinions on the appropriateness of hormone therapy today differ, many women refuse to take hormone-containing drugs because they are afraid of their side effects, don’t have the financial ability to constantly buy them or for other reasons. In such cases, you can use the herbal treatment for menopause, which consists in the use of phytohormones, homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, etc.

Menopause treatment natural is very popular. The basis of the effect of homeopathic remedies is the activation of natural mechanisms of the body. Patients are prescribed small doses of substances that in large doses can lead to negative consequences. 

As of now, you can check the benefits of the next herbal supplements that will definitely moderate the symptoms:

  • Black cohosh root. This assistant will greatly help ladies who are tired of vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It is possible to buy in the form of pills but doctors prefer prescribing a tea with its ingredient. However, those who have liver problems should abstain from this root;
  • Ginseng. Tea based on ginseng is a perfect choice for those patients who already intake medications for other health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems. Historically, it is considered efficient regarding night sweats, especially, their excessive manifestations. Drink tea a few times per day, and you will notice the results within the first days;
  • Red clover. This multipurpose solution is aimed again to affect hot flashes and is considered top-notch menopause night sweats treatment. But also it is great for boosting immunity. Available in tea form.

Besides, do not forget that menopause treatment can proceed without natural remedies as well. All in all, one should stick to following a healthy lifestyle. You can start building a plan on your own by reviewing the diet and physical activity. Or, again address this desire to your physician.

Extra Tips for Treating Menopause

Small manifestations of menopause can be treated without pharmaceutical help. How you live or lived before will dictate how you feel today and tomorrow. So, the first concern should be directed to female weight. During the menopause, ladies tend to put on weight twice even though they eat healthily and avoid excessive consumption of fats. Again, the full responsibility is on hormones that play on ladies’ nerves. Try to follow the next tips:

  • Cut down the number of sweets. Let’s think logically, one can hardly avoid eating chocolate or cake because it is the only guilty pleasure for someone. But, try to at least eat them in the morning, and the rest of the day prefer vegetables and proteins;
  • Stick to physical activity. Swimming should be your best friend. Otherwise, one can choose evening walks or aerobics. As a result, not only menopausal symptoms recede into the background but a body starts to be fit, and a woman gain confidence;
  • Love yourself. It means that your visits to gynecologists should be often, and you must take care of your health at home. Creams, a sufficient amount of water, comfortable clothes that let your body breathe, and less stress will be present daily.

Remember, the treatment of the climax should be started as soon as possible to not deteriorate the current condition. Think of educating your girls if you have children how to live healthily. And, your menopause treatment of symptoms won’t deprive you of any joy in life.  


What is the best treatment for menopause? 

Menopause requires an individual treatment, which the doctor selects. See your doctor for the best treatment in menopause.

Do I need to see a doctor for treatment?

Yes, menopause is not just a condition, but a whole chain of changes that can affect and completely change the usual life. Therefore, it is very important to visit a doctor in time and get extended advice and menopause night sweats treatment.

How to ease the course of menopausal syndrome?

Treatment of climacteric syndrome includes hormone replacement therapy (prescribed only by a doctor) and the appointment of alternative means. The latter involves the use of phytoestrogens, sedatives, antidepressants, antioxidants.

Is it possible to completely get rid of symptoms with therapy?

With hormone therapy, you can relieve symptoms. If you stop taking the drugs, the symptoms are likely to return.

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