Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness in 2020

Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness in 2020 |

Our body lives through different natural processes, but not all of them are pleasant. Every woman will confirm this claim if she has already had menopause. This natural process commonly takes place between 45 and 55 years. However, it sometimes begins earlier or later. No woman likes it because it induces multiple health complications. They make their lives more difficult and unpleasant. Among the common menopause symptoms are:

  • Hot flashes;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Weight gain;
  • Possible cardiovascular ailments;
  • Higher risk of osteoporosis;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Urinary complications;
  • Decreased memory capacity;
  • Depression and suchlike symptoms;
  • Mood swings, etc.

Undoubtedly, these symptoms are unpleasant. Of course, you aren’t supposed to have them all at once. Some appear for a short time and the others never come. However, every woman will certainly feel some of them and it may negatively result in her common lifestyle. One of the most typical symptoms is the dryness of the vagina and lots of women are searching for the best lubricant for menopause dryness. It is remarkable that this problem may appear due to other reasons, which are not related to menopause.

Hormonal changes occurring in the female body with the onset of menopause, lead not only to the extinction of reproductive function. They are also responsible for the insufficient production of vaginal lubrication during intercourse. This is one of the main symptoms of menopausal changes. The woman’s body no longer responds to caresses as quickly and actively as before.

Vaginal dryness is an unpleasant deviation when your body does not make the thin, clear fluid that keeps this area moist and plump. The feelings are very unpleasant. Many women experience itching, burning, and soreness. These deviations lead to painful sensations during sexual intercourse. At times, it even leads to light bleeding and mild discharge. Accordingly, this issue must be treated properly or women will have to refuse from sexual intercourse.

However, the onset of menopause must not at all imply the abandonment of sex. Moreover, regular sex life supports and prolongs the healthy state of the vaginal mucosa, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and supports the psychological tone of a woman. The only problem is unpleasant vaginal dryness and the discomfort associated with it during sexual intimacy. But this is solved simply – just buy the best lubricant for menopause vaginal dryness.

Of course, it is important to know how to choose the best lubricant for menopause dryness. The choice must be made using the recommendations of your doctor. It’s necessary because there are several types and it complicates the task of choosing the best lubricant for menopause dryness.

Types of Lubes For Menopause Vaginal Dryness

There are three basic types of lubricants to improve sex during and after the climacteric, each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here, they are :

Water-based Lubricant

Water based lubricant for menopause

Such products are considered to be very popular for several reasons: they are available, have a light, pleasant to the touch structure, are relatively inexpensive, quickly absorbed, and easily washed off (unlike silicone and oil gels for intimate areas, which often leave after their usage a sticky and oily feeling). They do not leave marks on bedding and clothes. The best lubricant for vaginal dryness on a water basis rarely cause irritation, so their use is recommended for people prone to allergic reactions. 

Another advantage of such products is their versatility: they are suitable both for unprotected intercourse and for use with latex products – condoms and sex toys. Also, some of them are applicable for oral contact (this should be indicated by the manufacturer on the bottle). The physical characteristics of the best lubricant for intercourse after menopause based on water gels contribute to the dissolution of additional components in it – for example, panthenol, which helps to accelerate the regeneration of previously obtained mucosal microtraumas. 

However, the use of water-based lubes for menopause even if they are the lubricant for menopause dryness has a drawback – this is that most of these intimate gels dry out quite quickly. This is not very convenient, since during one sexual contact it may be necessary to reapply them. For the same reason, they are not very suitable for women suffering from excessive vaginal dryness in menopause, but they can be useful to those in whom this problem is not too pronounced.

Silicone-based Lubes

Silicone-based lubes for menopause

Gels for moisturizing intimate areas and creams as well as lubricants for menopause can be composed of silicone, which provides comfortable gliding during intercourse. Like water-based lubricants, silicone products can be used with condoms. In addition, the best lubricant for intercourse after menopause is suitable for intimate contacts in the shower. Among the disadvantages of silicone lubricants, it is more difficult to wash them off the body than water-based products.

Oil-based Intimate Lubricants

olil based lubricants

The composition of such preparations includes vegetable or refined mineral oils. Organic lubricant creams made from vegetable oils are safer to health than mineral oil-based lubricants. Compared to other lubricants, they have the densest and viscous structure. Among the shortcomings is the ban on their use with latex condoms and most intimate toys. Also, it is quite common for them to leave spots on the clothes and linen after usage.

Possible Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Undoubtedly, the choice of the best lubricant for menopause dryness is of huge importance. Nevertheless, the reasons that lead to it are crucial as well. The wisest way to overcome any health deviation is to understand the reasons for the occurrence of the problem. Women apply the best lubricant for menopause dryness because of different reasons. There are two major reasons, which estrogen-related and non-estrogen causes.

The estrogen-related causes are quite obvious. The woman’s body is not capable of producing sufficient amounts of estrogen, which is the most important female hormone. As a result, the body lives through many health deviations, and most of them cause inconveniences in the life of every woman. We have already mentioned those symptoms. The best lubricant for menopause dryness may really help with this discomforting symptom.

Women likewise implement a menopause lubricant because of non-estrogen reasons. They are divided by specialists into subtypes. One of them is a physical reason. These may be:

  • Severe dehydration;
  • Definite medical preparations;
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, illicit drugs);
  • Definite health conditions.

If we discuss health conditions, one should mention certain surgeries with complications, thyroid imbalance, elimination of the ovaries, etc. Hormonal imbalance may be caused by enhanced levels of insulin or adrenal exhaustion. Besides, many women have chronically low levels of progesterone. Thus, lubricants are required.

The second subtype is related to emotional reasons. Thus, women may be looking for the best sex lubricant for dryness because of:

  • Generally negative feelings and thoughts towards any sort of intimacy and sexuality;
  • Chronic stress;
  • Insufficient foreplay.

We want to highlight the third sub-type, which is called VIP. It’s a specific chemical, which is natural for female bodies. If its amounts are enough in the bloodstream, the natural lubrication can sufficiently redouble. If this is the main reason for this delicate problem, it makes sense to understand how to enhance VIP levels. Women should get rid of excess stress, take care of their digestive systems, and ensure alternatively healthy blood sugar levels. Thus, women will not need the best lubricant for menopause dryness.

Other Methods to Cope with Vaginal Dryness

Seeking and using the best lubricant for menopause dryness is a reasonable step. Commonly, it helps to overcome the problem. Nonetheless, it does not work for everyone. Besides, some females simply prefer other methods. Women should likewise know that other approaches can help with the dryness in the vagina. Thus, vaginal moisturizers may be a great replacement for the best lubricant for menopause dryness. They have a similar mechanism of action and softly moisturize the delicate areas. They were tested in independent laboratories and are quite efficient and safe to replace the best lubricant.

Another method to avoid the use of the best lubricant for menopause dryness is to undergo hormonal therapy. This approach is more popularized, but it isn’t always safe. This approach increases the number of natural secretions and successfully handles the problem. Women may either take pills or use special rings and creams.

Many females are cautious about this kind of therapy. One of the common risks is the possibility to suffer from breast cancer. The therapy increases the risk of this severe disease. However, the risk is minimal if the levels of estrogen are in the norm. The risk of cancer is higher in women who are predisposed to cancer or had family members with any form of cancer. Accordingly, the use of the best lubricant for menopause dryness is much safer.

Women may replace menopause lubricant with a preparation called Ospemifene. It stimulates the growth of the uterine lining. Nonetheless, it’s not efficient for all. One should know that menopause may come earlier or later. Women in the postmenstrual period do not reap the benefits of this preparation. Besides, it may induce blood clotting. Nonetheless, this risk is lower in comparison to hormonal therapy.

If the best lubricant for menopause dryness does not help to improve your sexual activity, your doctor may prescribe vaginal dilators. They enhance vaginal capacity, create the necessary moisture, and so overcome this unpleasant problem.

How to Replace the Best Lubricant for Vaginal Dryness at Home

In most cases, almost every disease and health deviation can be treated in two ways. Firstly, they are treated with the help of medical preparations, therapies, lubricants, etc. Secondly, people can overcome their health problems with the help of some natural remedies or home-made remedies. At times, stress-relieving meditations or similar approaches help to overcome ailments and deviations. Therefore, we want to review how you can replace menopause lubricant at home.

As we already know, women may need the best lubricant for menopause because of different reasons. Some of them have little relation to menopause. Accordingly, you can treat symptoms with the targeted methodologies. Make allowances for the following variants:

  • Stay hydrated. One of the reasons for the virginal dryness is dehydration. Therefore, you should control the amounts of liquids you drink. It’s better to drink water and refuse other drinks. For example, tea and coffee make you dehydrated.
  • Consider your medicine. If you currently take some medical preparations, consult your doctor. Perhaps they induce your delicate problem. Give special heed to the preparations, which treat pain and allergies. They commonly lead to the dryness of the vagina. You can replace them using acupuncture or physical therapy. If you have to take those preparations, the best lubricant for menopause dryness may remain your alternative.
  • Get rid of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol consumption are among the most ruinous habits. They lead to multiple health problems and many of them may potentially cause death. These habits may easily lead to this delicate problem and you should find the power of will to cut down alcohol servings and the number of cigarettes smoked during a day.
  • Rebalance your hormones. A woman may suffer from a thyroid condition or problems with immunity. These issues lead to severe hormonal imbalance. You should consult a specialist in the field to find an efficient and safe solution.
  • Manage stress. It’s no secret that stress is one of the main contributors to various problems with health. Many experts claim that 80% of all diseases a person receives during his/her lifespan are triggered by excess stress. Accordingly, you should learn how to keep it at bay. You can do that right at home. Think about the things, which make you happy, undertake your favorite habits, or establish new ones. Art and music therapies, yoga, and medications may come in handy. Another option is to try writing therapy or journaling. You should write a letter to your friend, an outstanding personality or to yourself every day. Devote about 10-15 minutes and express everything you want. It helps to lessen the mental burden and conquer negative emotions.
  • Consider foreplay. Another way to avoid the implementation of the best lubricant for menopause dryness is to have nice foreplay. In fact, many women do not feel any pleasant feelings and emotions without some foreplay. Make sure you tell your man that this part of sexual intercourse cannot be skipped. It’s of huge importance at any age and older females likewise need it.
  • Have a healthy diet. The food people consume directly affects their health. This statement is the undeniable truth and should always consider what you consume every day. Menopausal women ought to give special heed to what they eat. You should consult a specialist in the field (nutritionist) to find out what products help to produce progesterone and estrogen. Simultaneously, make sure you know which ones withdraw these hormones from the body. If one of them dominates, it leads to many unhealthy deviations. It’s important to consume products rich in sugar to stabilize your sugar and insulin levels.

Why Estrogen Is Important even if you Use the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness

When a woman is in the menopausal period, the levels of her estrogen sufficiently drop. It is the most important female hormone, which can be compared to the male analog called testosterone. It takes part in different processes, functions, and regulations of the female body. Here are its major benefits:

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle;
  • Preparation of the body for pregnancy;
  • Development of sexual characteristics;
  • Control the vaginal environment;
  • Prevention of different infections;
  • Guides the sperm tom the egg;
  • Releases ovulation;
  • Stimulates breast growth during pregnancy;
  • Contributes to fetal development;
  • Reinforces the uterine muscles contractions;
  • Regulates cholesterol levels;
  • Improves cardiovascular health;
  • Strengthens bones;
  • Supports skin and hair;
  • Controls control and maintain cognition;
  • Delays memory loss.

You should likewise know that the levels of estrogen must not exceed the norm. It interacts with other hormones and if its levels are overly high, a woman may suffer from various health complications. If you have healthy levels of this essential hormone, you won’t need the best lubricant for menopause dryness.

Is Progesterone Important Too?

Progesterone is likewise important for every woman. At times, it is even more important than estrogen because it plays a vital role in enabling and maintaining pregnancy. Consider the following benefits of this hormone:

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle;
  • Thickens the uterine lining, which is essential for pregnancy;
  • Helps to fertilize eggs;
  • Ensures regular and healthy ovulation;
  • Nourishes the growing of the fetal;
  • Supports the lactation period to produce breast milk;
  • Regulates blood pressure;
  • Improves cognition;
  • Strengthens the bone system, etc.

Vaginal Lubricant: How to Make a Choice?

Vaginal Lubricant: How to Make a Choice?

To find the best lubricant for intercourse after menopause, pay your attention to the tips below:

  • The selection of a suitable product should be done under the supervision of a doctor. Even if you know which lubricants to use for menopause, it is recommended that you first consult with a gynecologist, who will tell you the best option for the preparation, taking into account the characteristics of your body.
  • The use of hormone-containing products should only be prescribed by a doctor.
  • It is recommended to purchase lubricants for menopause at specialized points of sale – in pharmacies, shops, and sex shops that have the appropriate quality certificates.
  • If you or your partner has a tendency to allergic reactions, it is advisable to choose water-based products without flavoring additives. In this case, you will also have to refuse lubricants containing essential oils, because they often cause allergies.
  • Parabens should not be present in the best lubricant for intercourse after menopause since these substances can provoke irritation and a rash.
  • It is undesirable to use suppositories and creams, lubricants for women, which contain glycerin. Despite the fact that this substance enhances the gliding required during sex, it can also lead to the activation of fungi. As a result, people who are prone to fungal diseases may experience relapses.
  • The best choice is lubricants for women with menopause is the one that includes natural plant components that provide additional protection against pathogenic agents. For example, it could be a chamomile extract.

The Bottom Line about the Best Lubricant for Menopause Dryness

Menopause is a very unpleasant but inevitable natural process. Every woman will undergo it sooner or later. It’s an unpleasant period when the female body transforms and gets prepared for another life phase. Women suffer from different health deviations and some of them remain for a long. Thus, the lack of lubricant in the pelvic area may induce serious problems with sexual life. Sexual intercourse is no more pleasant, becomes painful, and may even lead to light bleeding or discharge.

Therefore, the choice of the best lubricant for menopause is important and must be taken seriously. It is one of the typical treatment measures to cope with these delicate trouble. It’s commonly efficient and safer in comparison with certain medicines and hormonal therapy. You have three main kinds of lubricants and you should learn the benefits and peculiarities of every option. Some are more efficient and the others show a lower efficiency. Consequently, it is always vital to consult a specialist in the field. Thus, you will be able to make the right choice.

If this approach does not work properly, consider other approaches mentioned in this review. They are likewise efficient and pretty safe. Obligatorily consult your doctor.


💧 How to use lubricant after menopause?

Lubricants should be applied immediately before sexual intercourse. They can be applied to the skin or directly to the condom if it is used. You should carefully read the instructions for the best sexual lubricant for menopause vaginal gel and do everything according to these recommendations.

⏰ How often to use lubricant after menopause?

Lubes are absolutely safe and can be used every time you need it, there are no time frame limits. The only thing to consider is the possibility of an allergic reaction. You must first conduct a sensitivity test to avoid unnecessary troubles.

❓ Do lubricants improve sex after menopause?

Since one of the most unpleasant symptoms of menopause is vaginal dryness and microtraumas during sexual intercourse, the use of lubricants significantly improves the quality of sex in women who go through the climacteric changes.

🛒 Where can I buy the best lubricant for menopausal women?

To date, the pharmaceutical market has no shortage of products to improve and prolong sex. If there is a need for lubes during sexual intercourse, this tool can be easily purchased without a prescription in any pharmacy or online drugstore.

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