DrFormulas® Menopause & Perimenopause Supplement: Detailed Review

DrFormulas® Menopause & Perimenopause Supplement: Detailed Review | MenopauseCoach.com

Menopause onset dictates new rules and new approaches to deal with irritative symptoms. To avoid risky HRT treatment with its bothering side effects, women have a wide choice of natural no hormonal supplements. And, one of such working remedies is DrForumals Menopause Support. It can be your relief for sudden and frequent hot flashes, and uncontrollable irritability.

DrFormulas Menopause Supplements

The secret lays in 12 herbal ingredients mixed and extracted to a tablet which can aim one desperate woman to go through any menopausal stages with no risks to her health. The ingredients were selected based on numerous researches to prove their efficacy and safety. And, the central support is provided by Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Dong Quai, Sage, Wild Yam. In addition, the fast response to menopause symptoms is achieved with the active participation of false unicorn, and chaste berry. They are all responsible for the peace of mind, and the natural balance of hormonal changes during the climax. Let’s cover the main ones.

Benefits of DrFormulas Menopause Supplements

  • 60 capsules and 1 month supply;
  • Made exclusively in FDA monitored facilities with US and imported ingredients which passed safety checkup;
  • Support for insufficient levels of estradiol and progesterone, and healthy maintenance of menopausal well-being;
  • 12 herbs aimed to affect as many menopause symptoms as possible. The herbal extracts popularized in many cultures as alternative treatment;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee from the official website or authorized distributor only;

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

All studies taken starting from 1960 were aimed to develop the ultimate efficiency of this US and Canadian by origin plant. Mainly, it rises the estrogen levels lacking during menopause and acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It is actively applied to various health supplements to provide help in managing excessive sweating and, in particular, hot flashes together with mood swings and cognition.

Red Clover

Red Clover

This flowering plant is added to DrFormulas menopause support to benefit bone density, in particular, prevention of osteoporosis, high cholesterol levels and hot flashes. The extract contains soy isoflavones such as genistein which is believed to affect poor emotional states. Some studies report its usage for menopause anxiety treatment.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai

This plant is popular in Asian medicine to treat gynecological disorders. DrFormulas contain it for additional proven applications such as reliving of the pain, and fatigue. It is not an estrogen-like component but it perfectly helps to perform its function and maintaining hormone level balance.

Wild Yam

Wild Yam

Popularized for treatment of diabetes and arthritis, today it is actively used for managing menopausal symptoms. The roots of wild yam have properties of supporting hormone formation which is dropped during the stages of menopause. Besides, this plant shows results in alleviating cramps and muscle aches. 

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry

This component is the one responsible for weight management. Together with adding the flavor, DrFormulas contains it for performing the estrogenic effect. Besides, it is used as a maintenance of overall well-being during menopause.

The Uncomparable Help for Major Menopause Symptoms:

Hot Flashes. Feeling hot regardless of temperature or place. Your body thermostat seems to be broken. DrFormulas allows achieving the perfect temperature of the body without airing the room or sleeping without clothes. Black Cohosh knows how to deal with vasomotor symptoms.

Mood Swings. Do not let your mood dictate how to live and how to communicate with beloved ones. Chaste Berry reduces the possibility of premenstrual syndrome and influences FSH and progesterone levels that may deprive you of a comfortable emotional state.

Night Sweats. Phytoestrogens added to DrFormulas menopause supplements help a woman perform estrogen role and balance the dropped levels without risks to her health. So, no more discomfort of waking up with soaked wet pajamas and swollen face.

Irritability. The blend of 12 herbs perfectly deals with your anger and depressive motives. And, it is a good alternative to hormone replacement treatment that doctors will consider the first-line treatment.

Low Energy. Menopausal women lack energy and power regardless of their workload. Leave it to DrFormulas. This side-effects-free formula can bring you the energy without causing drawbacks in the form of tiredness.


The signature blend of herbal extracts was researched and studied on efficiency numerous times. The largest amount is related to red clover which is undoubtedly considered a multipurpose plant for hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, and other poor emotional states. Sage takes the second place with its anti sweating effect. 

DrFormulas Composition
Composition% ExtractAmount 
Red Clover 1%400 mg
Sage Extract 2.5%200 mg
Black Cohosh 2.5%160mg
Dong Quai1%150 mg
Licorice1%150 mg
Chasteberry 0.5% 50 mg
Blessed Thistle Powder herb50 mg
Red Raspberry Powder fruit 50 mg
Soy Isoflavones30 mg
Wild Yam 16%15 mg
Trans-Resveratrol1 mg

As you may see, their content is strictly structured to adjust many symptoms at once and within the shortest time with no harm to your body. Expert pharmacists and FDA inspected laboratory to manufacture the capsules. No artificial additives or preservatives. The same as only natural coloring and flavoring which benefits gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian consumers. No allergies confirmed, and safe to take.

Side Effects: Are There Any? 

DrFormulas menopause supplements are side-effects-free. There is no confirmation from both studies, clinical trials, and women who took it as an on-demand remedy or for long-term treatment. That’s why it is fully safe, does not bear any risks or contraindications for female health, and is distributed as over the counter supplement with no prescription needed.

Why Choose It Over Similar Health Supplements for Menopause?

DrFormulas menopause support contains many herbs approved for alternative treatment of menopausal symptoms. It is not linked to liver toxicity, and there are no reports on side effects, in particular, vaginal bleeding. Its price is relatively cheaper, and one can buy it from the official distributor at only $17.67 with 60-days money-back guarantee. Besides, there are savings if choosing a subscription option at $16.43. Its main advantage over other similar supplements that it has only clinically-proven herbs which are used in Chinese and US cultures for treating gynecological disorders.

The Bottom Line

DrFormulas is one of the best supplements for menopausal symptoms. It is affordable and proven with results with many dedicated experts. Besides, it is a perfect solution for both menopause and perimenopause transitional stages when estrogen starts dropping and reaches its critical numbers. If you believe it can help you alleviate your symptoms, speak to a physician as an alternative to HRT treatment.


🤦‍♀️ Can DrFormulas Menopause Support help me with Mood Swings?

Yes, Black Cohosh found in DrFormulas can alter and moderate mood swings manifestation during menopause.

🥦 DrFormulas Menopause Supplements are vegetarian?  

Yes, they fit vegetarian consumers.

👩‍⚕️ Which side effects have DrFormulas Menopause Supplements?  

There are no confirmed side effects and risks of intake.

🛒 Where can I buy Certified DrFormulas Menopause Supplements? 

You can buy it from the official website and distributors.

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DrFormulas® Menopause & Perimenopause Supplement: Detailed Review
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by Anna Jones on MenopauseCoach.com

This is exactly what I was looking for and also side-effects-free! I am afraid of side effects and often avoid drugs with a large list of side effects.


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