EQUELLE® Review 2020: Supplement for Menopause Hot Flashes

EQUELLE® Review 2020: Supplement for Menopause Hot Flashes | MenopauseCoach.com

Menopause is one of the most unpleasant natural processes. All women have to pass it and no matter how hard they want to avoid menopause, it is impossible. It takes place during the period of 45-55 years. At times, it happens earlier or later but the results are always the same. Women suffer from different health deviations because they lose huge amounts of estrogen. Their ovaries are not able to produce enough amounts of this essential female hormone. Commonly, women suffer from cramps, uncommon bleeding, different kinds of pain, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, and other symptoms.

The onset of menopause and it’s actual diagnosing may bear some positive and negative characters simultaneously. If referring to positive changes, a woman experiences a brand-new stage in her life when she is no longer copes with painful menstruation and has a feeling of fulfillment regarding fertility. The negative aspect may frustrate because it is tied to additional health conditions and symptoms such as hot flashes, decreased libido, or irritability. But, to help one get a necessary relief, the EQUELLE menopause supplement may play a vital role and replacement for popular HRT treatment. How does it work? We will highlight this and many other questions and statements related to EQUELLE supplement.

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Profile of Equelle Nutritional Products

Many people intend to buy EQUELLE. They have heard and read something about this resourceful remedy. People frequently check the following statements:

  • EQUELLE joint pain
  • EQUELLE weight gain
  • EQUELLE insomnia, etc.

Accordingly, it is important to shed more light on its mechanism of action, main benefits, and so on.

EQUELLE supplement for menopause is released in no prescription form and one can easily find it online. The manufacturer is Nature Made and serves the pharmaceutical market and clients for over 45 years which makes them leaders in the supplement industry. One can find plenty of positive reviews and grateful customers who confirmed their favorable changes with menopausal signs. The company follows a strict validation process and manufacturing complying with all safety measures. What do they offer?

The tablets are hormone-, gluten-,dairy-free, vegetarian and serve multipurpose relief for many menopause symptoms and maintenance of well-being. As per their official statement, over 200K women choose it for alleviating hot flashes, mood issues, muscle aches. 

The active ingredient is S-equol which is a plant-based component. In some women, it can be found in the gut but it does not produce sufficient amounts for relieving the symptoms. EQUELLE has patented its fermentation process that allows reaching enough benefits for menopausal patients with no harm and side effects to an organism.

To start application, one should subscribe to Equelle monthly shipments which can be canceled anytime, and decide on the schedule of intake. For example, a woman can two tablets in the morning, and two in the evening. All the rest per them is to sit, relax, and enjoy less frequency of symptoms. Over 20 years of researches proved the first benefits in no longer than one month of time, otherwise one can get her money back. Besides, the studies were focused on a comparison of Equelle supplement with black cohosh and evening primrose oil. Where the latter ones showed a great dependency on the soil where they are produced and planted. So, EQUELLE prooves efficacy regardless of the environment its components are derived from.

One pack of Equelle has 120 tablets with no artificial preservatives or additives as well as with natural flavor and coloring only. However, you can find EQUELLE 60 tabs too. The initial remedy appeared in 1971 and since then many manufacturers have created similar equivalents. They all contain the same main ingredient (S-equol), but additional ingredients differ. Accordingly, it changes the efficiency and the range of curable menopausal problems. You should always pay attention to the manufacturer and the composition. The dosage and health benefits may differ.

Benefits of Equelle Menopause

Benefits of Equelle Menopause

It’s of huge importance to discuss the positive effects of this remedy. People want to know what exactly it treats and how efficient it may be. Various EQUELLE reviews prove that it helps women with their menopausal symptoms. A woman who takes this supplement on-demand or for long-term treatment can achieve the following results:

  • Less frequent hot flashes;
  • Improved vaginal lubrication;
  • Reduction of night sweats, excessive sweating during the day, and pain in muscles;
  • High quality of sleep and fewer disturbances;
  • Enhanced mood swings with no sudden ups and downs.

Take a look at the below-added table which reveals some of the benefits and specific features of the EQUELLE supplement.

Benefits and specific features of the EQUELLE Supplement
Manage SymptomHot FlashesNight SweatsSupports Sex DriveHormone Balance SupportMUSCLE ACHE RELIEF
Days of Supply30 Days60 days45 Days90 Days30 Days
Money Back Guarantee✓60 Days✓60 Days✓60 Days✓60 Days✓60 Days

As you may see, a company guarantees a money-back guarantee for any supply. And, the tablets fit all kind of special dietary requirements. Even though the main success is directed to hot flashes, it is a perfect solution for decreased libido.


One of the most important properties of this remedy is its composition. You will enjoy EQUELLE nutritional products, which are efficient and safe for human intake. As for ingredients in Equelle supplement, the bottle of 120 tablets contains fermented soy germ, cellulose gel, calcium phosphate, stearic acid, sorbitol, silicon dioxide, sodium silicate, croscarmellose sodium, organic coating (tapioca maltodextrin, sunflower lecithin, palm oil, guar gum).

The main ingredient is S-equol. It is a soy-derived compound firstly produced by Japanese pharmacists to duplicate the functionality of natural estradiol when its levels are drastically dropped. In particular, it is used for menopausal women. Even though some women can produce it naturally, exactly about 27% of women in the USA, the EQUELLE company decided to fill this gap with their product for those who don’t.

Supplement Facts per 2 tablets:

  • Carbohydrates – less than 1g;
  • Sodium – 15mg;
  • S-equol – 5mg.

EQUELLE may likewise contain other ingredients. A lot depends on the manufacturers. They may add sunflower lecithin, calcium phosphate, stearic acid, and some others.

EQUELLE Ingredients – Are They Safe Efficient?

People always question the efficiency of any medical product. Different manufacturers add various ingredients, which are organic and pretty safe. However, all of them always add S-equol, which is the main active substance of EQUELLE.

It is plant-based and its structure is very similar to estrogen. When it gets into the female body, it binds estrogen receptors and mimics the effects of this hormone. Accordingly, women can handle a lack of estrogen to be healthy again. Taking this remedy, menopausal women may overcome hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorders, as well as enhance libido, and vaginal lubrication.

Advantages and Disadvantage of EQUELLE

As with many preparations of similar action, EQUELLE has several advantages and disadvantages. They may convince people to use the preparation or refuse it. Let’s highlight the main advantages:

  • It sufficiently lessens the frequency of hot flashes;
  • It may help to enhance your mood;
  • It efficiently manages muscle pain and inflammation;
  • The product does not commonly induce any side effects.

What are the main disadvantages? Consider the next drawbacks:

  • The product comes in capsules, which are big and may induce problems for people with swallowing difficulty;
  • It contains soy, which is a typical allergen for many people;
  • It may lead to weight gain in some people.

Side Effects on EQUELLE Hot Flash Relief

Every treatment for menopausal symptoms must be reviewed from different angles. Even a natural-based remedy may induce some health problems and you should know about that possibility. Thus, many people wonder about possible EQUELLE side effects. There are no side effects confirmed after the intake of this Equelle supplement. However, it is still highly recommended to consult a physician to get to know your tolerance toward the ingredients in the composition.

Side effects do not come because of S-equol. In the meanwhile, other ingredients may provoke unwanted events. We have already mentioned that this remedy is manufactured by different brands. Thus, some of them add Sunflower Lecithin that is related to diarrhea and stomach pain if it’s taken regularly and in large amounts. If you find a variant without this ingredient, you will not suffer from these issues.

However, you will hardly find a version without soy. This ingredient frequently induces allergic reactions. Accordingly, the treatment with this remedy will be impossible for such people.

Of course, you should be aware of various drug interactions. Even some herbs can provoke health complications. Consult your doctor to define the complete list of negative drug combinations. It must not be combined with alcohol.

EQUELLE Precautions and Contraindications

Before you begin to take EQUELLE, make sure you are aware of all possible precautions and contraindications. We have already mentioned potential hazards from the part of drug interactions. There are a few more warnings you should memorize and follow. They are as follows:

  • Excess intake. You should never take too much of this supplement. If you exceed the recommended daily dosage, you risk having allergic reactions and some other health deviations. Consult your doctor to determine a healthy daily dosage. Do not redouble it even if you miss the dosage someday.
  • Pregnancy. The experts do not recommend taking the supplement by pregnant women and the ones feeding babies with breast milk. It is not known whether any ingredients of the supplement pass into the milk or blood. Ask the permission of your doctor.
  • Health conditions. Tell your doctor if you have some diseases and take any drugs. They may negatively affect your body in a combination with EQUELLE.
  • Allergies. As the preparation contains soy and other potent allergens, you may suffer from different kinds of allergies.

There is one uncommon peculiarity about this preparation. It may change color over time. This change may be slight but you’ll notice it. We assure you that there is nothing to worry about. It’s a natural process and it does not affect the quality or safety of the product.

Is It a Good Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Many women try to overcome their menopausal complications with the help of hormone replacement therapy or HRT. It helps to recover the lost levels of estrogen. However, not all women know that it induces certain health risks. EQUELLE natural products can be considered a good alternative to HRT. It is mainly connected to their difference in side effects when the first one has none. Hormone replacement therapy bears some risks and cannot be prescribed for many women. Its main purpose is to replace estradiol insufficiency in a female body and allow an organism to bring back previous functionality. As for side effects, they are bloating, headaches, indigestion, and vaginal bleeding.

EQUELLE, in turn, is no hormonal supplement and works by alleviating symptoms. Most commonly, such supplements play a stand-alone role where they help the body solely work on boosting the hormone levels without any replacement.

An additional factor is in price, Equelle is much cheaper and does not require any prescription and strict supervision from a doctor.

The Bottom Line

We want to add a few words about this remedy and its effects. EQUELLE reviews prove its unbeatable effect on major stressful problems in menopausal women. They can minimize the manifestations of hot flashes, night sweats, low sexual drive. The tablets are a good alternative to HRT and suitable for special dietary requirements. The side effects free characteristic makes the product safe and reliable and is dispensed with no prescription. Feel free to address your intention to take this supplement for your health condition to a physician. EQUELLE supplement is approved by dedicated medical and pharmaceutical experts.


Perhaps you have some questions related to EQUELLE. If it’s so, we recommend using the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). This section provides quick and clear explanations of some urgent questions.

👉 Where to buy EQUELLE?

From the official website and distributors. Do not use outside sellers. Follow the link in the article.

🌱 EQUELLE contains a natural composition?

Yes, there are no artificial additives, color, flavor, or preservatives.

🌿 What is S-equol in EQUELLE?

A soy-derived compound. Equol is a non-steroidal estrogen.

👩‍⚕️ Do I need a prescription to buy EQUELLE?

It is distributed as no prescription supplements.

🔥 Can EQUELLE help with hot flashes?

Yes, it is the main indication together with night sweats, low sex drive, muscle ache.

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