Estroven and Menopause Weight Management: Review 2020

Estroven and Menopause Weight Management: Review 2020 |

Hot flashes, night sweats? No. Irritability, mood swings? No. You may wonder what is the most bothering and hateful symptom of menopause every single woman is scared of the most. It is a weight gain, while hot flashes or other signs are usually taken for granted. Women try to follow an active lifestyle, healthy diet, or even starving to avoid gaining weight during menopause. The latter one is highly effective, however, you are most likely to destroy your gastro health, while other approaches do not seem so effective. Let’s cover Estroven, a supplement that bears many promising statements, and is believed to help you with weight management.

Estroven — What Is It?

Estroven is a brand dietary supplement promoted as a must-have remedy for menopausal symptoms including weight gain. First, it appeared in 1997, and since that time was linked to many beneficial properties such as insomnia or hot flashes management. As of now, there are many manufacturers of Estroven, and they advertise it for a certain symptom a woman would like to take it. 

What makes Estroven good? The manufacturers do not reinvent the wheel and add the most obvious ingredient linked to the highest efficacy in managing menopausal symptoms — black cohosh. Alongside it, there are soy isoflavones. It is worth mentioning that Estroven weight management products do not contain any animal-derived compounds, so vegan women won’t experience hurdles when choosing one supplement.

As was said, Estroven weight management is manufactured by different companies, and they may add to the composition of Estroven such agents as melatonin, caffeine, and other herbs.

How Does Estroven Help Menopausal Women?

Estroven weight management itself says what it can be helpful with, however, let’s discover additional promoted effects on menopausal women’s health.

Estroven is usually prescribed to women who have been already diagnosed with menopause. Only in rare cases, Estroven can be prescribed to the perimenopausal stage. 

  • Hot flashes or night sweats in both mild or severe manifestations;
  • Difficulty sleeping which is most likely to lead to insomnia;
  • Vaginal dryness, and decreased libido;
  • Mood swings, and mental changes such as depressive thoughts, irritability, nervousness;
  • Low energy or constant procrastination to do anything;
  • Weight changes.

Women who undergoing Hormone-Replacement Therapy have often prescribed Estroven Weight Management for general support of their systems. Nevertheless, you may probably think of a very common stereotype related to this therapy. No, it does not cause weight gain. Such events are typical if a woman herself tends to overeat or follow a sedentary lifestyle. So, Estroven Weight Management will only help to suppress the appetite and promote your weight loss. Another concern is that Estroven is not effective alone, so you won’t lose 10kgs just after the intake. You should combine the intake with sports activities, yoga, and a balanced meal plan. 

How to Take Estroven?

Estroven is a supplement that requires the doctor’s directions in terms of the intake. Do not self-diagnose or self-treat yourself with it. If you do not experience any effect during the intake of Estroven, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the dosage without speaking to your doctor.

Estroven Weight Management comes in capsules that may be taken with or without food. Doctors recommend taking it with a meal, so you will avoid nausea or upset stomach. Take it and wash it down with a lot of water. It is better to make a habit of taking the capsules every day at the same time, so you won’t alter the regimen.

As per manufacturers of Estroven, they designated it for the intake during 60 days, however, your doctor may change the time-frame and limit it to one month only. It depends on your response and the onset of any side effects.

The dosage of Estroven Weight Management is tailored individually. 

Do not take this supplement if you are a pregnant or nursing mother. Also, inform your doctor if you have childbearing intentions.

Note, Estroven Weight Management is available as an OTC product, but you should still discuss its applicability for your particular case with the doctor, as he may deprive you of any negative consequences.

How Will Estroven Benefit Your Weight?

There is no secret behind the Estroven Weight Management mechanism of action. It works by affecting and boosting the serotonin levels, and other neurotransmitters found in the brain. These chemical agents affect your hunger, appetite, and continuous cravings when you are full but continue eating. Estroven is aimed to balance the serotonin levels which then result in a full effect faster. So, you won’t experience overeating and may concentrate on losing the weight you gained during the menopause or use it as a support if you are predisposed to weight gain.

The Side Effects of Estroven Weight Management

Usually, this supplement is prescribed in well-tolerated and safe dosages, so any side effects are most likely to occur when you solely adjust the dosage and take it as not as directed.

The most common side effects of Estroven Weight Management include:

  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Upset Stomach;
  • Dizziness.

If you experience any of these side effects, address them with your doctor. If you believe you overdosed with Estroven, seek emergency help immediately (call 911).

Furthermore, be aware that this supplement may interact with other medications or other herbal and health dietary supplements. Disclose the full list of medications you are currently into the doctor to avoid side effects.

Estroven Weight Management – Can Estroven Help You Manage the Weight?

Estroven for weight management

This supplement is effective and well-tolerated by many women who have hurdles with their weight. Yes, it is perfect in conjunction with an active lifestyle or sports activities, however, if you see that it is promoted as a weight-loss supplement, it is untrue. It won’t work if you just take capsules and expect a miracle. Besides, you should ensure you are allowed to take it with your doctor. It has nature to cause side effects but you are able to avoid them if taking as directed by your healthcare provider.

There are different manufacturers of Estroven, so you had better understand what you would like to affect it. There are products for hot flashes, mood swings, and weight management.

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Estroven and Menopause Weight Management: Review 2020
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by Robin on

Loved the info in this article. I'm so happy I found this website. But there's no link to the next article... we need to understand the different manufacturers, right? So where is that article? I would like to read the next one in the series!

by Lisa on
Hot flashes

Hi! I am 58 and I needed a supplement that will help me cope with hot flashes. I tried Estroven and it really helped me, after a while hot flashes almost did not appear. This supplement has helped me alleviate the symptoms of menopause, it's a good product.


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