What Hormone Therapy for Menopause Right for You?

What Hormone Therapy for Menopause Right for You? | MenopauseCoach.com

Hormone therapy for menopause is a way to smooth out discomfort during the onset of climax. The selection of a suitable drug for HRT menopause should be done by a doctor. Modern hormone therapy for menopause will help to improve life against the background of changing conditions and adjust the daily routine, sleep, appetite.

If speaking of it scientifically, HRT is nothing but a certain medication that contains hormones such as estrogen or progesterone. It will replace its natural substance as far as menopause does not allow producing it in sufficient amounts. It helps to affect osteoporosis, heart diseases, vaginal dryness, and other supporting symptoms of menopause.

Besides, there is medical support that its efficacy for women who reach the perimenopausal stage very early shows the most progress.

Hormone Therapy for Menopause: Pros and Cons

The onset of climax for women is characterized by various unpleasant symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Unmotivated mood swings
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

What is hormone therapy for menopause? This is the best way to help women after 45 years to feel attractive and desirable, smooth out, and even eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. To find the right climax hormone therapy it is important to consult with a doctor, who also will advise the best hormone therapy dosage for menopause. Against the background of taking hormone therapy climax, you also need to adjust the diet and mode of the day.

HRT for Menopause: Classification of Drugs and Types

There are several classifications of hormone therapy for menopause, not only synthetic with estrogens but also natural hormone therapy for the climax:

  • Synthetic identical to natural
  • Synthetic, which doesn’t repeat the structure of natural hormones
  • Phytohormones (have a plant origin)
  • Extracts (extracted from animal glands)

Depending on the forms of release, hormonal agents can be:

  • Tablets
  • Drops
  • Patches
  • Gels
  • Ointments
  • Suppository

Also, drugs for hormone replacement therapy for climax can be:

  1. Combined (it contains several hormone replacement therapies)
  2. Monotherapy (based only on estrogen or progesterone)

Natural Hormone Therapy for Menopause

A significant group of drugs is natural hormone therapy in menopause. Quite active suppliers of estrogens are considered to be such plants as:

● Soy. With its use, you can slow down the onset of climax, facilitates the manifestation of hot flashes, reduces the cardiological effects.

● Black cohosh. It can relieve the symptoms of climax, blocks changes in bone tissue.

● Red clover. It has the properties of previous plants and is also able to reduce cholesterol.

HRT dosage for climax even of these natural drugs must be done with a doctor.

Risks of HRT Applications: Illnesses and Problems

Even though this therapy for menopausal signs is truly a great solution for women with their manifestation, it bears many risks and contraindications. Discuss with your gynecologist all the potential side effects.

Breast Cancer

All-female patients who take hormone replacement medications in their combined form with two hormones for less than 5 years have less danger of experiencing this cancer. However, those who are in long-term treatment may be at a high group of risk. Those who are undergoing HRT in menopause with estrogen-only do not experience such consequences.

As per studies, it does not provoke its high possibility of development in women who have it as a hereditary symptom. And, the results from treatment shows that a greater effect is achieved when two hormones are combined rather than estrogen only.

Cardiovascular Problems

Postmenopausal women over 55-60 can have problems with heart functioning and may struggle from heart diseases and stroke while undergoing HRT in menopause. Estrogen if taken in tablet form is more dangerous for such patients once skin patches are a relatively safe option for them.


HRT may be risky for blood clots. Women below 50 and postmenopausal patients may experience venous thrombosis when taking tablets for HRT. And, the highest probability of this health condition occurs during the first years of treatment. Note, if you have a predisposition of it from your mother or grandmother, you are better to address this concern to a physician to choose an alternative treatment.

Ovarian Cancer

This risk is rare but may appear in the long-run HRT in menopause application. 


A woman can be diagnosed with this problem when using tablet HRT. And, as per reports, the risk is quite high.

Can HRT Provoke Weight Gain?

Estrogen level

It is a common myth women tend to use to reject HRT as the first-line treatment for their menopausal problems. Weight gain is related only to one’s lifestyle and nutritional preferences. Of course, the gain can occur because the deficiency of estrogen no longer functions properly, and does not affect the metabolic process but only lowers them. But, it is a normal practice in women over 50.

Major studies do not provide evidence that HRT can boost someone’s weight. If one used to gain it during the young ages, it will continue regardless of HRT. Besides, to make you rest assured, doctors strictly supervise the process of HRT and monitor even the slightest changes in one’s body. So, in case any abnormalities with weight appear, they may correct the dosage and opt for other treatments for menopause weight loss. But, your possible fat is not linked to this therapy.

The only symptoms of hormonal replacement are bloating, breast fullness. And, they are commonly mistaken with weight gain. But, once you are done with it, you can experience the reverse effect.

Surgical Menopause Without Hormone Therapy

Some women don’t want to use pills and always argue about hormone therapy for menopause pros and cons. The decision is here – surgical menopause without hormone therapy. Menopause without hormone therapy is a condition of a woman when her reproductive ability ceases due to the removal of certain sexual organs. Unlike the standard climax and HRT, this type does not depend on age, but only on the interventions carried out in the body. It is usually hard to tolerate because it is characterized by a sudden onset and rapidly increasing intensity.

As you can see, hormone therapy in menopause plays a very important role and now you know what is hormone therapy for menopause. The main problem for women is to choose the best HRT for menopause, according to their age, health, and needs. So, if you feel your body become thinner, you need hormone therapy for menopause weight gain. And in the opposite, if your weight rises every day – you need other kinds of hormone therapy after menopause.

There is no one answer to this. The only right hormone therapy after menopause can get after analysis and doctor consultation.

Tips for Menopausal Transition

If HRT does not still seem valid or good for you, you can always help yourself with alternative methods. Depending on the symptoms you have such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and so on, make sure to adjust to the next lifestyle:

  • Sleep well. 7 hours minimum is enough to feel active and avoid unnecessary stress or depression;
  • Eat healthily. Try to consume more vegs and fruits. Cut down the number of sweets and fats. Do it gradually otherwise you will overeat the same;
  • Exercise moderately. Swimming and aerobics can become your best friends to avoid HRT in menopause but do not go extremely with them. You can have osteoporosis;
  • Visit gynecologist regularly. A doctor can supervise you and check your well-being for years. Besides, for the top results, you can be registered with an endocrinologist who will monitor your thyroid system functioning that is responsible for weight gain;
  • Avoid stress. No need to think about menopause 24/7. It is pretty normal and natural. All women have it, and no one ever died because of it. If you need psychological help, feel free to visit a dedicated expert who will explain to you the benefits of this stage even more positively;
  • Look for support. Your family or friends should be there for you. Try to speak with them and understand whether you act unusually because you may not simply notice it. Or, engage your family to eat healthily, it will eliminate the situations when you cannot resist eating chocolate or ice cream with cakes.

Finally, if you have a daughter/s, speak with them about the necessity of following a balanced and healthy life. They should understand that their transition one day will be beneficial if they do not smoke and do not drink into oblivion. Explain that some hereditary problems may bother them but a correct adjustment with the doctor may yield the fruits and reduce any risks. And, if possible register them with a gynecologist as early as possible as well, thus they will exclude the possibility of developing other intimate problems. 

All in all, do not be afraid of hormone replacement therapy. It does not cause weight gain and is not linked to any severe side effects if you are supervised with a doctor who provides you with this therapy. Today, it is one of the best solutions for menopausal women, and you won’t find the same effect with health supplements or antidepressants which can be prescribed for anxiety. Menopause requires prompt attention, so do not neglect the help of professionals.


How to use HRT for menopausal women?

It is prescribed by a doctor, and you should take the medication in the form of estrogen, progesterone tablets or patches.

Hormones used for menopause relief is dangerous?

Yes, as any other treatment if you proceed with it at sole discretion.

How to choose HRT for the treatment of menopause?

Only a physician can choose it for you based on your health condition and symptoms.

When can I start HRT for menopause? 

The best results are in perimenopausal women.

How can I get a prescription for hormone therapy in menopause?

Speak to your physician, he should be authorized to prescribe it.

Do I need a doctor for HRT menopause?

Yes, it is necessary to avoid negative consequences.

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