Top 10 Varieties of Tea for Menopause

Top 10 Varieties of Tea for Menopause |

Every woman has to live through menopause. It’s a natural state of the female body when menstrual cycles stop and never come back. This period is commonly followed by various health problems and inconveniences. Amongst such are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, painful reactions, and something of the kind. That’s why women should undertake the necessary measures to keep those problems at bay. One of the options is to apply tea for menopause.

There are more than a couple of teas for menopause. Therefore, don’t be surprised by a great variety of them. This overview will briefly describe 10 teas. Thus, you’ll be able to choose the best tea for menopause to successfully handle unpleasant symptoms.

Black Cohosh Root

This tea is frequently applied by women thanks to two essential benefits it provides. Firstly, this herbal tea for menopause overcomes hot flashes that are amongst the most frequent symptoms. Secondly, it handles the dryness in the vagina. According to researches, this kind of tea is more effective during the early phases of menopause. At times, it’s applied in the form of pills but it happens rarily. The effectiveness of the tea is high because it can even replace therapies that cure hormonal production.

There are special warnings against the use of this sort of tea. It should not be taken by patients with liver issues or the ones who treat blood pressure. In case you are pregnant, it should not be taken as well.


Ginseng is another great tea for menopause. Multiple clinical tests prove that it successfully reduces the severity of hot flashes and night sweats. Besides, this kind of tea has other benefits and some are quite unexpected. It helps to enhance sexual desire and so, sustain the quality of sex. Besides, it lessens the possibility that some heart ailments will start.

Although you can drink it daily, you ought to be cautious. Its combination with certain medicines may cause migraines, etc. Beware of the combos with treatments for the heart, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Chasteberry Tree

Choosing this option, you also reduce certain symptoms. It’s commonly prescribed during the premenstrual period. It relieves pain in the breast and reduces hot flashes. Its properties enhance the production of progesterone that maintains an adequate balance with estrogen. Certain categories of women must avoid this tea (sick with breast cancer, etc.).

Red Raspberry Leaf

Another option is red raspberry leaf tea. Mind that it’s not directly linked to the relief of unpleasant symptoms. Nonetheless, it stands amongst the tea for menopause symptoms because it helps against menstrual flows. Commonly, it doesn’t cause any health inconveniences and can be safely applied by women.

Red Clover

Give heed to this kind of tea for menopause. Various tests prove its high effectuality against different symptoms induced by menopause. Thus, it helps to reduce certain symptoms and improve certain health criteria. It treats:

  • Hot flashes;
  • Sweating during the night;
  • Enhanced blood pressure.

Besides, it enhances bones and immunity. Its unique formula balances hormones. Besides, people say it’s very delicious. No adverse reactions were registered and so, it’s quite safe for women.

Dong Quai

This tea for menopause plays a vital part in the regulation of estrogen levels. It acts “wisely” and can either enhance or lower the production of the hormone. It understands what does the body need. It also lessens cramps and pelvic pain.

Don’t take it if you’re going to undergo surgery. It may negatively affect the clotting of the blood. Besides, it may increase the sensuality to the sun.


Another great tea is extracted from the root of Valerian. First of all, this root is frequently applied to treat:

  • Sleep violations;
  • Anxiety;
  • Migraines;
  • Stress.

All these deviations may appear during menopause. Therefore, the administration of this tea is reasonable. It sufficiently reduces hot flashes and pain in joints. Besides, it can be used to strengthen bones. Consult a specialist before you begin to administrate it.


This tea for menopause is a great treatment of hot flashes during any phase. Thanks to the boost of estrogen, it also enhances breathing function and handles stress. Mind that it must not be applied with definite kinds of preparations. Otherwise, you risk receiving some adverse reactions. Therefore, ask a specialist about the types of those preparations to avoid complications.

Green Tea

Everyone knows about the positive outcomes of green tea. It’s also applied to cure certain states of menopause. If you apply this sort of tea, you boost the metabolism in bones and so, prevent the possibility of bone fractures. If it’s combined with certain substances, the tea can even help to handle the issue of excess weight.

Ginkgo Biloba

This tea sort is very beneficial and is commonly used to cure the issues of hormonal production and balances them. Besides, it boosts the mood. Ginkgo biloba is an herb, which must be correctly blended in tea. Mind that it interferes with blood clotting. Therefore, it must be applied for a brief period of time to avoid negative outcomes for your wellbeing.

Are There Any Possible Risks of Tea for Menopause?

Many women wonder whether all herbal teas for menopause are safe. It’s a very important and reasonable question. Indeed, almost all the teas we’ve mentioned are capable of inducing definite problems. Thus, there are certain contradictions on combinations with other medicines, warning against surgeries that should take place soon, etc. If you apply certain kinds of teas and combine with contraindicated substances, you risk feeling health issues that are manifested by various adverse effects. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting a specialist who will surely determine whether the chosen tea is safe for you or should be replaced.

As you can see, each of 10 variants is good for your health. If you apply tea for menopause with caution, you risk nothing at all to secure your health. These teas should not be ignored if they are tolerated. They are tasty and pleasant to relieve various health complications.

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Top 10 Varieties of Tea for Menopause
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