TOP 5 Estrogen Foods for Menopause

TOP 5 Estrogen Foods for Menopause |

Slender toned body, shiny thick hair, strong nails, and delicate skin – these external manifestations are associated with the concentration of estrogen in the body of a woman. They are often called “female hormones” only because they prevail in the female body. In fairness, it is worth noting that they are also present in men. A woman with a normal estrogen level is not only attractive and sexy in appearance, but also capable of fulfilling her main mission – to give birth to healthy children. The appropriate proportion of estrogen allows her to have a baby without any problems and recover quickly after childbirth. However, this hormone is of great importance also for those who already passed the childbearing age – women in the climacteric. Foods high in estrogen help normalize the production of the hormone.

Foods With Estrogen

Normally, estrogens are synthesized by the sex glands and adrenal cortex. This applies to both the female and male bodies. There are estrogens that are found in plant and animal products – estrogen rich foods. In their chemical structure, natural estrogens are similar to hormones that the body synthesizes.

Estrogen Rich Foods
FruitsVegetablesOther vegetable productsAnimal products
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sour cream

To maintain a normal hormonal background, it is very important for women of any age to include estrogen foods for menopause in their diet:

Estrogen foods include fish and poultry meat. All varieties of fatty meat and all fats of animal origin are a rich source of female hormones. Of course, you need to consume such products in small quantities. Useful “estrogenic” fats are not only of animal origin. In oils from pumpkin seeds, sesame, estrogens are contained in large quantities.

Seafood is high estrogen foods. The presence of mackerel and other types of sea fish, seaweed, and shellfish (oysters, squid) in the woman’s diet are very important. When preparing healthy dishes from estrogen foods for menopause, we must not forget about spices. Estrogen boosting foods are turmeric and ginger, they are also on the list of sources of female hormones.

In the diet, to maintain the hormonal background, a worthy place should be occupied by estrogen foods for menopause: whole-grain cereals – oats, rye, wheat, rice, barley, and others.

Top 5 Estrogen Foods for Menopause

Judging by the volume of the list of foods that increase estrogen products, it is obvious that estrogens in foods are common. But, it is worth highlighting 5 products that should be paid special attention to:

Estrogen food flax seeds

Flax Seeds

They are powerful antioxidants. The regular use of two tablespoons per day of these seeds is an excellent prevention of cancer.

Estrogen food legumes


To normalize the hormonal background, the isoflavonoids contained in legumes, in large quantities, are important. These substances and their derivatives are called phytoestrogens. In addition, legumes (foods that contain estrogen) are a plant source of amino acids.

Estrogen food coffee


Properly prepared from ground quality grains, significantly increases the level of estrogen in the blood. All lovers of this drink should remember the other actions of it on the body, so its use should be dosed. When purchasing coffee, you should also pay attention to its quality.

Estrogen food tofu chees

Tofu Cheese

Its second name is bean curd. It is very popular in cooking, as it has a neutral taste, is an excellent addition to various dishes. Tofu (estrogen foods for menopause) is a rich source of phytoestrogens, contains all the essential amino acids.

Estrogen food dried fruits

Dried Fruits

The concentration of female hormones in them is high enough to mitigate the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, prolong youth, and preserve beauty.

Rules for Handling Estrogen Foods for Menopause

Simple rules will help to preserve the estrogen contained in the products and get the maximum benefit from the use of high estrogen foods:

  • Foods that contain estrogen, especially fruits and vegetables, retain useful properties with minimal heat treatment.
  • Do not be mistaken that a single use of these products will solve the problem of normalizing estrogen levels. Proper nutrition is not just a postulate, it is a way of life.
  • Foods that contain estrogens are effective preventative to maintain women’s health. With existing serious hormonal imbalances, proper nutrition should be included in the complex of therapeutic measures.
  • Among fruits high in estrogens, a woman should give preference to apricots (in any form), and among vegetables – tomatoes.
  • When choosing products, you should pay attention to their quality. Vegetables and fruits can include a large amount of nitrates, and meat may contain hormonal supplements to accelerate growth. Be attentive!
  • High-quality dairy products with a high percentage of fat content are indispensable for women. According to medical statistics, Indian women, compared to women from other countries, are much less likely to suffer from breast cancer and menopausal disorders. The secret of their women’s health in the regular use of dairy high estrogen foods.
  • Paradoxical as it may seem but red wine and beer increase the level of estrogen in a woman’s body, so it belongs to estrogen foods for menopause. These drinks must be consumed in small quantities though. A large amount of alcohol lowers estrogen levels, it has to be remembered. In men who are very fond of beer, a “beer” belly is formed. This fact has an explanation. Barley and malt – the main ingredients from which the drink is prepared, are rich in estrogen.

Natural estrogens, which are found in many foods, are well absorbed by the female body. They are an excellent preventive measure to maintain the level of female hormones and are often included in complex measures aimed at treating hormonal imbalances.

The benefits of estrogen foods for menopause, are obvious. But, the question of the effect of excess phytoestrogens on women’s health has not been studied. Therefore, when using any product, it is important to know when to stop, that is, strictly observe the principles of good nutrition.

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TOP 5 Estrogen Foods for Menopause
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