10 Early Signs of Menopause

10 Early Signs of Menopause | MenopauseCoach.com

What age is early menopause? Today or tomorrow women aged from 40 up to 55 years on average may come across menopause. It is an inevitable biological process that scares many ladies who are still having their periods. But, you may somehow understand when this occurrence is about to happen. As of now, doctors fully determine it when a lady does not have a menstrual period for 12 months. However, it radically differs. Let’s learn what is premature menopause and its signs, and find out how to be ready to cope with consequences.

Symptoms of Early Menopause

First off, it is necessary to differentiate exactly menopause from its early stage that is called perimenopause. The first one should be referred to only to the period in which women do not experience menstruation. Once, the perimenopause is only a stage that leads to the occurrence of the final diagnosis. Perhaps, ladies who are older than 40 should be ready to start facing various symptoms. One of the most common signs that you are in early menopause:

Irregular Periods of Premature Menopause

It can be different fluctuations in menstruation such as you have it one time per three months. Or, you can have one day of it only. Usually, women are recommended to regularly consult a doctor, in particular, gynecologists to avoid any surprises. Make sure your irregular periods do not cause pain, otherwise such a symptom may hint on another ailment.

Sweats of Early Menopause

Most commonly, they may happen during the night. Moreover, they cause too much discomfort that you wake up a few times per night. Other supporting effects are sweating with chilling. If a lady sweats and simultaneously feels cold, it is one of the signs of early menopause. If you can, try to change your wardrobe, in particular, it concerns synthetic clothes. Sweats will happen for sure, so do not compromise it with the help of comfortable but non-breathing items. 

Vaginal Dryness Premature Menopause

Again it is all about discomfort. Besides, women can experience the inherent to vaginal dryness early signs of menopause such as burning sensations, and a feeling of cracking skin up there. Do not try to heal it with fat creams, this sign should be cured only under the supervision of a doctor. Also, it is advised to move less whenever you feel pain.

Imbalanced Metabolism and Early Menopause

You may notice that you fastly gain weight and slowly lose it. Otherwise, you can face an increased appetite or complete loss. Note, in case you would like to lose some weight, it is better to do it under the doctor’s control. This symptom is very coward. Lots of women struggle exactly with excessive fat. Those who smoke, try to reduce this habit as much as possible. The reality is that you will find it difficult to quit smoking once and forever but note that it may accelerate your early menopause. The same concerns the excessive drinking of alcohol that provokes hot flashes.

Mood Changes Premature Menopause

At one moment of early menopause, you can be super excited, at another very apathetic. Also, it is common to be over-aggressive. Unfortunately, women may sometimes ignore it but their beloved ones will be real victims. To fix this, try to meditate or spend qualitative time on your own without any irritants. If you live near the parks or forest, make a habit of daily strolling there. The one thing that matters is that you should not be always surrounded by other people. 

Thinning Hair of Premature Menopause

Such early signs of menopause frustrate women because no vitamin supplements or beauty procedures can prevent it. They only slightly affect the hair condition. However, do not stop eating fruits or applying some hair oils. No need to be desperate because it is inevitable within ALL women. Otherwise, there is one amazing solution, coconut oil. If possible, buy the one produced in Thailand. There will be no tremendous effect but those ladies who along with thinning hair have it dull can enjoy revitalized results. 

Premature Menopause and Dry Skin

In most cases, your face and neck are the ones involved. The signs of early menopause will manifest themselves as cracked skin or a feeling of ripping. Night cream and cream before going for a walk are must-haves. For the top results, think of trying out natural oils. For instance, your skin will be very happy to use almond or tea tree oils. If there are no oils, you can buy an authentic camomile tea, and freeze it. Then, these ice cubes will be the best prophylactic for making your beauty procedures at face. 

Hot Flashes for Early Menopause

This early menopause symptom causes the most discomfort. A woman starts feeling very hot, her skin may redden, and she may blush. They are common in the neck, face and chest areas. There is no solution for avoiding them but if you feel they are coming, take a seat and breathe. 

Breasts Become Less Elastic

Additional indicators of early menopause are stretch marks caused by sagging. Some experts believe that ladies who sleep with a bra can minimize this occurrence. However, if you are older than 50, do not wait for huge results, it is all-natural.

Sleep Problems of Premature Menopause

Together with the above-mentioned sweats, you may struggle from insomnia or wake up during the dreams. Make sure, during the day you do much work or activities to feel exhausted. This solution will help you to avoid taking sedative medicines when reaching early menopause. 

What to Do in Early Menopause

As far as there is basically nothing you can do about preventing early menopause, it is only necessary to regularly consult a doctor. Other tips are to drink much water, sit near a fan to exclude hot flashes. Buy specialized moisturizers for vaginal dryness and face skin. Try to learn about Kegel exercises that can make your pelvic stronger. Visit massages or yoga. Of course, these small hints will only affect your condition after being diagnosed with premature menopause. 

For those who wonder what is the earliest age for menopause because they plan to have kids later on, it is better to visit family planning in advance. Only one woman out of one thousand may reach it before 30. At last, do not get upset because of having it. Men also have their punishments when they turn 40 and 50, so women menopause is just a sign of reaching the most peaceful part of life. 

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10 Early Signs of Menopause
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Thank you for the informative article. I wondered about premature Menopause after I started having problems with my regular periods. Perhaps I have early menopause but I'm not 35 years old yet. I think my doctor will confirm my assumption


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