Perimenopause Supplements: Anti-aging Support for Women

Perimenopause Supplements: Anti-aging Support for Women |

Menopause is a natural health stage in the life of every woman. Many stereotypes are around, however, the most common belief is that it starts suddenly in 40-50, and so on. It is partially true, for the exception of two things, — Yes, it may start at 40 or 50, but it differs in women. Secondly, it has stages doctors differentiate the actual menopause with including perimenopause, menopause, and then postmenopause. If you have been officially diagnosed with perimenopause, you still have many opportunities in terms of female health such as pregnancy. Alongside this, you may experience support for your system by taking anti-aging perimenopause supplements.

How to Start Taking Care of Your Health During Perimenopause?

First off, a woman should clearly understand she is in perimenopause. A doctor may diagnose it, or else there is a perimenopause test. The latter focuses on measuring the estrogen level alongside follicle-stimulating hormones (FHS). The first one drops in levels, while the second one tends to radically increase. 

When, a woman in her perimenopause, she is most likely to experience certain signs and symptoms. Typically, women are not aware that they are linked to perimenopause and continue living like nothing extraordinary happens. Their bodies may alert that they may take perimenopause supplements to manage all the signs.

Among the most common symptoms of perimenopause, there are altered menstrual cycle, hot flashes, night sweats, dryness of skin, mild irritability, the nervousness among others.

It is true that you cannot cure both perimenopause stage and the actual menopause, however, these symptoms are possible to relieve with the best perimenopause supplements.

Best Perimenopause Supplements – How to Choose?

Obviously, a woman should obligatorily speak to her healthcare provider or gynecologist. The supplements themselves sound pretty safe, as they are not of medication or drug classes. It does not prove their safety. Some women may be contraindicated for their use due to allergy to active or secondary agents in the composition of supplements, while others may be into the existing medication list which may interact with supplements. A doctor assesses all the risks of taking supplements, and recommend or prescribe the safe options.

Top 10 Best Perimenopause Supplements

Best Perimenopause Supplements

Below, you may check the best-selling perimenopause supplements trending in the market. They are chosen randomly, and their descriptions are based on the manufacturers’ information and feedbacks of customers only.

  1. Phytoestrogen supplements. Phytoestrogens are compounds that resemble estrogen-like functions or properties. They are effective in relieving hot flashes, preventing osteoporosis, and boosting cardiovascular health. Among the most popular phytoestrogen supplements, there are doTerra, Solaray, NellaCare.
  2. Omega-3s. This perimenopause supplement has a myriad of benefits, primarily, it has been found effective to relieve depression symptoms, hot flashes, and heart diseases among others. Refer to Antarctic Krill Oil, Source Naturals Vegan Omega, Dr.Tobias.
  3. Vitamin B. Primarily, this perimenopause supplement will produce an anti-aging effect due to its favorable properties on the mental health of women. Vitamin B suppresses depression onset, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, and many more. Popular brands are One a Day, Nature’s Bounty, etc.
  4. Vitamin E. It is full of antioxidant properties that help women prevent weight gain, hot flashes, depression, heart diseases. Refer to Health Priority, Nature Made, Kirkland, Sundown brands.
  5. DHEA. Dehydroepiandrosterone perimenopause supplements are great for decreased libido, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis among others. You may find such brands as LifeExtension, Natrol, Country Life.
  6. Calcium. Many manufacturers of perimenopause supplements tend to add calcium to the products to nourish the highest efficacy. It is aimed to restore the bone mass, and help perimenopause women avoid the onset of osteoporosis. You may find it in the form of supplement or else just add some products to your meal plan including fish, almonds, dairy, edamame, etc.
  7. Vitamin D. This vitamin is full of beneficial properties. It helps perimenopause women with diabetes, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases, weight gain, and many more. Refer to Nature’s Bounty, NatureMade, Now perimenopause supplements.
  8. Bioidentical hormones. They are structurally identical to natural hormones and are aimed to fulfill your system with estrogen and progesterone. They are used during Hormone-replacement therapy, so refer to the doctor to learn more.
  9. Black cohosh. It is a native plant to America which has been used for ages to manage hot flashes and night sweats. It comes in many perimenopause supplements, so you may find a complex treatment box of vitamins where it comes as a first-line or secondary compound.
  10. Ginseng. This root can be taken in the form of tea or in capsules. It is aimed to boost your mental health during perimenopause and provide you with calmness.

What Are the Risks of Taking Perimenopause Supplements?

In fact, perimenopause supplements may resemble one medication, as they may provoke side effects or cause unwanted sensations during the long-term application. If a woman takes them upon receiving the doctor’s permission, she is most likely to avoid such negative consequences.

It is worth saying that these supplements are not a good fit for every particular case, as some women may require only hormone-replacement therapy or another treatment protocol. It happens when they have an existing disease or illness which should be treated first, and the intake of perimenopause supplements may alter the efficacy of that treatment.

The most common side effects of perimenopause supplements include:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • constipation;
  • dark urine.

If you believe you experience these side effects, you should stop taking the supplements, and address them with your health care provider.

Worth It or Not

If you are into the perimenopause stage and are worried about aging effects, these supplements are most likely to provide you with some favorable benefits. Nevertheless, you won’t protect yourself from all the menopause symptoms, and they should be addressed with the doctor. The best choice is to undergo hormone-replacement therapy, while perimenopause supplements will be considered an off-label approach. Do not take them without your doctor’s approval, do not self-diagnose yourself. You may not know what your health requires, and may put yourself at risk of experiencing the deterioration of perimenopause symptoms.

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Perimenopause Supplements: Anti-aging Support for Women
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