TOP 10 Symptoms of Premature Menopause

TOP 10 Symptoms of Premature Menopause |

As by nature, women have to face such a period in life when they reach the climax. Some have it in their 45’s and 50’, the average age. Some may start experiencing premature menopause that comes at an early age. In both cases, it is all predetermined by individual health conditions. However, if a woman notices the first symptoms of premature menopause surprisingly early, it can be a sign of concern. Let’s find out how to identify premature menopause, and deal with no harm to your body.

What Is Premature Menopause?

Early climax is a condition when women stop having their periods. As per surveys, the doctors classify that menopause appears in ladies who are 45 -55 years old. In the USA, the average age is 51. When speaking of premature menopause age, it is the case of having it at approximately 35. 

What happens? Women reach the termination of their ovarian function. Hormones begin to decline, in particular, the estrogen and progesterone that are necessary to preserve the female youth. For example, estrogen is aimed at maturing the eggs. Thus, when it stops being secreted by the ovaries, the periods are interrupted. As a result, a few changes in the body appear which are premature menopause. 

What Causes Premature Menopause?

Gradually, any changes in the hormonal system are predicted by nature but in some events, when they are too accelerated, women should think of consulting the dedicated experts. Doctors claim that the supply of eggs in ovaries may be finished and exhausted even very early, and cause premature ovarian failure but it does not mean for sure you have problems. However, when they are over, you cannot make them function again, so it is necessary only to cope with the effect and live a full life adjusting to this condition. 

The causes of premature menopause can be predicted if you have some factors affecting the acceleration of the early climax. For instance, the next reasons may greatly influence premature ovarian failure:

  • Heredity. Your mother or grandmother have also reached a climax very early;
  • Ecological Conditions. In the areas with a poor ecology, or nearby such as living near factories, women experience this pathology before reaching 40 years;
  • Thyroid diseases;
  • Radiation Therapies that were continuously conducted to fight other health problems;
  • Severe stress is one of the merciless premature menopause causes that shake your hormonal background;
  • Surgical operations that somehow affected your reproductive system.

Together with the above-mentioned factors, you should be always careful with your emotional balance. Depression and stress as causes of premature menopause may provoke other negative consequences that will be the signs of severe illnesses. 

Symptoms of Premature Menopause

If you are 35 or younger, think of visiting a gynecologist. Only she is expert enough to diagnose this pathology. The next signs of premature menopause should provoke alert:

  1. Periods or cycle changes. You are constantly experiencing delays and may have a poor quality of bleeding. Some women also have pain that differs from a regular one when having periods;
  2. Sleep problems. You cannot both fall asleep and when sleeping you regularly wake up. Such events lead to insomnia;
  3. Mood changes. Starting from aggression to the complete apathy. It is common to be irritated without any reason;
  4. Depression;
  5. Memory problems. You may forget such simple things as mobile numbers or names;
  6. Sudden tachycardia, numbness of the extremities, problems with the cardiovascular system. Moreover, jumps in blood pressure;
  7. Swelling of the extremities;
  8. Vaginal dryness;
  9. Weight gain;
  10. Decreased libido.

Thanks to the modern pace of life, women can now undergo even various online tests. Premature menopause quiz allows you to identify whether you are in the risk group of struggling from this pathology. It is necessary to answer a few questions covering your medical history, hereditary matters. As a result, you get a percentage. However, it is kind of a toy and again only your doctor may diagnose premature menopause.

Premature Menopause Treatment

If after the medical examination, a woman is diagnosed with early menopause, there follows a certain correction and treatment. Everything will depend on the severity of the problem and the premature menopause stage. The most common treatment in dealing with the symptoms of premature menopause or its occurrence is the prescription of hormonal drugs. However, you do not need to be scared, because the dosages are sparing, so if taking them as per the instruction, the consequences such as weight gain are minimized. Moreover, most of the hormonal drugs are easily dispensed without a doctor’s prescription.

In other situations, doctors may also go for prescribing herbal supplements and even homeopathic medications for relief early menopause. The only thing that women should follow, is to never try to treat early menopause on their own. For example, it concerns reading online feedback and ordering drugs without being consulted first. Remember, each organism is individual and one pill can provoke intolerable adverse reactions in different women who take it.

At last, during the essential treatment of symptoms of premature menopause, it is a must to follow a healthy lifestyle and make sure your psychological state is under control. Usually, women with early menopause signs believe their life is over, they are a burden, and they are no longer women. Innovative medicine has gone so far, that many clinics help such patients with ovarian insufficiency and signs of early menopause. Designated institutions work on restoring reproductive functions and women’s health. And, if a woman is diagnosed with a tendency to early menopause on time, she has still time to give birth to another kid. 

Thus, reduce smoking, stop drinking to the oblivion if you do. They are also common causes of premature menopause. Visit psychologist, psychotherapist, and if possible go for swimming. In the case, you can no longer cope with irritation or aggression, especially toward the beloved ones, such premature menopause symptoms can be adjusted by spending more time on the street, walking, strolling in the parks, just being on your own. Also, start visiting the gym or turn to Kegel exercises. With age, your vaginal muscles are getting weaker, and you may experience unprompted urination. Otherwise, these exercises may revitalize or fix sexual intercourses or add some more new feelings for you and your partner. 

Remember, the early menopause does not mean the end, it is just a new beginning and stage to more mature living. 

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TOP 10 Symptoms of Premature Menopause
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Since I have certain problems with the thyroid gland, I am at risk. And so that such stages do not come as a surprise, it is necessary to prepare for this in advance. When I was a teenager, I thought that the moment when my periods disappear it would be wonderful. How wrong I was.


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