How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman?

How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman? |

Women’s nature is a very coward thing. She undergoes periods, gives birth to a baby, and then hits the climax that somehow seems like the end of the life in the female persuasion. However, it is not as it is but a maturation and approximation of the decent years. Whenever a lady becomes 40-45, she might ask herself how long does menopause last? There is no one age confirmed you to wait for it to a day. It will all depend on a few liabilities. Let’s cover some of them.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

The climax is an irreversible health condition in all the women. Usually, some ladies experience it in their 40’s’, while some start facing the supporting symptoms even in 35’s’. Such early manifestations may be provoked because of the endogenous factors such as surgical removal of the ovaries or other interventions. How long does menopause usually last in this case? A lady will be diagnosed with the first stage, perimenopause, that will last about 12-16 months. After there is a confirmed climax that is diagnosed after 12 months without periods, it can last for 3-5 years. And, to crown it all, how long does post menopause last? A woman has postmenopause that lasts for 2-4 years on average.

Menopause Last |

In fact, many doctors have an opinion that today menopause is younger. The onset is linked to genetics. How long does menopause last? In this case, it is hard to determine. If your mother has it for 3-5 years, most probably you will experience the same if there were no surgical interventions or illnesses that could affect your organs. 

Moreover, a lady may also ask how long does menopause last in case of having bad habits? The doctors will take into consideration this fact and may enlarge the possible period to a few years. For instance, the climax comes faster and may last longer if you smoke, always follow strict diets, and you have had a radical weight loss. 

Menopause How Long Does It Last: Initial Symptoms

It is a common mistake in women when they start facing the first symptoms of menopause consider them as simply ailments caused by stress, bad weather, or poor environment. Unfortunately, such irresponsibility leads to the aggravation of symptoms, and she can suffer a lot if there is no therapeutics or remedies. How long does menopause last concerning the signs? A woman won’t get rid of the side effects of climax once and forever but she always can moderate them or somehow prevent. So, they will last long but can be efficiently effected without spoiling comfortable living. Today, it is possible to outline the next manifestations:

  • Hot flashes. About 80% of women have them as the first indicator of climax. They are caused by emotional shocks, stress, and accompanied by vasodilation and acceleration of the heart rhythm. How long does menopause last on average with hot flashes? They are temporary. And, if a woman takes health supplements, she won’t experience them often than a few times per year;
  • Night sweats. Especially, they are visible whenever you sleep in a cold room or with a fan;
  • Dryness and vulnerability of the vaginal mucosa. It leads to complicated sexual intercourses or a loss of libido.

Note, during menopause, the treatment will be focused on eliminating unpleasant symptoms. You can use medications, hormonal therapy, strengthening procedures. Some women are directed to psychotherapy. How long does menopause typically last regarding the treatment? 

Basically, to provide yourself with a decent and comfortable living, regular consultations, medical examinations, and attending the procedures will take the rest of life. However, there is no need to live on drugs. Health supplements, active lifestyle, and elimination of bad habits contribute to more rare manifestations of the symptoms.

How Long Does the Menopause Last For: Therapies 

As of now, the top results are provided with hormonal therapy but it always provokes interminable controversies. A doctor will prescribe hormones. Some ladies are very scared to take them fearing to gain more weight or deteriorate skin conditions. Such beliefs are unjustified. First off, a doctor strictly monitors the efficiency of the intake. Secondly, the hormone therapy is prescribed only after a thorough examination of a woman to detect possible emergency of side effects. In case, you struggle with the excess weight after starting hormone therapy, he will go for other options.

Another treatment concerns physical activities. Fitness, massages, relaxing baths, walks all contribute to improving well-being during menopause. How long does menopause last once you start taking care of your health? It will the same last for 3-5 years but hot flashes, night sweats, and other negative consequences will be minimized to the fullest.

Finally, psychotherapy. This option is perfect for ladies who cannot consider climax as something natural, decent, and irreversible. They are always stressed and may even experience depression. Psychologists and psychotherapists will do their best to explain how to live without noticing the menopause.

How to Delay the Onset of Menopause?

Now, as you probably found out how long does menopause last, you might find interesting the ways of postponing this health condition. There is no magic pill or surgical operations. Just quit smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Nicotine only worsens the skin conditions and leads to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it is proven that ladies who smoke are the ones who hit the climax earlier.

Approach sport moderately. Do not go crazy over CrossFit or “harassing labor” in the gym. It will make you fit but can affect other organs or bones. Women should opt for yoga or aerobics, walking and swimming. In addition, such activity will contribute to the prevention of gaining excess weight. 

The last but not least, let a gynecologist be your friend. Never neglect consultations with her, address all the concerns, especially about your sexual life. And, take vitamins prescribed by doctors to boost their health level. Thus, when a climax comes, you are ready to welcome it decently. 

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How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman?
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