Orgasm After Menopause: The Best Guidance For Enjoy

Orgasm After Menopause: The Best Guidance For Enjoy |

It should be noted that the onset of menopause significantly affects the psychological state of a mature woman. Painful thoughts overwhelm her not only in connection with the withering of her appearance. Often there are doubts about their sexual attractiveness due to ongoing physiological processes. So, what happens with menopause in the female body, how much it affects sexual desire, whether a woman who has entered a new stage in the life cycle experiences orgasm after menopause — these are issues that require careful consideration. 

Can a Woman Have Orgasm After Menopause?

Whether a woman experiences orgasm after menopause depends on many factors. And, first of all, from her psychological attitude, state of health and from a mutual understanding between spouses. If a female perceives the onset of menopause as a threshold beyond which is dull vegetation, old age, and retirement, she does not pay due attention to her appearance and forget about femininity and attractiveness, then the fading of the sexual drive will also be a natural result. 

The opinion of experts unanimously boils down to the fact that achieving orgasm after menopause is a completely natural phenomenon. However, for this, a woman must learn to live a full life, without perceiving physiological changes as restrictions for normal intimate relationships. 

Having made some efforts, joy from sex can be obtained at any age, subject to certain recommendations that include:

  • regular visits to the gynecologist to prevent the development of various pathological and infectious processes;
  • the use of drugs that reduce negative symptoms (vaginal dryness, excessive sweating, flushing, unpleasant odor, instability in blood pressure, increased fatigue);
  • active lifestyle;
  • proper nutrition;
  • good rest. 

Orgasm after menopause can be obtained by following the recommendations of a gynecologist. A lot depends on how the partner perceives the new condition of the woman. Full trust, understanding, and support are recommended here. By providing constant signs of attention, rewarding a companion with compliments, the spouse will greatly help to increase a woman’s self-esteem, make her feel still attractive and charming, and most importantly – beloved. Positive emotions before having sex sometimes do more good for orgasm than any other means.

Orgasm For Women After Menopause

Some of the intricacies of processing intimate places can eliminate the likelihood of discomfort during intercourse, thereby increasing the chances of orgasm after menopause. To prevent the occurrence of painful manifestations that often happen during sex in menopause, it is necessary to follow simple rules for caring for the intimate area:

  • eliminate aggressive hygiene products from use;
  • use only liquid hypoallergenic soap;
  • purchase in the pharmacy special lubricants intended for use before intimate contact.

One of the options for the orgasm after menopause is lubricants. They are used in the absence of a sufficient amount of natural lubrication in the vagina and insufficient sexual arousal often observed during menopause. Lubricants help moisturize the vaginal mucosa, prevent the appearance of microcracks, and practically do not allow the occurrence of pain, as a result of which they have a positive effect on orgasm, eliminating the increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane and dryness of the vagina.

Orgasm After Menopause. How To Achieve?

From the foregoing, there is no doubt about the question “can a woman still have an orgasm after menopause?” – yes, she can. Sex after menopause brings no less pleasure than before it. However, some efforts should be made to maintain sexual activity. Many women are interested in whether there are special tools that help achieve orgasm after menopause. Of course, there is. And they are quite diverse.

Orgasm After Menopause How To Achieve

Medication (HRT)

If a woman feels the extinction of sexual desire, to maintain libido, experts recommend:

  • the use of special hormonal drugs that increase sexual desire. At the same time, they eliminate the dryness of the vagina and contribute to the normalization of the psychological state. In addition, their use eliminates the discomfort due to moisturizing the vagina. 
  • The lubricants mentioned above are recommended for processing intimate places, which makes it possible to experience harmony and orgasm after menopause. Before using hormonal drugs, it is recommended that you first consult with your gynecologist.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Keeping the female body in good shape is an important condition for maintaining sexual activity. For this purpose, it is recommended to constantly take folic acid and a complex of vitamins with mineral supplements. This allows you to normalize the hormonal background and inhibit the aging process.


In order for intimate life to continue to delight for many years, you should do strengthening the muscles of the vagina to get orgasm after menopause. A fairly good result is observed when performing Arnold Kegel exercises. The essence of the complex lies in the ability to:

  • feel the muscles of the vagina during urination;
  • concentrate on compressing the muscles of the pelvic floor in the supine position; 
  • to pull in the muscles of the pelvic floor – you can be sitting, lying, and even standing.

Before exercise, you need to consult a doctor and physical therapy instructor.

Nutrition correction

Particular attention must be paid to nutrition. The daily menu should contain a large number of vegetables, fruits, vitamins of groups B and E. Fatty, fried, and spicy dishes should be excluded from the diet. Limit the consumption of flour products.


Problems with sexual activity in women after menopause are more psychological than physiological. Sports, caring for your appearance, maintaining weight within acceptable limits – these are the components that contribute to overcoming an oppressed psychological state. Psychotherapy can help get orgasm after menopause. Seeking the advice of a therapist is not ruled out, but in most cases, a woman manages to come to terms with herself on her own.


Do not plunge into dissatisfaction with the present. Playing sports, attending psychological pieces of training, traveling, and just spending time together with a life partner is the best way to stay young, active, cheerful, and attractive. The climax is not a sentence, but only the entry into a new phase of life. Love and trusting relationships between partners are the keys to full sexual life after menopause.

Bottom Line

You can have sex when you are 50, and 60, and 80. Age is just a number. To get the joy of physical intimacy with your partner and achieve orgasm, during menopause, only help your body a little – lubricants are irreplaceable in this matter. Also, do not forget about proper nutrition and adequate physical exertion.

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Orgasm After Menopause: The Best Guidance For Enjoy
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by Emily Edwards on

Thank you very much for the article. After all, there is still a stigma about sex after menopause and many women believe in non-existent prejudices. And indeed, a woman's sex life can continue after 50/70/80, it just needs to be approached more responsibly


Emma J. Johnson

Menopause consultant and sex therapist, media personality, author, woman health expert.

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