Privacy Policy

At Menopause Coach, your privacy is our top priority. In this Policy, we will reveal information on who we are, how we collect, protect, and share your data. Please read it carefully to be on the same page with us. If you do not agree with the below, we encourage you to leave our website and look for another option.

Who We Are

Menopause Coach is an online information source, a clinic of psychological support to those ladies who are in their menopausal stage. We educate, support, and inspire them to take actions regarding the climax symptoms through our content, and through communication methods provided on our Contact Us page. We also offer professional counseling. However, we insist that a consultation with one’s health care provider or gynecologist is a must. From our side, we guarantee the authenticity of all the materials and complete confidentiality.

What Data We Collect 

At our website, we only collect data referred to you if we have a valid reason to collect it. For example, we may collect personal data to provide our site’s services or our targeted services regarding menopausal counseling. The same, we may collect personal information while communicating with you. It is up to you to share it with us or not, but we encourage to reveal only valid information to proceed with qualitative care and options for treating your menopausal symptoms.

How We Share Data

The coach does not sell any private personal data. We may share it only in the limited events mentioned below. But, even those events comply with laws concerning privacy.

Our Employees or Subsidiaries. We may disclose information to these parties to provide you exceptional services or to proceed with actions on our behalf. At all times, we require them to follow this privacy policy and sing an agreement protecting your rights to be confidential and safe. In case, they do not sign an agreement, we do not hire them as specialists, or restrict any information that may somehow concern our readers or users.

Third-Parties. We may share your data with third parties that help us with marketing purposes. It concerns tools that promote our marketing campaigns, or that help us understand analytics. They are obliged to comply with privacy commitments. Otherwise, they are restricted to any of your data.

How We Protect Your Data

Menopause Coach takes reasonable and responsible measures to protect your personal information from loss, theft, misuse, hacking or unauthorized access. It involves our hosting, encryption of data, and other integrated software that won’t make you fear of sharing personal information without previous consent. 

Please note, we are responsible only for our website. There is no guarantee of your complete safety when you proceed with calling or emailing us. If any of the issues occur while our communication, refer your concerns to internet provider or respective messengers. The Internet remains an unsafe environment. 

Privacy Contact Form

We encourage all the users of our website to address their concerns regarding their assumptions of the unsafe environment during surfing our site to our main email. Please, indicate the matter in the heading, and explain to us what exactly triggered you to hesitate the safety of data, when, and if possible speak of the manifestations. We appreciate your time being with us, and we take care of your privacy as one of our pillars. Please, in case, you were redirected to any of the third-parties websites from our site, immediately address this event to experts in technologies. We do not promote such ads. So, it is possibly a virus on your computer. Thank you!